Like A (Super Cool) Boss

Post of Like A (Super Cool) Boss

In a nationwide survey by, 1,000 adults ranked movie bosses on the silver screen. They ranked Willy Wonka as the boss they’d most like to have with Santa Claus from Elf and Tony Stark from Iron Man were a close second and third. We were surprised that there wasn’t anyone from the leadership team at Mosquito Joe, though? Strange.

Today is National Boss’s Day and we couldn’t let that go by without high fiving our leadership team. Okay, fine. We wanted cookie cake too, BUT these faces are the ones leading our company and making big things happen. Mosquito Joe wrapped up the third quarter with a 100 percent increase from 2014, more than doubling their size from a year ago to 95 unique franchisees open with over 210 territories sold. Pretty amazing, huh? CEO Kevin Wilson, Director of Finance Michael Hull, Director of Marketing Angela Zerda Paules, COO Brian Garrison, and Director of Local Operations Denise Morris lead the charge around our office and keep all of us on our toes. It also helps that they love cookie cake as much as we do. How did you celebrate your boss today? However you said thanks for great leadership, we hope it was a great day. Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for next week’s blog post on what pests you should look out for this winter. Happy Friday!