Celebrating Lyme Disease Awareness Month

We’ve reached the season for enjoying the great outdoors without the need for snow suits and mittens! That means everyone is starting to flock outside for some much needed warmth and vitamin D. For some that means trips to the beach, maybe a camping trip you’ve been putting off, but for a lot of us that’s just heading out to our own backyards. But, May is also Lyme Disease Awareness month, and since all those fun activities I just mentioned might put you in areas where ticks live, it is the perfect time to remind you how serious Lyme disease can be. We’ve been blogging about it quite a bit this year with statistics, symptoms and awareness so this month we thought we would give you some fun ways you can help support the research and treatment of the tick borne disease.

  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter. Pets can also contract Lyme disease so to celebrate awareness of Lyme disease in pets you could spend a Saturday helping your local shelter. They are always in need of dog walkers, kennel cleaners and even admin work if that’s your strength.
  • Participate in a run/walk to raise awareness. Spring is a big season for 5Ks, half marathons and marathons so research if your area has a race benefiting Lyme disease research. Then run! Or if you’re like me walk…or just volunteer.
  • Join in the “Tie Ribbons Across America Campaign” and tie Lyme-green ribbons in your yard. Get neighbors to do the same.
  • Call and setup a Mosquito Joe treatment to make sure ticks (and other biting insects) don’t call your yard home.

At Mosquito Joe, we take tick prevention and the diseases they spread seriously even if it isn’t in our name! Our barrier sprays not only take care of mosquitoes, we eliminate ticks as well. While we’re excited May is here so we can be outside and celebrating warm weather, we also want to celebrate all the advocates and researchers for this disease. Don’t forget ticks are out enjoying the warm weather too, so if you spend a great deal of time outdoors this weekend (and all summer) check for ticks!