Meet a Joe: Jacqui Sienkiewicz

*Occasionally we like to provide a blog post that will help you get to know Joe. From our technicians to our Corporate staff to our hardworking franchisees – we think our company is full of people you ought to know!*

This week we’d like to introduce you to a member of the Corporate staff, Jacqui Sienkiewicz. A Hampton Roads native, Jacqui just joined our team this month as a Search Engine Marketing Specialist. She graduated from Longwood University (Go Lancers!) with an English Degree, and has  worked in digital marketing for the past five years with a focus on SEO & PPC campaigns. She will be working with our Mosquito Joe franchise owners across the country to maintain their websites and overall digital presence. 

Here are some fun facts about Jacqui, so you can get to know her like we have!

What led you to work for Mosquito Joe?

I was looking for a position where I could truly contribute to the company and make a difference. I also wanted to find a great team environment. When I interviewed with MoJo, I knew I had found a job with both. Plus, everyone here is genuinely nice – bonus!

What is your favorite part about your position at Mosquito Joe?

I get to be analytical with data but also creative in the way that the data is presented and in how the work is performed.

What are the biggest strengths professionally that you bring to the Mosquito Joe team?

I always want to keep learning and growing professionally. I love finding out about all aspects of how Mosquito Joe works and then determining the way I can best contribute to future success.

What’s your favorite Mosquito Joe tagline and why?

“Should You Decide Not To Call Us, Save This Card For Swatting” …it’s funny AND useful!

If they made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you and why?

Tom Hanks in a wig. Tom Hanks is down to earth and charming. Plus, he can play anyone.

If you could plan your ultimate vacation, where would you go?

Tokyo! The art, the fashion, the technology – I think it would be like visiting another planet.

How do you like to spend your time outdoors?

I know it’s hard to tell, but I actually spend a ton of time at the beach during the summer (SPF 100, y’all). I also enjoy riding my bike on the Elizabeth River Trail and exploring local parks.

How attracted are mosquitoes to you?

As Lloyd Christmas, from Dumb & Dumber, would say …”they like me ahh-lawt”

If you were shipwrecked, what three items would you want to land on shore with you?

Sunscreen, husband, iPhone. (Yes, in that order). Sunscreen because I’d die two days in without it. Husband because someone has to entertain me. iPhone because something has to entertain me when my husband needs a nap.

If you could invite three people to a party, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Oprah because I love everything about her. Edgar Allan Poe because I studied him a lot throughout college, and my Mama, because someone has to back up the fact that I just met Oprah & EAP!


Trick-Less Tips to Make the Most of Your Halloween

When it comes to holidays, Halloween is a favorite around the Mosquito Joe corporate office. So to break out the spooky fun, we’re dedicating an entire blog to some of our most-liked activities. From easy, last minute trick-less treat ideas to intricate ways to carve your pumpkins, there are surely plenty of options for your family to celebrate (that may not end in a candy-induced tummy ache!).

Get Creative in the Kitchen

This is the perfect time of year to whip up some wickedly good treats with the family. Short on time and imagination? We’ve got you covered…in toppings!

Get Out of the House

Halloween festivities couldn’t take place during a better time of year in most areas to be out in the crisp, fresh air. We’ve got a list of our favorite Halloween activities to help your family and friends venture out for fun.

  • Visit a local farm for apple picking or a challenging corn maze.
  • Hold each other’s hands while you travel through a spooky haunted house.
  • Head to the craft store for DIY costume or decoration supplies.
  • Project some classic Halloween movies in your (mosquito-free) backyard.
  • Support a local pumpkin patch and pick out your favorite pumpkins.
  • Find festivals, carnivals, and trick-or-treat events near you.
  • Enter a costume contest.

Carve Your Pumpkins

Is it really Halloween without a jack-o-lantern? Picking them out is half the fun, the other half is designing and carving them. After you’ve laid out all of the knife rules and guidelines, check out these great pages to get your mind buzzing with pumpkin carving ideas. After all of your hard work, don’t forget to save the seeds and bake them for a yummy reward!

Remember, mosquitoes stay active until the temperature is consistently below 50 degrees. If you plan on hosting a festive party or anticipate little monsters knocking on your door for sweets, consider a Halloween spray from your local Mosquito Joe to ensure candy will be the only thing everyone’s itching for.


Pet Wellness for the Fall

With October being National Pet Wellness Month, let’s take the opportunity to absorb some helpful tips on keeping our beloved pets healthy and happy this season (and year-round, too!). The simple preventatives below can help you know what to look for as a pet-owner and make sure your pets are around for years to come.

Wellness exams and vaccines

Are you taking your pet for a wellness exam at least once a year? Regular checkups are essential to a healthy, happy pet. Pets are genetically wired to hide illness and disease, so let your veterinarian detect and prevent things such as ear infections, dental disease, diabetes, and kidney disease. Making sure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date is not only good for their overall health, but also yours. Ask your veterinarian about the vaccines your pet needs to prevent contagious diseases and illnesses. A vet visit can be scary, so be sure to hold their paw during the shots!

School and home project supplies

School is in session and it’s easy to avoid putting the supplies into the appropriate storage after use. School glues, permanent markers, and pencils can all cause upset stomachs for curious pets. Heavy-duty glues can cause serious blockage in the digestive tract and may even lead to pricey surgeries. Dogs in particular like the flavor of glue. To avoid a mess on the carpet and unwanted vet bills, make sure your family is cleaning up after those fun projects.

Look out for mushrooms

Although appetizing in warm fall meals, mushrooms can be toxic to our pets. Fall is the prime season for mushrooms, and pets cannot determine the difference between a toxic and non-toxic mushroom. If a dog consumes a mushroom and you are unsure of its toxicity, take them to the vet right away. They can experience some pretty awful side effects and will need to be treated immediately to avoid potential liver and kidney failure.

Check for fleas and ticks

Deer ticks are responsible for spreading Lyme disease, and the number of adult deer ticks is higher in the fall than it is during any other season. Fleas also transmit diseases and cause a painful itch for you and your pets. During the wellness exam, check with your veterinarian for flea and tick preventatives, and be sure to contact your local Mosquito Joe for an extra layer of protection for you and your pets from those pesky insects.

Nutrition and exercise

I’m sure your pet would LOVE to share that last slice of pizza with you, but you should reconsider. Providing your pet with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is important for their quality of life. Consider adding pumpkin, apples, and carrots to your pet’s diet – these are tasty treats that are abundant during autumn months and they come packed with lots of nutrients! This time of year provides the perfect weather for a long walk or a game of fetch, but don’t forget to provide them with calories to account for the energy they’re expending. Your pet will love spending time with you and enjoy activities in the crisp, fresh air!

Although it’s officially fall, outdoor pests will remain active until temperatures consistently stay below 50 degrees.  Getting a Mosquito Joe spray now will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space longer while adding another layer of defense against ticks and fleas for your pets. Contact your local Mosquito Joe for more information, and let us help you make outside fun again!

Feeling creative this fall? Check out these adorable DIY Pet Costume Ideas for Halloween!


Meet a Joe: Dara Ormon

*Occasionally we like to provide a blog post that will help you get to know Joe. From our technicians to our Corporate staff to our hardworking franchisees – we think our company is full of people you ought to know!*

This week we’d like to introduce you to one of the newest members of the Corporate staff, Dara Ormon. A Virginia native, Dara has just joined our team as Paralegal. She has always wanted to work in the legal field and has spent the last five years working as a paralegal and legal assistant. While doing so, she was also getting her B.S. in Criminal Justice and M.A. in Criminology from Old Dominion University. As a paralegal, Dara will be working closely with our finance and franchise sales departments to make sure everything is in order as we bring new franchise owners on board.

Here are some fun facts about Dara, so you can get to know her like we have!

What led you to work for Mosquito Joe?

Adulting, on LinkedIn. I was looking for a company/brand/business model where I really saw our values aligned. After a little research, I came in for the interview already so excited and impressed by the what I’d read about the company. Everyone I met in in leadership that day exceeded my expectations, and I’m just excited they picked me!

What is your favorite part about your position at Mosquito Joe?

I love how friendly, welcoming, and helpful everyone has been since the moment I arrived. I also love being a part of company that helps people live their best lives and support the dreams of those same people in owning their own businesses.

What are the biggest strengths professionally that you bring to the Mosquito Joe team?

How passionate, driven and excited I am about the paralegal life. I have a pretty extensive background in the legal community and I’m just excited to put it into practice with such a great team.

What’s your favorite Mosquito Joe tagline and why?

Outside is fun again. It reminds me of my carefree childhood days where I’m outside all day without a care in the world. Who wouldn’t want to recreate that memory?

 If you could plan your ultimate vacation, where would you go?

Fashion week in Dubai! Riding camels and I can only imagine the amazing photos!

How do you like to spend your time outdoors?

I’ve recently gotten into hiking. I typically only really get a chance to hike on out of town weekend trips or when visiting my sister in Seattle, but I’ve seen some of the prettiest waterfalls and views on hiking adventures.

How attracted are mosquitoes to you?

We’ve been in a relationship now for as long as I can remember, but thanks to Mosquito Joe I can start putting some distance between us. It’s definitely for the better.

If you were shipwrecked, what three items would you want to land on shore with you?

All I need is Wilson! (Cast Away reference) and by Wilson, I mean a guy named Wilson with some very serious boat building and survival skills.

If you could invite three people to a party, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

My best friend Brittany makes every party memorable, Michael Jackson for music, and Dylan O’Brien for comic relief!


Zika Virus Update: Where We Are Now

In 2016 it seemed as if Zika virus was front page news on a daily basis. It’s rapid spread across South and Central America followed by the first local transmissions in the U.S. put health experts and the public on high alert. Zika’s ability to cause serious birth defects when transmitted from mother to fetus was a major impetus in the global heath scare as well. But where is all the talk about Zika in 2017? From the lack of headlines about the virus this year, you might think that it’s no longer a concern. But that is far from true. Let’s take a look at the Zika virus situation, its health effects, and what’s being done about it.

Zika Numbers

As of August 16, 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that there have been a total of 5,415 cases of Zika in the U.S.. 224 of those were acquired locally via mosquitoes, and another 49 were acquired through sexual transmission, laboratory transmission, and other person-to-person routes. 203 cases have been reported in 2017, all of them acquired via travel. So there has certainly been a decrease in case count from 2016, which reported over 5,000 cases alone.

In addition to the normal Zika monitoring, there is also a pregnancy surveillance system in place across the country to quickly identify those most at risk of the damaging consequences of Zika; pregnant women and their babies. Between 2016 and 2017, 2,112 cases of Zika were reported via the Pregnancy Registry in the U.S.. 93 of those cases resulted in birth defects such as microcephaly, hearing loss, and other brain abnormalities.

Transmission, Symptoms, Testing, and Treatment of Zika

Zika is primarily transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito of the Aedes species. However, it can also be transmitted from mother to child during birth if the mother is infected during pregnancy. Zika can also be sexually transmitted during unprotected sex. There is still a lot to study in terms of how long Zika remains in the system after infection, but organizations such as the CDC are trying to get to the bottom of it.

The symptoms for Zika have not changed much from last year, but our understanding of them and how they should be tested have improved. Most people infected with Zika will experience mild to no symptoms whatsoever. Those experiencing symptoms could see fever, rash, headache, joint pain, red eyes, and muscle pain. These can last for up to a week as the virus usually remains in your blood for that long.

If you exhibit these symptoms, and especially if you have recently travelled to an area with Zika, consult your doctor about getting tested. Zika can be detected via blood or urine tests. Unfortunately, there is no treatment or vaccine for Zika virus at this time. The only thing to do is prevent infection or treat the symptoms once infected. This includes rest, drinking fluids, taking acetaminophen to reduce fever and pain, and protecting yourself against mosquito bites.

Zika Protection

Since there is no treatment or vaccination for Zika, the best way to protect yourself against it is to avoid traveling to areas with a high risk of infection and to protect yourself against mosquito bites. The easiest ways to do the latter includes wearing long sleeves and pants outside, remove standing water from your property, removing debris or brush from your gutters, using effective mosquito repellants, and even using professional mosquito control services like Mosquito Joe.

There is plenty of other information about Zika, the ongoing research behind it, and ways to protect yourself against it on the CDC website. Zika may not be in the news as much this year, but it is still a dangerous disease without a cure. So why not take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family? Mosquito Joe offers barrier spray services applied to your property every 21 days that eliminate mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks so you can enjoy your outdoor space and add a layer of defense to your arsenal against diseases like Zika and West Nile. Call your local Mosquito Joe today for a free quote and more information.