Mosquito Control Awareness Week 2016

Post of Mosquito Control Awareness Week 2016

Every year in late June, the American Mosquito Control Association recognizes Mosquito Control Awareness Week (MCAW), and June 26 – July 2, 2016 marks the 20th year for this event.  MCAW is a time to educate the general public about the significance of mosquitoes in daily life and the important services provided by mosquito control workers.  This year seems especially significant given the increased concern about Zika virus and its spread.  To make the most of this week and create a greater impact, Mosquito Joe runs an annual campaign called ‘Beat the Bloodsuckers. The campaign has two major components – the first is working to raise awareness of mosquito control and mosquito borne illness through community involvement and education, and the second part of our campaign involves partnering with local blood banks in our franchisees’ communities to support the amazing work these organizations do year round.

‘Beat the Bloodsuckers’ Campaign

Mosquito Joe franchisees across the country also take this opportunity to educate their communities about mosquito-borne illnesses and prevention by reaching out to local organizations and providing education around mosquitoes and other mosquito control topics, such as how to control the mosquito population around your home and how to avoid mosquito bites.  Many locations offer complimentary mosquito control treatments to community organizations and businesses such as public parks, daycares and schools, dog parks, etc. to raise awareness of the importance of mosquito control.

As new customers hear about our services and sign up, participating Mosquito Joe locations make a 10% donation of new customer sales during Mosquito Control Awareness Week to local blood donation centers.  In addition, some locations work with the blood bank to organize a blood drive and encourage their customers, friends, family, and co-workers to donate and beat those bloodsuckers!  Our corporate team and franchisees make a point to donate blood during the week, donate gift baskets to raffle off at blood drives to raise attendance, or offer other perks to donors throughout the week.

Why Blood Donation Centers?

Mosquitoes take a lot of our blood without asking, so why not give some back to help those in need?  Summer brings with it an extremely high need for blood donations in the United States as the rate of accidents and violence increase in the warmer months.  According to the American Red Cross, someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds.  Although 38% of the American population is eligible to donate blood each year, less than 10% actually do.  This is critical because blood cannot be re-created or manufactured, it can only be donated from generous individuals.  We encourage you to consider donating this year in celebration of Mosquito Control Awareness Week (and to beat those bloodsuckers, of course), so visit the American Red Cross page to find a donation center near you.

Mosquito Control Awareness Week is close to our hearts here at Mosquito Joe.  While we work all year long to educate our communities about mosquito control and mosquito-borne illnesses, a designated week such as this really shines the spotlight on professional mosquito control and why we need it.  New Mosquito Joe customers will help drive donations, and we encourage everyone to donate blood to a local blood bank or sign up for our professional mosquito control services so that a portion of your service cost will be donated to a blood donation center.  If you donate blood during our campaign, post it to Twitter or Facebook and tag @mosquitojoe with the hashtag #beatthebloodsuckers. We can’t wait to see all the great things this campaign is going to do in communities across the country!

Remember, if you or someone you know needs mosquito control treatment in their yard, Mosquito Control Awareness Week is the perfect time to signup! 10% of sales from new customers will be going to a local blood bank in your community. To inquire about having a representative come and speak about mosquito control at your event this month, contact Julie Green at [email protected]. Thanks for helping us celebrate Mosquito Control Awareness Week and Beat the Bloodsuckers!