Four Leaf Clovers and Lucky MoJo

Post of Four Leaf Clovers and Lucky MoJo

We know how much Mosquito Joe customers love their lawns and every spring we look forward to getting back out there and seeing your beautiful landscapes. (Not to mention, we love making them mosquito free so you can enjoy them, too!) Spotting clover on your pristine lawn would probably send you running for the weed killer, but four leaf clovers are a different story, right? According to Irish and Celtic tradition, those infamous leaves bring good luck to their finders. Each leaf is believed to represent something: the first is for faith, the second is for hope, the third is for love, and the fourth is for, of course, luck.

Whatever your heritage is, and whether you find a four leaf clover or not, we hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the feast of St. Patrick. We hope it includes hope, love, some luck, and maybe even a little bit of MoJo.

We loves feasts, so in honor of this one we have a recipe for Guinness cupcakes we think you’ll love too. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Mosquito Joe!

We loves feasts
Click the photo for the recipe!