Mosquito Joe and Snow?

Post of Mosquito Joe and Snow?

Sometimes in life there are two things that just make sense together, like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, or bacon and eggs (hmm…anyone else getting hungry?).  Anyway, one thing that may seem like an unlikely pairing is Mosquito Joe and snow. Well, today we’re bringing them together in this post for all those cold weather entrepreneurs out there to explain how a Mosquito Joe franchise may be the perfect pairing for your winter seasonal business.

In our previous blog post about franchising, we gave you the run down on why franchising could be the perfect solution for you to be in business for yourself, minimize risk, and set yourself up for success. If you own a snow plow business, holiday decorating business, or a business in an area where tourism is big during the winter months (ski resorts, mountains, etc.), a MoJo franchise could be the perfect addition to your portfolio to keep you busy and keep the cash flowing during the warm spring and summer months.

You may already be the hero in your neighborhood if you keep streets clear and trees lit, so wouldn’t it be great to be the hero of the summer, too? Here are some reasons you should consider a Mosquito Joe business.

Our main months are, of course, the summer months.

Our season starts gearing up right around the time the snow begins to melt and the sun starts to warm things up. Depending on where you are in the country, that is usually March or April. So as your winter business starts to slow down, you could easily be transitioning into the months where mosquito control is an active need for consumers.

You’ve got the customers.

You already have customers that you service during the winter; now you can offer them a service during the summer as well!  You’ve got a great base to market to because you’re already marketing to them on a regular basis. Whether you’re plowing their driveways or making their houses beautiful for Christmas, you’ve got the ability to say “We make your winter easy, let us make your summer enjoyable too!”

You’ve got the staff.

If you’re running a winter seasonal business, you may have trouble keeping your staff employed during the summer months.  Adding a summer season business is a great way to be able to keep them on board during those months and increase employee retention year over year.

Year round profits. 

Some entrepreneurs love having a seasonal business that allows for some time off – if the business generates enough cash to support the full year (certainly a possibility with Mosquito Joe). But if you’re looking to pull in more cash overall, adding a complementary seasonal business helps your cash flow year round.

Mosquito Joe Franchise Opportunities

Mosquito Joe logoMosquito Joe gives you a great franchise opportunity in a fast-growing industry, providing a service that continues to help you benefit your community and makes you feel good about the service you’re providing. Owning a Mosquito Joe provides the independence of running your own business with a strong foundation of guidance and support from an established corporate office. Our leadership includes over 80 years combined in franchise knowledge, marketing and operations support, and a team that is always on your side.  For more information on why Mosquito Joe, visit our website or contact us to learn how you can become a Mosquito Joe franchise partner (and hero year round) in your area.

photo credit: ataferner via photopin cc