Trick-Less Tips to Make the Most of Your Halloween

Post of Trick-Less Tips to Make the Most of Your Halloween

When it comes to holidays, Halloween is a favorite around the Mosquito Joe corporate office. So to break out the spooky fun, we’re dedicating an entire blog to some of our most-liked activities. From easy, last minute trick-less treat ideas to intricate ways to carve your pumpkins, there are surely plenty of options for your family to celebrate (that may not end in a candy-induced tummy ache!).

Get Creative in the Kitchen

This is the perfect time of year to whip up some wickedly good treats with the family. Short on time and imagination? We’ve got you covered…in toppings!

Get Out of the House

Halloween festivities couldn’t take place during a better time of year in most areas to be out in the crisp, fresh air. We’ve got a list of our favorite Halloween activities to help your family and friends venture out for fun.

  • Visit a local farm for apple picking or a challenging corn maze.
  • Hold each other’s hands while you travel through a spooky haunted house.
  • Head to the craft store for DIY costume or decoration supplies.
  • Project some classic Halloween movies in your (mosquito-free) backyard.
  • Support a local pumpkin patch and pick out your favorite pumpkins.
  • Find festivals, carnivals, and trick-or-treat events near you.
  • Enter a costume contest.

Carve Your Pumpkins

Is it really Halloween without a jack-o-lantern? Picking them out is half the fun, the other half is designing and carving them. After you’ve laid out all of the knife rules and guidelines, check out these great pages to get your mind buzzing with pumpkin carving ideas. After all of your hard work, don’t forget to save the seeds and bake them for a yummy reward!

Remember, mosquitoes stay active until the temperature is consistently below 50 degrees. If you plan on hosting a festive party or anticipate little monsters knocking on your door for sweets, consider a Halloween spray from your local Mosquito Joe to ensure candy will be the only thing everyone’s itching for.