Win a Free Treatment from Mosquito Joe!

Post of Win a Free Treatment from Mosquito Joe!

When you start thinking about the summer that lies ahead of you and all the things you want to do, a lot of them are probably outdoors. Grilling, games of fetch with your dog, laying by the pool, or just sitting on the back deck enjoying an ice cold beverage. We know what would make all of these things perfect and that’s doing all of this with no mosquitoes, for free. Let’s take it a step further and think about the neighborhood barbecue you and your friends have been talking about. What if their yard was mosquito-free too and again, for free? Yep, that’s right.

Mosquito Joe wants to give you and your neighbors the perfect summer to kick back and relax in your yards (all of them!) so we’re launching our Be Your Block Hero contest today. You can enter for the chance to win a free spray for you and your neighbors! It is simple to enter too, all you have to do is find us on Facebook (we’re assuming you’ve already liked our page because you love us but if you haven’t, do that first) then find the Be Your Block Hero tab under our cover photo. Click the tab and fill out the short entry form.  That’s it, friends. That’s all that stands between you and a chance to win that awesome block party where you’re the star because you made sure mosquitoes weren’t invited.

I’m going to stop writing so you can stop reading and head on over to Facebook. Be sure to share this blog post (and our Facebook page) with anyone you think may be interested because every neighbor who enters the contest increases your chances of receiving a free spray too!  Good luck!