Mosquito Joe Ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 List

2013 definitely flew by for Mosquito Joe.  We were very busy hosting prospective franchisees, training new franchisees, and the most exciting part – supporting the new Mosquito Joe locations as they launched their first season. As busy as we’ve been over this past year, in the middle of what we like to call “happy chaos” and growing at such a fast pace, it is easy for us to forget to take a step back and acknowledge the progress and milestones we’re making along the way.

Mosquito Joe - Franchise 500That said, recently we ran face first into a really exciting accomplishment that made us step back and really be proud of our company’s growth and success in our first year of franchising. Mosquito Joe was featured in Entrepreneur’s 2014 Franchise 500 list, their annual ranking of America’s top franchise opportunities. That’s right, after just one year of franchising we made the list and we could not be more proud.

While we know in our hearts that this opportunity is a great one and that mosquito control is so important, to be recognized by Entrepreneur was a big moment for Mosquito Joe. Thank you to all of our customers and franchisees who make this the amazing company it is, and of course our stellar corporate team as well (we’re not above tooting our own horn).

If you’re reading this and you’re curious about the opportunity, all I can say is start exploring. If you think mosquito control is something you can’t do, you should know you don’t need pest control experience to get started. In fact, most of our franchisees don’t have any pest control experience or even small business experience. That’s part of what’s so great about our franchise system – we provide all the training and systems for you! So think about us. We’ll be here…and growing.


We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

Normally the sight of our bright yellow Mosquito Joe van brings a sigh of relief to customers because they know they’ll be enjoying the spring and summer months in their yard without the pesky mosquitoes. But this past weekend in Charleston, WV Mosquito Joe customers were first surprised, then relieved, to see the MoJo van for a completely unexpected reason.

A large chemical spill that contaminated water supplies in the area left thousands of West Virginia residents without usable water last week. When Jeff Holmes, the owner of Mosquito Joe of the Tri-State Area (KY, OH, WV) learned of what was happening, he took action to help his customers in Charleston who were affected by the water emergency.

“We were sitting here watching the news and seeing what was going on down there in Charleston with the chemical spill into their water system, and how 300,000 or so people were without water,” Holmes said. “Anytime you see something like that, you kind of think of people you know in that area, and for us, that’s our customers.”

Read about Jeff’s efforts to support his customers and bring bottled water to residents in the Charleston, WV area in the Portsmouth Daily Times article that featured the story.

A huge thank you to Jeff Holmes and Mosquito Joe of the Tri-State Area for being a different kind of neighborhood hero this past weekend. We’re proud to have you as part of the Mosquito Joe Family.


Houston, We Have An Expo

Our office is buzzing with so many exciting things as we make our way into 2014, but we wanted to take a minute and remind you of an amazing event you can attend to learn about your potential future in franchising – and how you can become a hero in your community through Mosquito Joe. In less than a month, we are headed to Houston, TX to share the amazing Mosquito Joe opportunity at the Franchise Expo South!

We can’t wait to join hundreds of franchises and tell you all about why Mosquito Joe could be the perfect addition to your 2014. We’ll even get you free admission if we know you are coming. Here’s a quick recap of all the information you need!

MoJo gives you a great franchise opportunity in a fast-growing industry, providing a service that benefits your community and makes you feel good about your business. Owning a Mosquito Joe franchise provides the independence of running your own business with a strong foundation of guidance and support from an established corporate office. Our leadership includes over 80 years combined in franchise knowledge, marketing and operations support, and a team that is always on your side.

For more information, be sure to stop by Booth #219 at the Expo. If you just can’t wait, visit our website or contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you!

Event Details
February 6-8, 2014
The Reliant Center, Hall B
One Reliant Park
Houston, TX 77054
Main Number: 832-667-1400
Visit Mosquito Joe at Booth #219! 

photo credit: The Houston Chronicle 


New Year’s Resolutions and How to Be Your Own Boss

We all do it around the new year: we think about our life, where we are, and we start to take inventory of the places we could, or maybe want to, improve. A new year is a fresh start, a new beginning, and the perfect opportunity to make changes. These can be smaller and sometimes simple resolutions: eating healthier, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, complain less, or clean out the garage. But if the change or improvement you’re looking for is in your job or career, Mosquito Joe may be the one to help you with your New Year’s resolution.

There are many different reasons you could be looking to make a business or work change for 2014. Maybe you’re an outdoors person stuck at a desk; Maybe you yearn for flexibility with your schedule, or more time with your family; Or maybe you are just ready to take that big step and go into business for yourself. Becoming a Mosquito Joe franchisee can be the perfect solution for your resolution. In our past blog post, we highlighted some great reasons about why franchising could be the answer (and change) you’ve been looking for. This month seems like the perfect time to revisit those. So, why franchise?

  • Minimizing Risk
    When you invest in a franchise business you are buying an established, tested, and proven business model. This keeps you from making the mistakes commonly seen in startup businesses. Joining a proven system prevents you from reinventing the wheel and offers you the benefits of an established brand,  the chance to start up quickly and the support of a corporate team – which takes us to our next reason…
  • Be in Business for Yourself, Not By Yourself
    When you buy a franchise you are never alone. You are part of an established brand and a growing family, with ongoing support and training from the franchisor.  Joining a franchise system gives you the opportunity to pick up the phone at any time and ask questions to the franchisor or even to other franchisees. You are purchasing experience and expertise, allowing you to focus on your business’ growth, sustainability, and success.
  • Set Yourself Up for Success
    Business ownership offers you the opportunity to take control of your career, finances, schedule and future. You are your own boss. Work hard for yourself and you’ll reap the benefits, giving you the ultimate return on your investment.

Mosquito Joe Franchise Opportunities

Mosquito Joe gives you a great franchise opportunity in a fast-growing industry, providing a service that benefits your community and makes you feel good about your business. Owning a Mosquito Joe provides the independence of running your own business with a strong foundation of guidance and support from an established corporate office. Our leadership includes over 80 years combined in franchise knowledge, marketing and operations support, and a team that is always on your side. Combine that with the flexibility of a seasonal business, the ability to run MoJo from your own home, and the knowledge you’re in business for yourself and you’ve possibly got the answer to your 2014 resolution. For more information on why Mosquito Joe, visit our website and read about how you can become a Mosquito Joe franchise partner in your area.

We wish you the best of luck with your New Year’s resolutions, big and small. And we can’t wait to hear from you to help you make a great change in 2014.

photo credit: Kumar Appaiah via photopin cc


Happy New Year!

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
~ Hellen Keller

The start of a new year always brings on a time of reflection. It is a time to look back at all you’ve accomplished and of course, make goals for the new and coming year. Today is New Year’s Day, and to our delight we had the ability to look back at a blog post from New Year’s Day 2013 for an instant peek at where we were a year ago. We had four goals:  Make outside fun again for as many people as possible, sell Mosquito Joe franchises, serve our franchisees, and have fun every day! So, how did we do?

  • Make outside fun again for as many people as possible: We served 4,200 customers this year! That means 4,200 families were able to get back outside and enjoy their yards without the threat of itchy bug bites, annoying buzzing, and more importantly, vector borne diseases.
  • Sell Mosquito Joe franchises: We did that, too. We opened 15 new locations in 2013 and already have over 10 confirmed for the 2014 season (with several others in the mix); we are now in 12 states. While this may seem like a greedy goal, we do have our customers at heart. The more franchises we sell, the more customers we get to serve. The more customers we serve, the more yards that are full of running, playing, and relaxing instead of itching.
  • Serve our franchisees: Basically what this boils down to is setting up our franchisees for success. Once they open their Mosquito Joe business they have our full support, whether in marketing, operations, or just a simple accounting question. Their success to date is a great testament to what working together can accomplish.
  • Have fun every day! We don’t want to brag, but we not only accomplished this goal, we nailed it. Not only did we work hard to make our first year of franchising so wonderful, we had fun doing it. We attended home shows, we attended franchise events in Louisville and New York, and of course we celebrated A LOT. We love to celebrate our employees and our franchisees, so whether it is signing a franchise agreement, getting a featured article in Kiplinger’s, a birthday, an end of season cookout, or an engagement (Our Cup of Joe has wedding bells coming!) – we love having fun.

We’re so excited about 2014 and all the exciting things happening around our office and across the country as new MoJo locations open. We hope whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, being outside more is on the list. Happy 2014 from Mosquito Joe!