Wishing You an Eggcellent Weekend!

Post of Wishing You an Eggcellent Weekend!

I grew up on the North Carolina coast which made beach music a regular in my parent’s cars when they were carting me and my sister around. Whenever Easter weekend is around the corner it takes me back to listening to Chairmen of the Board and their classic line “I can’t wait ’til it’s Easter weekend ’cause I know it won’t be long before summer begins!” and not only is it fun to sing, it is true! Easter weekend signifies the turning of the seasons even if the thermostat doesn’t and makes us all feel as though we’ve reached the end of that long tunnel called winter!

In the spirit of approaching warmer weather and those of you already basking in the warm sunshine, I thought I’d share a few ideas to give some new life to your annual Easter egg hunt. We love any holiday that has an excuse to head out into the yard and play!

  • Assign each egg hunter a different color to fill their basket during the Easter egg hunt.
  • Move the big hunt to Easter eve and break out the flashlights. Paint the eggs with glow in the dark paint for an added wow factor for the kiddos.
  • Create a checklist: 3 yellow eggs, 2 blue eggs, 5 orange, etc. Each egg seeker tries to finish his checklist before returning for a prize.
  • For older kids, turn it into a scavenger hunt. Open one egg to find a clue that leads to the next and then finally to a surprise!

From all of us at Mosquito Joe we hope you have an eggspecially wonderful Easter filled with lots of chocolate bunnies, sunshine, and successful Easter egg hunts. Enjoy the weekend!