Let Us Do the Work This Labor Day

Post of Let Us Do the Work This Labor Day

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close and back-to-school supplies have replaced barbecue paraphernalia in the grocery stores. But before you put away the grills and cover the adirondack chairs, there is one last long weekend to soak up the sunshine before you have to think about early morning bus stops and packed lunches.

Labor Day can be bittersweet; it wraps up a time of relaxation and leisure while also giving us an extra day off and time spent with loved ones (hopefully outside)! So today, we’re going to focus on the sweet – how to make the most out of outdoor plans this holiday. If you’re hosting a get together at your house this weekend, keeping guests entertained can be stressful, especially the little ones! Here are some unique ideas for backyard activities to give everyone lasting memories long into the new school year.

  • Sand Jar Art – What’s backyard bash without some arts and crafts? All you need for this activity is salt, sidewalk chalk of various colors, containers or jars of your choice, paper plates, and construction paper. This craft will keep the kids busy and give them beautiful artwork to take home that reminds them of summer. Follow the link in the title for specific instructions.
  • Lawn Twister – A new twist on an old favorite, all this lawn game requires is some spray paint and circular stencil. Simply paint the Twister circles onto the grass and play away! The paint should wash away easily with the rain or hose.Outdoor Pictionary
  • Bean Bag Ladder Toss – Label each rung of the ladder with points on a large index card in descending order. Then have players throw bean bags between the rungs for highest possible scores. Easy setup!
  • Frozen T-Shirt Race – This is a fun (and fast) way to cool off if Labor Day weekend ends up being a scorcher. Grab a bunch of t-shirts, soak them in water, and ring them out. Place wax paper between each shirt and freeze overnight. Make a game out of it by passing out the t-shirts and seeing who can unfold and put it on the fastest.
  • Outdoor Pictionary – Another new take on an old favorite, outdoor pictionary let’s families bring this classic game outdoors to enjoy on a bigger scale. You can either buy a large chalkboard to use in the backyard or build one of your own.

There are hundreds of ideas out there for backyard games and activities that the entire family can enjoy. Check out our Labor Day blog from last year for even more ideas! To ensure that your Labor Day celebration goes off without a hitch, call your local Mosquito Joe for mosquito control services. There is no bigger distraction at an outdoor party than the constant swatting that mosquitoes bring. Mosquito Joe’s barrier spray services will help your guests stay focused on winning the games rather than itching. We’ve got room on the schedule, so make sure you call now and ensure you’re a stop for the infamous yellow van!

From all of us here at Mosquito Joe, we wish you a happy Labor Day! Be sure to let us know your own ideas for backyard games and ways to spice up a summer barbecue.