Southern States Still Operating

Post of Southern States Still Operating

With many Mosquito Joe locations winding down for the winter months, some of our southern locations still experiencing warm temperatures will remain open throughout the year. The average temperatures in southern states will stay consistently between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which means mosquitoes will remain active and continue to be a nuisance in the coming months.

If you’re in the following states, you may find our yellow and green technicians continuing to keep your surrounding areas itch-free:
o Florida
o Georgia
o Louisiana
o Mississippi
o Texas

Mosquito Joe is proud to offer effective and affordable mosquito control services for both residential and commercial spaces. Within 30 minutes of application, our barrier spray eliminates bites for 21 days. Our technicians can treat standing water areas and rid your yard of mosquito larvae, which stops their life cycle right in its tracks.

Fleas and ticks shouldn’t be forgotten either! Flea and tick control is another service we offer here at Mosquito Joe. Deer ticks are responsible for spreading Lyme disease, and the number of adult deer ticks is higher in the fall than it is during any other time of year. Fleas also transmit nasty diseases and cause a painful itch for your family and your pets, not to mention they’re really hard to eliminate once they enter your home.

Did you know Mosquito Joe can spray your special events? Weddings, barbecues, and reunions are popular events to have sprayed. Whether it’s your home or a favorite venue, preventing mosquitoes from being on your guest list will have your family and friends thanking you on their way out.

Remember to call your local Mosquito Joe to make your yard an itch-free space all year round. Mosquitoes can breed and thrive until temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which won’t happen in the south! So contact your local Mosquito Joe for a free quote and information about our mosquito, flea, and tick services.