National Dog Day 2016

Post of National Dog Day 2016

Of all the national days to celebrate, National Dog Day is one we’re happy to recognize at Mosquito Joe. It’s an opportunity to spread awareness of topics pertaining to pets like adoption, breed bans, and animal cruelty. You can check out the National Dog Day website for more information on ways to celebrate, becoming a partner, and adoption information.

This day is near and dear to our hearts because many of our Corporate staff have dogs of their own (all rescues!) that occasionally stop by for a visit! You can see some of their adorable faces below. Mosquito Joe also works daily to make outside fun again for you and your family, including your pets!  Our barrier spray treatments help eliminate ticks and fleas, which spread illnesses such as heart worms and Lyme Disease to our four-legged friends. You can learn more in a previous blog about these diseases, their symptoms, and treatments, so that you can keep your pets safe!

National Dog Day

How to Celebrate National Dog Day

You may think National Dog Day is only for dog-owners to celebrate, but anyone with an interest in helping these animals can participate in a variety of ways!

  • Adopt a dog from a local shelter – This is one of the main reasons National Dog Day is celebrated! If you are considering getting a dog and are prepared to make the leap, visit your local animal shelters to see if you can give a rescue dog a loving home. There are plenty of animals that are often overlooked or in need of a family that you can help! Search for your local shelter here.
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter – Those dogs waiting to find a suitable owner need company too! Contact your local animal shelter or rescue center about volunteering. Facilities almost always need help cleaning cages, feeding, and socializing with the animals.
  • Donate food and toys to local shelters – Many shelters are non-profit and run solely off of local donations. Items like blankets, food, and toys go a long way to taking care of the animals waiting to be adopted.
  • Have a National Dog Day party and invite your friends to bring their dogs – Invite your neighbors and friends over for a backyard BBQ, and tell them to bring their dogs too! You can set up a sprinkler or kiddie pool for the dogs to splash around in, have games and prizes for owners to play with their dogs, and hand out goodie bags for everyone to take home. Get inspired with dog party ideas here.
  • Buy your friend a dog gift – If you want to spoil a pet-owner you love, check out this website for great ideas from apparel to art and decoration!
  • Teach your dog a new trick – If you’ve been looking for time to teach your dog a new trick, this is the perfect day! Check out this article with videos for reference about how to conquer the doggie handshake, roll-over, hug, and more.

However you choose to celebrate National Dog Day, be sure to check with your veterinarian that you are up to date on treatments and check-ups for heart worms, fleas, and ticks. Many vets recommend a monthly preventative medication to be administered to pets year-round, not just the months they spend more time outside. Another preventative step you can take is calling your local Mosquito Joe. Our barrier spray services eliminate mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks from your yard, giving you an added layer of defense against these dangerous pests. If you or someone you know is in need of mosquito control services, contact your local Joe and get a free quote today!