We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

we have the best customers in the world Can you believe today is Christmas Day and we only have one week left in the year? All of us here at Mosquito Joe are extremely proud of what we’ve achieved in 2014 – mainly allowing our customers the ability to get back in their yards and have some fun—and we’re looking forward to an even more productive and successful 2015.

As we take this opportunity to say happy holidays, we’d also like to take another opportunity to say thank you. (We like to do that as often as we can.) We truly believe we have the best customers in the world. So, wherever the holiday finds you, we hope it is full of fun, laughter, family, and friends…and maybe a cup of Christmas cheer, or two. Merry Christmas from Mosquito Joe!



The One Christmas Present You Don’t Want

This time of year is best known for Christmas trees, carols and eggnog. Some people are singing along to “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” while others are saying “Forget that!” and heading south for the holiday season to soak up a little more sun and warm temperatures. We fully support any plan that involves sunshine and warm air, but we wanted to give you a few tips for traveling to southern areas, like the Caribbean, where chikungunya is prevalent.

Exactly one year after the mosquito borne virus made its first appearance in the Western hemisphere last December, the virus that has spread throughout the Americas has topped the 1 million case mark, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) this past Friday. Originating in Africa, the virus has rapidly spread into the Caribbean and Central and South Americas, with cases in the United States as well. In the past, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would only see an average of 28 cases of chikungunya in the United States brought by travelers who had visited affected countries (primarily in Asia), but so far in 2014 there’s been over 1,900 recorded cases stateside. While rarely fatal, the disease can be painful with joint pain, high fever and muscle pain.

If you are traveling to a country where chikungunya is transmitted by mosquitoes, take precautions to avoid mosquito bites. Wear long sleeves and avoid being outdoors when mosquitoes are most active (dusk and dawn).  As always Mosquito Joe will keep you updated on all new information when it comes to Chikungunya, and travel safely this holiday season!


Meet A Joe: Elizabeth & Nico Barcellos

**Occasionally we like to provide a blog post that will help you get to know Joe. From our technicians to our corporate staff to our hardworking franchisees – we think our company is full of people you ought to know!**

Today we’d like to introduce you to Elizabeth and Nico Barcellos of Mosquito Joe of Fort Lauderdale. Elizabeth has been an entrepreneur for almost two decades and Nico is no stranger to hard work, even at the age of nineteen. After years of living in New York and Pennsylvania, Elizabeth got tired of shoveling snow, so she and Nico (then 3 and a half) headed south to Florida for warmer temperatures and sunny skies. They soon found out that also meant a lot of mosquitoes.

Meet Elizabeth Barcellos, Mosquito Joe of Fort Lauderdale
Elizabeth knew she wanted to own her own business and began her entrepreneurial career by opening her own nail and tanning salon. She successfully ran that for seven years before selling it and moving down to Florida. She then embarked on a career in real estate before devoting her time to Mosquito Joe. When she started thinking about opening a new business, it is no surprise she gravitated towards Mosquito Joe. That’s because in her spare time you can find her outside gardening in her yard with her four dogs.  Knowing how much she loves her outdoor time makes it that much more special to know that through Mosquito Joe she is able to offer mosquito-free living to residents in her South Florida community.

Meet Nico Barcellos, Mosquito Joe of Fort Lauderdale
Nico’s career began as a child model at the age of 3 and a half. This groomed him (no pun intended) for entrepreneurship. He later traded time in front of the camera for time behind the wheel of the Mosquito Joe van, providing mosquito control services alongside his mother. He’s the one you’ll see pulling up to rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes. Outside of Mosquito Joe he is majoring in Psychology at Broward University and loves photography and music.

Mosquito Joe of Fort Lauderdale launched in the summer of 2014 and the family business Elizabeth and Nico have started together provides a much needed service for southern Florida. Elizabeth says the year round warm temperatures people love create the perfect habitat for mosquitoes, explaining the high populations there. They’re so excited to make Fort Lauderdale mosquito free, and we couldn’t be more excited to have them in the Mosquito Joe family.

If you’re interested in mosquito elimination services in the Fort Lauderdale area to rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes, ticks and fleas,visit Mosquito Joe of Fort Lauderdale’s website or call their office at 954-376-8384 for more information or a free quote.


Unique gift and gift wrapping idea: get started early!

The first week of December marks the start of the holiday season for many families and it was no different for mine this past weekend. We started decorating our house, trimmed the tree and I even allowed my radio to start serenading me with Christmas tunes. The other realization that hit me as I was completing my tree was the lack of gifts underneath. I needed to get a start on my shopping! I started making a list of who I needed to get gifts for and then began jotting down present ideas. A couple of people had me stumped.

If you have anyone on your list that is hard to shop for, we’ve got the perfect idea for you. How about a Mosquito Joe gift certificate? What better gift to give the tricky people on your list than the gift of an itch free yard? Or if you and your family are current Mosquito Joe customers, you can go ahead and sign up for next year’s season. On Christmas morning you’ll not only be satisfied watching family open gifts, you’ll know when Spring finally rolls around you’ll be covered. We’ve grown so much over the past year and now have locations in 22 states. Many locations offer a discount for prepaying for the entire season, so give your local Mosquito Joe a call and cross some gifts off that list!

And if you’re looking for a way to save on wrapping paper and you’ve got small kiddos likeMosquito Joe gift certificates to put under the tree I do, I thought I’d pass along this fun craft you can do as you’re wrapping those Mosquito Joe gift certificates to put under the tree. Instead of spending a fortune on beautiful wrapping paper, I happened upon Warm Hot Chocolate’s post about graffiti wrapping paper! Just roll out some brown wrapping paper and let your kids paint until you’ve got enough to wrap. The finished product looks awesome and your family will love that its homemade by the tiny hands in your house. Happy painting (and shopping)!!