How to Keep the Fun in Outdoor Activities for Your Grandkids

Post of How to Keep the Fun in Outdoor Activities for Your Grandkids

When the grandkids come to visit, it can be a challenge to get them up off the couch and away from their screens. There are all kinds of suggestions for activities that you can try like picnics and scavenger hunts, but these can be a lot of work with very little payoff. Plus, many times, they can really only be done once, and then you have to come up with something entirely new. This gets exhausting and doesn’t really hold their attention for long.  

Instead, here are some ideas that can get your grandkids out in the backyard and keep their attention visit after visit. These are activities for kids that involve everyone and can keep them occupied for more than just one day.  

Go Old School 

Chances are, you have some skills and interests that today’s kids don’t learn about in school or from their parents. When you’re competing with the internet and all the entertainment options available to kids nowadays, your best bet will be to show them something they’ve never seen before. Many times, these will be things you know a lot about.  

Try to think of skills you have or that you learned and enjoyed when you were their age. Writing in cursive, tying knots, or navigating with a map and compass are all fun activities as well as useful skills that aren’t often taught anymore. One of the keys to these types of activities is that they take a long time to master, so kids will be much more likely to want to come back and learn some more. 

Story Time 

Storytelling is something that never goes out of style. All kids makeup stories and like to use their imaginations no matter how exciting or interesting their entertainment options might be. Come up with a story concept with your grandkids and spend some time out in the backyard working it out. Assign each child a part of the story to write independently and then put them together for the next visit so you can all see how it turned out. 

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 Have Your Grandkids Be Historians 

If you have old photographs or documents that you have been meaning to digitize, ask your grandkids to help you with the project. Bring all of the necessary mobile devices out into the backyard and set up your archival studio out there. Not only will you be able to preserve your own memories, but it’s also a great opportunity to spend quality time together, get the grandkids involved, and share your family history to help keep the past alive.  

 Involve Your Granddog 

The hustle and bustle of day-to-day activities at home can often make it difficult for your grandkids to spend quality time with their dog. If you make your backyard comfortable and safe for the dog to run around in, your grandkids will be sure to get excited about coming over to grandma’s. Clear out the lawn and set up a water station to keep the kids and the dog hydrated. You could also invest in some tennis balls and frisbees to get everyone playing out in the backyard. 

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Keep Mosquitoes Away 

Nothing can ruin a day out in the backyard quicker than mosquitoes. Get the kids to play a game of Puddle Hunt each time they visit to find the places mosquitoes like to live and breed. This will help reduce the number of places mosquitoes can lay eggs. Not only is this a fun game, but it will also ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable while enjoying backyard activities.  

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