Keeping Your Pool Ready for Fun

Post of Keeping Your Pool Ready for Fun

Summer is fast approaching and soon you will want to get a cold drink and spend some time out by the pool. Even though winter isn’t quite over, it’s never too early to start thinking about how to keep your backyard free of mosquitoes. After all, nothing ruins a barbecue or pool party like a bunch of pests (and we don’t mean the neighbor kids).

Fortunately, there’s still time for you to do what’s necessary to get your pool ready for the hot summer months. By going through a few simple steps, you can be sure your backyard oasis will be ready in time.

Keep the Pool Free of Debris

One of the most common issues with swimming pools is that mosquitoes tend to lay their eggs in the pool water. While this is fairly common everywhere, mosquitoes are even more attracted to pools that have leaves, twigs, and other debris floating around. That’s because the debris secretes oils that make the water much more hospitable to mosquitoes and their larvae, which could spell disaster for your casual summer get-together.

To make your pool less attractive to insects, be sure to skim the water year-round. Skimming can be done by hand or with a motorized automatic skimmer. Getting rid of any leaves or floating dirt gives bugs fewer places to hide and it keeps them from invading your backyard when the weather warms up.

Use a Pool Cover

Whenever possible, cover your pool when it’s not in use. This not only keeps debris out of the water, but also makes sure that mosquitoes can’t get in there in the first place. This simple step is pool ownership 101, but it can work wonders for your sanity on those warm summer nights when the mosquitoes love to bite.

When using a pool cover, make sure to keep it free from is to keep from standing surface water. Covers can settle over time and create dips where water can collect and sit. These dips are like five-star hotels for mosquitoes, so it’s important that you shake off the cover regularly, even during the colder months.

Maintain Disinfection Levels

Keeping your pool chlorinated is another great way to ward off bugs, dirt, and other irritants. While a properly disinfected pool is an important safety consideration anyway, it’s even more helpful in keeping the bugs from moving in.

Pool disinfectant is specially formulated to kill off mosquito larvae before they are hatched. By properly maintaining your pool’s chlorine levels, you can be sure that you will stop these pesky bugs before they even get a chance to start flying. It also helps to keep your swimmers safe when the pool is in use.

Trim Vegetation Around the Pool

One of the most overlooked steps you can take to prevent pests in the summer months is to maintain the vegetation around your pool. Having a lot of green in the backyard is desirable and makes for a great atmosphere. However, it also creates a lot of opportunities for mosquitoes and other living things to make a home in your backyard.

Keeping your lawn trimmed and your plants pruned will go a long way towards keeping you and your friends and family free of mosquito bites. Cleanly trimmed vegetation not only reduces the number of hiding places for bugs, but will also keep leaves and debris from gathering in the pool. The last thing you want to do is spend more time skimming when you could be swimming.

Get Help from the Pros

Although there is a multitude of things you can do yourself to keep mosquitoes from moving in and using your pool without your permission, it’s always best to consult a professional. Companies like Mosquito Joe can help you make sure your backyard and pool are mosquito-free with barrier sprays, natural treatments, and other effective services to control insects. Mosquito Joe has tools and the know-how to get rid of the most stubborn pests and bugs. Schedule a consultation today and let them help you make outside fun again!