Do Mosquitoes Sleep, Ever?

Post of Do Mosquitoes Sleep, Ever?

The unnerving and annoying sound of a mosquito buzzing around you while you are trying to sleep is enough to keep even the soundest sleeper awake all night. It may also have you wondering if these nocturnal bloodsuckers ever sleep. Do they follow the sleeping patterns of the legendary vampire—awake all night and dormant during the day? Or are mosquitoes like the Everyready bunny; endless amounts of energy that keep them going, and going?

Well, you might be relieved to learn that mosquitoes do sleep. While it may not be the type of sleep humans are accustomed to, the insects enter a resting period much like sleep when they are not active and looking for food.

Below is some information about mosquito sleeping habits that might help you avoid these pesky insects, so you sleep better at night.

When Do Mosquitoes Sleep?

Most mosquitoes rest during the day. Their activity decreases from dawn until dusk, especially on extra-warm days. Mosquitoes require these periods of rest each day to conserve their energy and keep their bodies as cool as possible.

Why Do Mosquitoes Come Out at Night?

Mosquitoes become active at night because they’d risk dehydration and heat exhaustion if they were active during the day. Most mosquitoes use the daytime to lower their activity and get some rest, especially during the hottest period of the day. In addition to cooler temperatures, the night presents less disturbance in the air, which means less risk of harm for mosquitoes.

However, while most mosquitoes choose to rest during the day and come out at night, a few types are rebels remain active throughout the day and evening.

Going Against the Grain

The yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti), a mosquito found on most continents, including North America, Africa, and Europe, is known to bite people during the morning and in the late afternoon, before dusk. The Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) unlike most mosquitoes, is active throughout the day. Originating from Southeast Asia, the Asian tiger mosquito became acclimated to long, warm days. Since traveling to other continents, it has kept up its ability to remain active during daylight. Because there are so many different types of mosquitoes with varying sleep habits, it’s easy to assume that they never take a break.

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Where Do Mosquitoes Sleep?

Just as you are likely to find a plethora of active mosquitoes in wooded or damp locations at dusk, mosquitoes seek out these same spaces to sleep in during the day. They rest in dark, protected, and undisturbed areas such as tall plants and grasses, under rocks and logs, and even indoors in basements, kitchen cupboards, barns, or garages.

How Do Mosquitoes Sleep?

It may not appear that a mosquito is resting because its resting state looks like its active state. But look closely. When in their resting state, most mosquito species lift their hind legs and move their abdomen closer to a surface. Active mosquitoes land with all legs down.

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Sleep Better at Night

While you may take some comfort from knowing mosquitoes actually do sleep, simple fixes like wearing longer clothing and staying vigilant during dust and evening hours may not be enough to keep mosquitoes from biting you. If you really want to sleep better at night and enjoy the outdoors without reservation, call your local pest control pros at Mosquito Joe. We offer natural and other barrier sprays that help keeps mosquitoes and other pests at bay for up to 21 days. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us at 1-855-275-2563 or visit us online.