Fulfill Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions with Mosquito Joe!

Post of Fulfill Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions with Mosquito Joe!

Aside from fireworks, champagne, and Auld Lang Syne, the one thing that accompanies every New Year’s Eve celebration is the dreaded question…Have any resolutions this year?  Maybe you’re still holding strong to yours, maybe you never made any to begin with, or maybe you’ve already decided yours are more suited for 2017 instead.  Regardless of what state your resolutions are in, data shows that they are most likely fitness-related.  A 2015 survey from Nielsen ranked “staying fit and healthy” (37%) and “losing weight” (32%) as the top two resolutions last year.  Interestingly though, 76% of those people didn’t follow any sort of weight loss or diet program to do so.

Well, no need to fear.  If your resolution is to jump on the health bandwagon and shed some of those holiday pounds, send in an application to be a Mosquito Joe technician!  Forget the gym – Mosquito Joe provides everything you need to get fit and stay in shape all year round.  Our technicians are constantly on the move, spending hours walking customers’ properties with heavy packs (up to 60 pounds), loading and unloading supplies from the van, and doing it all with a smile!

Don’t believe me?  Maybe some experienced members of our team can convince you…

Kurt Godwin – Owner of Mosquito Joe of Baltimore/Annapolis

“One thing I’ve always told my technicians is that they don’t have to workout outside of spraying.  Whenever I spray, I always tell my wife that it’s a much better workout than can be obtained at any gym.  One of my techs told me he had been having back issues.  But after spraying, his back got so strong that he no longer had pain.”

Another franchisee recommended some additional exercises for technicians to complete while they work.

Scott Johnson – Owner of Mosquito Joe of North Oakland County

“Besides the obvious fitness perk of burning calories from walking, if you’re driven enough, you can work to tone and shape your body by making a few simple changes to how you service a property.  With the pack on your back, you can do a few squats and lunges at each stop before and after treatment.  Work your upper and lower body together by filling the pack on the ground and lifting it up and down a few times before putting it on.  You can even do some curls when the pack isn’t as full to build up your arms.  Just a bit of creativity, and you can easily shed those winter sedentary pounds!”

The most recent member to join our Corporate team mentioned some other health perks to being a technician that you might not expect.

Valerie Sanetrik – Franchise Business Coach (former Mosquito Joe technician)

“There are a lot of physical benefits to being a technician.  Spraying in the middle of the summer heat causes more sweat and more fat burning.  All properties are different, so walking any sort of incline with the additional weight of the pack tones your legs.  The pack can also encourage good posture if worn correctly.  Constant movement throughout the day leads to much more standing than sitting.  And believe it or not, the arm that is constantly operating the spray hose gets a good workout too. Just be sure to even out the other arm at some point!”

Of course we realize being a Mosquito Joe technician isn’t in everyone’s future, but we can dream, right?  Whatever your New Year’s resolution is this year, we hope it comes true!  Be sure to check back on our blog every week for new content, and follow us on Facebook as we gear up for another year of battling mosquitoes across the country.  Contact your local Mosquito Joe for a free quote or questions about service.