Before We Say Goodbye to Summer…

Post of Before We Say Goodbye to Summer...

For most Americans, Labor Day means one last summer vacation before the sun seemingly goes away forever (don’t worry, it’ll be back). But do you know how the holiday actually started?

The late 1800s saw a rise in protests from workers dissatisfied with unsafe and unfair working conditions. The first Labor Day “parade” took place on September 5, 1882 with 10,000 workers marching in New York City. From there, the idea of a “workers’ holiday” spread to unions around the country, with parades and festivals becoming the norm. Congress made it official in 1894 by making Labor Day a national holiday the first Monday of every September.

Now that you know why you have a long weekend coming up, onto the fun stuff.  Not sure how to celebrate this weekend? Well here at Mosquito Joe, our first choice is always to get outside! Labor Day is a great chance to revel in the summer sunshine with family and friends, so here are a few unique ideas for enjoying some good ol’ Mother Nature:

  • Be active – before you light the grill for the classic backyard barbecue, take the day to try some new outdoor activities:
    • Explore a national or state park in your area
    • Take to the water with a sailing lesson or kayak/jet ski rentals
    • Go zip lining or try a nearby adventure park
    • Go for a long bike ride, stopping for lunch along the way
  • Be a local tourist – spend the day visiting a forgotten local attraction:
    • Take the family to an amusement or water park
    • Head to the zoo or local science museum for an educational experience
    • Take a tour of a local historic site
    • Keep your eye out for the usual Labor Day parades and festivals
  • Relax – Take advantage of your downtime during the holiday weekend and have a mini-adventure of your own:
    • Watch a movie under the stars at a drive-in theater
    • Pack a lunch, drive to the outskirts of town, and have a picnic
    • Enjoy an outdoor concert/performance – don’t forget the lawn chairs!
    • Bring it home with a backyard barbecue. Nothing gets better than gathering your friends and family together for some good food and laughs.

This time of year, being outside still means dealing with a few pests.  That’s where Mosquito Joe has your back.  We know it’s tempting to end your mosquito spray services early as August rolls into September, but sticking it out a little longer will not only make your Labor Day weekend more enjoyable, it will dramatically decrease your bites come next season too! Mosquitoes can survive and lay eggs in temperatures as low as 50 degrees, which is still a long way off for some of you. Don’t think end of summer automatically means the end of mosquitoes – let Mosquito Joe finish what it started with one last spray. Contact your local MoJo office for more information.

We wish everyone a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. And a big THANK YOU to all of the workers out there, especially our fellow Joes, who put their best effort forward everyday.