Your End of Summer Bucket List

Post of Your End of Summer Bucket List

We sure hate to admit there’s only a couple of weeks left of sweet summertime, but it got me thinking about all the things left to do with these precious weeks before pumpkin appears everywhere and the leaves start changing. Here’s a bucket list to to help you savor these last moments of warm sunshine.

  1. Have a picnic in your backyard! Throw out a blanket in the grass and make sandwiches and just enjoy the fresh air as you eat watching the sun sink. Bonus points if you’re barefoot.
  2. Go to a farmer’s market and try something different. And grab some tomatoes because that helps with #3.
  3. Speaking of sandwiches and farmers markets, not much else says summer like a good ole tomato sandwich. For such a simple recipe – tomato, white bread, mayonnaise, salt and black pepper (can you tell I’m from the south?)– these are incredibly satisfying. Eat as many as you can while local tomatoes are in season.
  4. Catch a lightning bug in a jar! (But then let it go.)
  5. Host just one more pool or lawn party. Pretty soon the weather will make that not so enjoyable, so head outside for some grill time with your family and favorite people!
  6. Make homemade lemonade – or orangeade (my personal favorite), if you want to jazz things up a bit.  Here’s my go-to recipe. It will be perfect for that party we told you to host in #5.
  7. Catch an outdoor concert. Those are few and far between when the temperature drops so check your local venues to see if there’s a band coming to town you love.
  8. Go Shopping! All the seasonal stuff (patio furniture, sandals, beach or lawn toys, etc.) goes on sale right about now so go stock up for next year!

In many regions we’ve still got a few mosquito treatment sprays left in our season, so if you want to make the last couple weeks as good as possible give your local Mosquito Joe a call. We’re here to help you make the last of your summer season. Follow us on Facebook and post pictures of you and your family checking off this summer bucket list. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you enjoying your yard.