Sisters Day 2017

Post of Sisters Day 2017

Sisters fill many roles in our lives. Growing up, they’re your partner in crime, someone you can go to for advice, and oftentimes, your best friend. But the love doesn’t stop once you move out of the house. Sisterhood is a bond that lasts forever! August 6th marked National Sisters Day, and although we are a little late to the game, we figured it’s never too late to celebrate some of the special ladies in our lives! We toured the office and asked some of our staff to tell us what they love most about their sisters.

Sisters Day 2017
Michael Wagner and sister

My sister Donna is pretty spectacular.  She is a personal trainer in Lexington, Kentucky.  She is the proud mother of a 17 year old boy and a 13 year old girl.  She is a prolific runner having run multiple marathons and many endurance races, and is just an overall great person. – Michael Wagner, President of Pool Scouts

My sister Roxanne!  She does job placement for special education students that are in high school. Super intelligent. Growing up she was always a good shoulder to cry on.  I could talk for hours and she wouldn’t say anything, she would just listen to me. She has one of the biggest hearts that I know of.  – Jake Vinluan, Franchise Business Coach

My sister is just the best person in the world.  She is the nicest person I’ve ever met and always tries to see the good in everyone she meets.  She is a terrific mother and has raised three incredible, strong, kind daughters who will grow up to be terrific mothers and role models just like her. My sister is a great listener and my favorite sounding board.  She always helps me to see situations from every angle and helps me to stay grounded when life throws me a wrinkle.  She’s always there for me and I can’t imagine my life without her in it. – Jodi Ramoino, Director of Franchise Development

Sisters Day 2017
Jayme Sabo and sisters

My favorite thing about my older sister is her confidence. She believes in who she is and what she does and I love that about her! My favorite thing about my little sister is her eagerness and willingness to grow and evolve. She faces challenges head-on, first looking inward. Both my sisters have impacted me in their own unique ways. Because of them, I’m ever-changing, evolving, and yet confident. – Jayme Sabo, Director of Marketing

Growing up with my sister, Caitlyn, meant growing up with the ultimate travel buddy. We grew up traveling every summer and winter, but when we both started working and attending college, it happened less and less. We always throw around ideas of places to go, but inevitably it never happened since we had a heavy workload. One summer day, around 10 pm at night, my sister called me out of the blue to ask if I wanted to go to Disney…aka the happiest place on earth…TOMORROW! The room and tickets were already paid for, I just had to figure out how to get there. By midnight we were booking our flights, and by noon we had met up in Sunshine State, Florida. So far, this was the most impulsive trip I have ever taken and I would not have asked to go with anyone else. I love my sister because no matter how crazy life gets, she is always reminding me to enjoy the little things and live life to the fullest. – Amanda Liddell, Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Sisters Day 2017
Bridget Cardillo and sister

So my little sister Emily is actually the funniest person ever. Her dry wit and quick zingers keep me laughing – so hard that I’m in tears I might add. Even though we sound and look alike, she’s way cooler than me and I just love her! – Bridget Cardillo, Digital Marketing Manager