What Makes Mosquito Bites Itch?

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Summer has arrived and you are out planting flowers and relaxing on your porch. After a full day of being outdoors, you find yourself lying in bed, itching your way to sleep. The culprit? Mosquito bites. Not only is June to August the perfect time to be outdoors, but it’s also mosquito season.

So, what makes mosquito bites itch and how can you stop the itching?

The answer is simple: Our bodies are the reason mosquito bites itch. When a mosquito bites us, it leaves saliva behind that causes a histamine reaction. This reaction increases the flow of blood and white blood cells to the impacted area, which causes the inflammation, swelling, and, ultimately, itching.

The response from your body dictates how badly mosquito bites impact you. These are the three common responses after a mosquito bite:

Common Reaction

  • This is the typical response to a mosquito bite that most of us have experienced. A red or pink bump that is itchy and can occur up to 48 hours after the initial mosquito bite.

Tolerance Buildup

  • It’s possible to build up a tolerance over time, due to your body knowing how to fight the foreign body and your immune system no longer recognizing a mosquito bite as an issue.

No Reaction

  • It’s also possible for someone to not experience classic mosquito bite symptoms, as their body has not yet figured out how to fight the foreign body in the more typical reaction sense.

Factors That Impact Mosquitoes Biting You

Outside of learning why do mosquito bites itch, there are a few surprising factors that can impact who mosquitoes are attracted to most.

The following factors can make you more at risk for mosquito bites:

  • Higher body temperature
  • Males over females
  • Children over adults
  • Breath and body odors
  • Sweat and water vapor
  • Scented items (perfume, shampoo, soap)

How to Treat Mosquito Bites

Once you’ve found out what makes mosquito bites itch, you’ll also want to know how to make these bites stop itching, as a bite can have effects that last for 3 to 4 days.

Here are a few common ways to treat mosquito bites to get them to stop itching:

  • Do not scratch the bite, this will create added irritation
  • Apply calamine lotion or an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream
  • Use an ice pack or cold compress
  • Create an oatmeal or baking soda paste and apply
  • Apply an anti-inflammatory product such as honey or aloe vera
  • Let hot water from the shower hit your bite to naturally release some histamine

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