Happy New Year!

Post of Happy New Year!

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
~ Hellen Keller

The start of a new year always brings on a time of reflection. It is a time to look back at all you’ve accomplished and of course, make goals for the new and coming year. Today is New Year’s Day, and to our delight we had the ability to look back at a blog post from New Year’s Day 2013 for an instant peek at where we were a year ago. We had four goals:  Make outside fun again for as many people as possible, sell Mosquito Joe franchises, serve our franchisees, and have fun every day! So, how did we do?

  • Make outside fun again for as many people as possible: We served 4,200 customers this year! That means 4,200 families were able to get back outside and enjoy their yards without the threat of itchy bug bites, annoying buzzing, and more importantly, vector borne diseases.
  • Sell Mosquito Joe franchises: We did that, too. We opened 15 new locations in 2013 and already have over 10 confirmed for the 2014 season (with several others in the mix); we are now in 12 states. While this may seem like a greedy goal, we do have our customers at heart. The more franchises we sell, the more customers we get to serve. The more customers we serve, the more yards that are full of running, playing, and relaxing instead of itching.
  • Serve our franchisees: Basically what this boils down to is setting up our franchisees for success. Once they open their Mosquito Joe business they have our full support, whether in marketing, operations, or just a simple accounting question. Their success to date is a great testament to what working together can accomplish.
  • Have fun every day! We don’t want to brag, but we not only accomplished this goal, we nailed it. Not only did we work hard to make our first year of franchising so wonderful, we had fun doing it. We attended home shows, we attended franchise events in Louisville and New York, and of course we celebrated A LOT. We love to celebrate our employees and our franchisees, so whether it is signing a franchise agreement, getting a featured article in Kiplinger’s, a birthday, an end of season cookout, or an engagement (Our Cup of Joe has wedding bells coming!) – we love having fun.

We’re so excited about 2014 and all the exciting things happening around our office and across the country as new MoJo locations open. We hope whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, being outside more is on the list. Happy 2014 from Mosquito Joe!