How to Build an Outdoor Office Space

Technological advances have allowed us to complete our work anywhere — whether it be indoors or out. Plus, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has more people than ever working remotely, most of them in their own homes. But with homes becoming our office, place of refuge, gyms, and our children’s school, it can be difficult to find a moment of silence.

Outdoor office space provides you the ability to get out of your home, but still be present — for your children, pets, or whatever your desires for working at home may be. While some options for outdoor office space are more affordable than others, we’ll go over both and let you decide what’s feasible.

We’ll also discuss how to work with differing amounts of space, how to deal with pests in the yard, and how to extend your Wi-Fi connectivity below.

Consider the Space

The first thing you’ll want to do before getting your hands dirty, switching around furniture, or constructing some sort of apparatus is to consider the amount of space you’re working with. Some of the most important questions you’ll want to ask yourself are where your outdoor office space will go or what areas outside you might have available. Outdoor office space could be built out of a shed or a garage, or it could be added onto a deck or porch.


When considering space, you may also think about placing your outdoor office next to some lush greenery. A big reason for moving your office outside is typically to get closer to nature. For those that don’t have much greenery in their current yards, add some. Native flowers, grasses, or plants can make your outdoor office space feel all the more welcoming.

You may want to consider plants that help keep bugs away (E.g., basil, citronella, or lavender), perform regular lawn maintenance, or how to get rid of allergens too. These efforts can help make sure that your outdoor space stays pretty and well-kept for all your business needs.


If you live somewhere that gets cold but would like to use your space year-round, you should probably opt for a studio or shed with high-quality windows and insulated walls. You may also wish to consider a heat source, such as a fireplace or space heater. You could get these for either a fully constructed studio or simply a reinvented office porch. If you live somewhere that’s typically warm, consider installing an AC or setting up fans.

Limited Space

If you aren’t working with too much space, adding to your existing home may be a good option. A sunroom or a new porch are two good options for those with limited space or a yard to work with. You may even consider working off of a previous deck or patio design you have.

Wi-Fi and Electricity

Wi-Fi connectivity, electricity, and power outlets are among the biggest considerations you’ll have to make when thinking about your outdoor office space. Whether you work from a laptop or another personal device, you’ll want to ensure that you can stay connected after moving your office outdoors.

If your outdoor space is not close enough to your home to reach the Wi-Fi connection, you may need to purchase a Wi-Fi extender, an additional router, or a mesh system. A Wi-Fi mesh system essentially consists of one main router that connects directly to your modem, as well as several satellite modules placed anywhere throughout the home. These work out of a single network and provide full coverage.

HOA or Municipal Requirements

Another very important thing you’ll have to do is check your Homeowner’s Association (HOA) or municipal requirements. Different HOA’s and municipalities have different rules that apply to building a free-standing structure. So if that’s how you’re planning to build your new home office, make sure you know what you’re legally allowed to do.

Figure Out Your Budget

Once you know the space you’re working with, the next thing you’ll want to do is figure out a budget for your outdoor office. The budget should include what will be spent on construction (E.g., windows, insulated walls, flooring), as well as what you’ll buy for the new space (E.g., chairs, desk, space heater, router).

Your budget should also include any services you contract out. If pests are an issue in your backyard, a pest control treatment or a misting installation is likely necessary. Other services you may pay for include lawn care, fertilizer treatment, or aeration.

A luxurious workspace is certainly not in everybody’s budget so don’t be afraid to write out exactly what you’re able to pay. Also remember that your outdoor office doesn’t have to be built ground up, hammer and nail. You may simply need to rearrange a patio, add some fixtures, or redo an old shed. Make a list of your priorities and then work from there to figure out a budget.

Decide the Time Spend Required

In addition to the budget, time spent will also need to be considered. Of course, building an outdoor studio is going to take a lot longer than adding some fixtures to a patio. Think about how much time you can dedicate or if you’ll need to hire someone to build the space.

Home Office Tax Deduction

Workers who regularly use their home for conducting business — such as by meeting with patients, clients, or customers — may be eligible for a home office tax deduction. This deduction does not apply to those who simply work from home as an employee for a company. Again, it is for people who are running a business from home.

Deductions for a home office can be made for both your home or free-standing structure, such as a studio, garage, or barn. They are based on the percentage of homes you use to run your business, so you’ll need to calculate the amount of space you’re using.

Other Considerations For Building an Outdoor Office Space

While space and budget maybe your more immediate considerations, the following are often just as important:

  • Sun and glare: Working on a laptop can be near impossible if the sun is causing a glare on your screen. You can address this problem by adding an umbrella to outdoor office space, or some other form of coverage.
  • Bugs and pests: Bugs can be a big nuisance, especially if you’re trying to work from home. Pest control treatments for mosquitoes, flies, or fire ants are available to solve this issue though.
  • Noise or other distractions: Noise and distractions are another matter you’ll want to take into consideration. Some people are more easily distracted by sounds. Noise-canceling headphones or an insulated workspace may help solve these issues.

How to Host an Outdoor Winter Party

Outdoor parties are great for hosting big groups because you have plenty of space. But how can you throw a successful outdoor party when the weather is less than ideal, or downright cold? To host the perfect winter backyard party, it’s important to incorporate some festive drinks, plenty of snacks, fun activities, and warm-up solutions (if needed in your climate) like blankets and a firepit or bonfire (depending on how much outdoor space you have).

In this article, we’ll share some fun and cozy outdoor winter party ideas to help you host a memorable event!

Winter Outdoor Party Food Ideas

Aside from the great company, at the heart of every successful party is great food and drinks. Outdoor winter gatherings require some warmer treats, unlike the watermelon and sandwiches you might have at your summer gatherings. Here are some winter refreshments and treats you can try at your next winter gathering:

  • Hot chocolate bar. When there is a chill in the air guests of all ages will love a delicious hot cocoa bar (what’s not to like). Fill up some large thermoses or crockpots with your favorite hot cocoa recipe, set aside mugs for your guests, and layout various add-ins like marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and chocolate chips for everyone to choose from (some home-baked cookies are a nice addition too!)
  • Campfire-roasted treats. From marshmallows and smores to hotdogs, roasting some of these campfire favorites over an outdoor fire is an active way to keep warm and enjoy some tasty food. Don’t forget to provide supplies and roasting sticks for your guests.
  • Cheese fondue over the fire. Fondue is another way to gather guests around a fire for some comfort food. Set up your fondue pot on an iron griddle or grate over the fire, melt some of your favorite cheeses (stirred up with a little white wine), and then use your roasting sticks to dip veggies and/or bread into the pot to create your cheesy delight.
  • Utilize your cold surroundings. Don’t shy away from all the cold foods and drinks when if you’re hosting an outdoor winter party. Take advantage of the weather by using it to keep your treats fresh and drinks chilled. If there’s snow, stick your drink cans and/or bottles in a snowbank, and they’re ready to go (just check them occasionally to make sure they don’t freeze)!
  • Thermos party favors. Everybody loves party favors. Festive thermoses are a great party favor that guests will remember (you can even decorate them yourself). You can fill them with soup or goodies for your guest to snack on throughout the party. Or give them empty thermoses that they can fill with whatever they want.

Keep Your Guests Cozy and Warm

Help your guests stay comfortable throughout the party, no matter how cold it may be:

  • Blanket basket. Keep blankets out for guests who get a little chilly. Consider adding a few extra jackets to the basket as well. Label the basket so people feel free to help themselves.
  • Gloves and scarves. Another great party favor and one that your guest will remember and appreciate is a pair of gloves or a scarf. You can also fill a basket with these items for borrowing (like your blanket basket).
  • Bonfire. There’s not much better on a cold winter night than gathering around a cozy bonfire. Not only does a bonfire warm up any outdoor winter party, but it creates the perfect setting for stories and a lot of laughs. If you have limited seating at your house, ask your guests to bring a few folding chairs with them to the party.

Winter Activities for Your Guests

Beyond snacks and good conversation, you’ll need some fun winter party activities:

  • Snowman building competition. If your yard is full of fluffy, packable snow, a snowman-building competition is a fun activity that both young and old can enjoy! Have some carrot noses and other accessories at the ready, and let your guests show their creativity and competitive spirit.
  • Movie viewing. What’s more memorable than a movie under the stars? Try using a projector (rented, borrowed, or your own) for a theater-like experience. An old white bed sheet makes for a great movie screen. Remember to offer your guests lots of blankets and popcorn! Here are more ideas from Neighborly® for an outdoor movie night.
  • Yard games. There are plenty of fun outdoor games that can be played even when the weather gets colder. Games like cornhole, giant Jenga, and frisbee are easy to set up and provide hours of easygoing entertainment for your guests to enjoy.
  • Kid-approved nature exploration. A great way to keep kids at your outdoor winter party entertained, involved, and educate them at the same time (without them knowing it), is to give them a magnifying glass and/or camera and encourage them to document the plants and animals they can find around the yard. Try these other family-friendly winter activities at your next outdoor party.

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Prepare Your Yard for an Outdoor Party

Set the scene for your party, starting with seating, lighting, and shelter. Extra seating is always better than not enough, so find as many as you can: folding chairs, benches, or even logs will work. If necessary, encourage guests to bring their own chairs. To create a festive party mood, wrap some Christmas or fairy lights around your deck. Some candles (real or LED) in mason jars are also great for creating a winter wonderland backyard party atmosphere. Open-sided tents and canopies can provide shelter for guests and is a good area to place food to protect it from any inclement weather.

To get your yard looking spiffy for your party guests, connect with your local landscaping professionals. They can help with anything from outdoor lighting installation to snow and ice management.

While you probably won’t see any bugs buzzing around during your party, there may be bugs looking for refuge near your house’s foundation, especially if the temperature climbs above 40 degrees Fahrenheit in your winter climate. Perimeter pest control services from your local Mosquito Joe can help protect your home and guests from pests. Schedule online or call 1-855-275-2563 today for an appointment.