Year in Review 2015

As we’ve said many times, 2015 has been a great year for Mosquito Joe.  We’ve seen growth across the board from signing new franchisees and territories to welcoming new staff members into the corporate office.  Since we’re so proud of our accomplishments, we’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon with the likes of Facebook and YouTube to present Mosquito Joe’s Year in Review: 2015 edition!

1. 2nd Annual Mosquito Joe Convention – Making Waves in 2015

We started the year off with a bang at our 2nd annual franchisee convention in Virginia Beach.  At the time, we had 39 territories open, up from just 15 the year before.  Our goal was to have 100 territories open by the end of 2015, and sure enough, we exceeded our goal with 113 territories open nationwide.  Our franchisee convention is a great opportunity for franchisees and corporate staff to get to know one another, celebrate and evaluate the previous year, and exchange ideas for next year to make sure the service we provide our customers is top-notch!  Our third annual convention is coming up in February, and this year we’re headed to Tampa, Florida for a little sun, sand, and professional development!

2. Mosquito Control Awareness Week

One of our biggest weeks of the year takes place every June.  Mosquito Control Awareness Week is a great opportunity for Mosquito Joe to spread awareness about the need for mosquito control.  We also take that time to help local organizations such as blood banks and the Red Cross by donating blood and a portion of new customer sales.  In 2015, Mosquito Joe partnered with 20 blood banks nationwide and donated over $7,000 (that’s $1,000 a day!).  The corporate staff donated over 25 pints of blood through the Red Cross, which was used to save over 75 lives.  We can’t wait to exceed these donations in 2016 during the third week in June!

3. New Franchisees & Territories

2015 was a huge growth year for Mosquito Joe.  To put it in perspective, we have to go back in time to 2014 when we had 132 territories sold, 39 territories open, and 62 unique franchisees in 21 states.  We are closing this year out with over 220 territories sold, 113 territories open, and 99 unique franchisees in 26 states!

4. Expanding the Team

We needed a little help with all this growth and were lucky enough to welcome several new members to the corporate staff in 2015: Brian Garrison – Chief Operating Officer, Tracey Willmott – Marketing Assistant, David Barrett – Financial Analyst, and Amy Yemm – Direct Mail Program Manager.  These four were accompanied by three new Franchise Business Coaches: Kyle Beach, Kieran Scott, and Valerie Santerik, who assist franchisees in their day-to-day operations from the moment they sign their agreements to opening day and beyond!  Each person has brought unique skills and talents to the table that have made the company better and the office a little fuller.

5. Awards

We’re not afraid to admit that we enjoy some recognition once and a while!  2015 has treated us well, and so have publications in charge of choosing leaders in the franchise industry.  Franchise Business Review listed us as a Top Franchise, a Top Multi-Unit Franchise of 2015, and a Top Franchise for Veterans.  Entrepreneur Magazine included Mosquito Joe as a Top New Franchise Opportunity of 2015.  After launching a new and improved website this year, we were very excited to receive 1851’s first place award for Best Franchise Website.  There were more where these came from, but we’ll stop bragging.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our super team at headquarters, our amazing franchisees across the country, and our loyal customers.  Mosquito Joe is a great company to work for, and we have big plans for 2016.  We want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a 3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Holiday Traditions from Mosquito Joe

In the spirit of Christmas, we’ve all been talking about our plans for the holidays around the office and all the things we’re excited to do over the next week. Our tradition for the corporate office is to collect toys for Toys for Tots. As you can see from the picture above, we had a great time shopping this year. Toys for Tots, with the assistance of local social welfare agencies, church groups, and other local community agencies, distribute the toys to the less fortunate children of the community and we’re always so thrilled to help with this amazing foundation.

There were a lot of other fun holiday traditions shared over the past couple weeks by our team. Enjoy these stories and pictures from a few members of the staff here at Mosquito Joe.  We hope you enjoy participating in your own traditions around your house this season as well!

Our Director of Marketing Angela Zerda Paules has a toasty holiday tradition!

“Tom Angela Paules with Brother | Tom and Jerry'sand Jerry’s! This is our family’s traditional Christmas drink and one of our biggest traditions of the holidays. When we were kids, once we got past Santa age, we leveraged them to get to open our presents early – on Christmas Eve instead of waiting for Christmas Day (the magic number was 2 for my mom). Both my brother and I continue to make it with our families so it will certainly continue through the generations.”

If you want to incorporate a Tom and Jerry into your traditions this year (or get your mom to let you open presents early!) you’ll need bourbon, rum, powdered sugar, eggs and nutmeg – and you’ll have to contact Angela to convince her to divulge the recipe.

Cookie RecipeDirector of Franchising Jodi Ramoino’s tradition includes sweet memories of family and cookies! (two of our favorite things)

“My Aunt Carol was a fabulous cook and baker.  Growing up, she would have me and my siblings over a couple Saturdays before Christmas and we would bake up a storm.  We would each pick out a cookie recipe (or 2) and we would just bake and bake and bake all day long.  We’d end up with several different types of cookies including Mexican Wedding cakes, “S” Cookies, peanut butter blossoms, and of course cut outs that were frosted and decorated.”

Check out the picture of their favorite recipe. We love the instruction to “cool on wire rack out of Don’s reach.”

Christmas Traditions003

Marketing Assistant Tracey Willmott’s tradition included encounters with the man in the red suit that most kids don’t get the opportunity to have!

“A family friend of ours would dress up and go to all of the kids’ houses a few nights before Christmas unannounced.  He would “somehow” have the letters we sent to the North Pole weeks before, and he would bring us one gift from our list. Then he’d give us ornaments with our names on it and magically disappear into the night.  This is the reason why I believed in Santa until an embarrassingly old age.”

It’s okay Tracey, we still believe, too.

Thanks for the opportunity to make outside fun again in 2015, we can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us. Whatever your holiday and whatever your traditions, we hope they are both wonderful and that you are surrounded by lots of laughter, family and fun! We wish you a very MoJo Christmas and a swat-free new year!


Holiday Gift Guide from Mosquito Joe

As I was dropping off my son at daycare this morning I noticed they had signups for a Saturday morning “Parents Morning Out for Last Minute Shopping!” I wish I could say I laughed the laugh of someone who was done shopping, but I quickly signed him up and texted my husband that we had BIG plans for this weekend. He was so excited at the prospect of crowds, long lines and people in the festive spirit of hunting down a deal! (Okay fine, I promised him cold beer and wings afterwards. Desperate times, people.) But, it got me thinking about all of you and how you might be in the same boat. Do you need some gift ideas with a little MoJo spin? We thought so, so without further ado – here is the Holiday Gift Guide from Mosquito Joe.

VS BombshellDid you know researchers at New Mexico State University have published findings in the Journal of Insect Science indicating that Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum is unexpectedly good at repelling mosquitoes? And that it is almost as effective as commercial insect repellants containing the active ingredient DEET? That means you can give your wife the perfume, and whenever you’re at a BBQ in a yard that hasn’t been treated by Mosquito Joe, just have her wear it and stand REALLY close all evening. What girl doesn’t love a mosquito-repelling perfume? You don’t even have to give us credit for the gift idea!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.57.31 AMWhile we’re on the subject of mosquito repelling, if you have a friend with a yard often inhabited by mosquitoes, we think the next gift suggestion on our list makes a great stocking stuffer. Have you ever heard of  a mosquito net body suit? We think this is the perfect subtle hint to let your friend or family member know that they don’t have to suffer from mosquito bites in their own yard. Just wrap this gem in a bow and tell them to suit up and they can resume their outdoor activities bite free.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.27.11 AM

Okay, okay. We kid. Resist the temptation for these trendy attempts at mosquito control solutions and call your local Mosquito Joe instead to ask them for a gift certificate. They make perfect stocking stuffers and are great for that hard to buy for person on your list who has everything. If it’s the golfer who has every club and tee, the gardener with an arsenal of tools or the busy mom with 3 kids and a dog, it’s an awesome way to give the gift of outdoor fun to anyone on your list who like us, prefers the great outdoors. And if they don’t love being outside, we can only imagine it is because they’ve never experienced a mosquito-free yard. Be the one to give it to them!

Wherever the weekend finds you, whether it’s braving the crowds like me, or cuddled up on the couch enjoying the endless Christmas movies, we hope it’s a great one. Be sure and snap pictures of those MoJo gift certificates in those stockings because we get just as excited about YOUR mosquito freedom as we do about ours. Happy holidays, friends!


How Mosquito Joe is Giving Back This Holiday Season

It may be the season of food comas, extreme bargain hunting, and awkward family encounters, but it’s also the season of giving.  Mosquito Joe highly values giving back to local communities, and we encourage all of our franchisees to do the same.  After all the shopping and eating that took place last week, we would like to take a minute to recognize some of our franchise owners and their charitable contributions across the country.  Feel free to use these ideas to jumpstart your own holiday giving tradition!

North Texas Food Bank

Mosquito Joe of Northwest Dallas-Fort Worth collected canned food and non-perishable items throughout the month of October for the North Texas Food Bank.  They made their delivery of over 150 items last week.


Mosquito Joe of South Dade Buy a Tree Change a Life
Mosquito Joe of South Dade
 recently made a donation to Buy a Tree. Change a Life. in partnership with Life Pointe Church in Homestead FL, and People for Care & Learning.  This organization donates 100% of proceeds from Christmas tree purchases to families both locally and globally.

South Miami Food Drive


Mosquito Joe of South Miami partnered with the Miami Rescue Mission for the Pack the Pantry food drive.  They collected donations from customers to feed over 250,000 homeless people and matched the donations with their own canned foods.  And because no dog should be left hungry around the holidays either, in the coming weeks they are donating dog food to their local humane society.

Annapolis Food Drive


Mosquito Joe of Annapolis made their second annual donation to the Maryland Food Bank.  In total, they delivered 182 items weighing in at 166 pounds, which went to feed the hungry for Thanksgiving.  They plan to make this an annual partnership with the local Food Bank to make the holidays a little easier for those in need.


Mosquito Joe of Virginia Beach Participates in Toys for Tots


Mosquito Joe of Virginia Beach is participating in Toys for Tots for the second year in a row. Last year we were able to deliver several boxes of new, unopened toys for children and we’re hoping to collect even more this year.  We’ll be accepting donations at our corporate office and picking up donations from customers between now and December 23.  Several members of our Corporate staff will also be wrapping gifts with the The Helpers Organization this month as a fundraiser to assist the local Homeless Prevention Program.



Mosquito Joe of SW Nashville is working with Nothing But Nets, a charitable organization supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Basketball Association. They provide insecticide treated mosquito bed nets for families in Africa to help in reducing the number of deaths caused by malaria. They purchased 20 nets this month and will purchase one net for every treatment their customers purchase in April of 2016.

We are very proud of our Mosquito Joe franchisees and the efforts they’re making this holiday season to give a little bit back to their communities.  As 2015 comes to a close, we are very grateful for all of our success this year and are looking forward to an even better year in 2016!  For those lucky enough to still be enjoying warm weather, check out this blog post for a list of Mosquito Joe locations still in operation.