Sisters Day 2017

Sisters fill many roles in our lives. Growing up, they’re your partner in crime, someone you can go to for advice, and oftentimes, your best friend. But the love doesn’t stop once you move out of the house. Sisterhood is a bond that lasts forever! August 6th marked National Sisters Day, and although we are a little late to the game, we figured it’s never too late to celebrate some of the special ladies in our lives! We toured the office and asked some of our staff to tell us what they love most about their sisters.

Sisters Day 2017
Michael Wagner and sister

My sister Donna is pretty spectacular.  She is a personal trainer in Lexington, Kentucky.  She is the proud mother of a 17 year old boy and a 13 year old girl.  She is a prolific runner having run multiple marathons and many endurance races, and is just an overall great person. – Michael Wagner, President of Pool Scouts

My sister Roxanne!  She does job placement for special education students that are in high school. Super intelligent. Growing up she was always a good shoulder to cry on.  I could talk for hours and she wouldn’t say anything, she would just listen to me. She has one of the biggest hearts that I know of.  – Jake Vinluan, Franchise Business Coach

My sister is just the best person in the world.  She is the nicest person I’ve ever met and always tries to see the good in everyone she meets.  She is a terrific mother and has raised three incredible, strong, kind daughters who will grow up to be terrific mothers and role models just like her. My sister is a great listener and my favorite sounding board.  She always helps me to see situations from every angle and helps me to stay grounded when life throws me a wrinkle.  She’s always there for me and I can’t imagine my life without her in it. – Jodi Ramoino, Director of Franchise Development

Sisters Day 2017
Jayme Sabo and sisters

My favorite thing about my older sister is her confidence. She believes in who she is and what she does and I love that about her! My favorite thing about my little sister is her eagerness and willingness to grow and evolve. She faces challenges head-on, first looking inward. Both my sisters have impacted me in their own unique ways. Because of them, I’m ever-changing, evolving, and yet confident. – Jayme Sabo, Director of Marketing

Growing up with my sister, Caitlyn, meant growing up with the ultimate travel buddy. We grew up traveling every summer and winter, but when we both started working and attending college, it happened less and less. We always throw around ideas of places to go, but inevitably it never happened since we had a heavy workload. One summer day, around 10 pm at night, my sister called me out of the blue to ask if I wanted to go to Disney…aka the happiest place on earth…TOMORROW! The room and tickets were already paid for, I just had to figure out how to get there. By midnight we were booking our flights, and by noon we had met up in Sunshine State, Florida. So far, this was the most impulsive trip I have ever taken and I would not have asked to go with anyone else. I love my sister because no matter how crazy life gets, she is always reminding me to enjoy the little things and live life to the fullest. – Amanda Liddell, Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Sisters Day 2017
Bridget Cardillo and sister

So my little sister Emily is actually the funniest person ever. Her dry wit and quick zingers keep me laughing – so hard that I’m in tears I might add. Even though we sound and look alike, she’s way cooler than me and I just love her! – Bridget Cardillo, Digital Marketing Manager


Celebrating Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, and you know what that means. It’s is definitely time to start brainstorming and planning for the perfect celebration. Whether you spend the day with immediate family only or have a blowout with all the neighbors, there are so many different ways to bond with dad. While showing him how much he’s appreciated for all he does, don’t forget to make it fun for everyone!

Here are a few ideas to make this Sunday extra special:

  1. Wake up early to cook breakfast and make coffee. Bring it to dad in bed. Once he’s settled, bring him his gifts. Read cards and watch him open presents while he enjoys breakfast.
  2. Have the family over for a cookout. Let the grill master relax while you take over for a change. Just don’t burn anything!
  3. Build a backyard bonfire when the sun goes down. This is the perfect way to spend quality time with family towards the end of the day. Bring everyone outside to roast marshmallows and tell stories.
  4. Go to the movies as a family. This time, let dad pick the show and the snacks.
  5. Go to a local campground or pitch a tent in the backyard. Bring plenty of snacks, sleeping bags, and kick back with dad. This will make for memories that’ll last a lifetime.
  6. Take to the fairway! There is a good chance your dad enjoys playing an occasional 18 holes. Even if you’re not a golfer, go along with him and give it your best shot. I promise you’ll have fun, and dad will be thankful you participated in one of his favorite activities.
  7. Have a picnic in a local park. Make all of dad’s favorites, pack a cooler, and surprise him by taking him out to enjoy it all with the family. Eat, laugh, reminisce, chat, and watch the sunset together. Don’t forget to capture the moment!
  8. If you have a pool, invite your dad’s best friends and their families over for a pool party. The sun is getting hotter by the day, so why not keep cool with dad on his?!
  9. Go for a family hike. Find a local nature trail and spend the morning getting in your daily exercise family style!
  10. Host a neighborhood barbecue. Let the neighborhood families come over to celebrate all the dads and munch on tasty treats. Ease the stress of planning a party by making it a pot luck!
  11. Is dad a history buff? Go to a local museum to learn a thing or two. An educational experience is never a bad idea!

We wish all the dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for all that you do. If your Father’s Day celebrations happen to take you outside, don’t forget that added layer of protection against mosquitoes. Call your local Mosquito Joe today for a free quote and information about our services. We can make sure your celebration and your entire summer are swat-free.


My Favorite Thing To Do With Mom Is…

This coming Sunday is all about celebrating the special mother-figures in your life, and it’s not hard to understand why there’s an entire day dedicated to it! Mother’s Day is celebrated the world over to recognize all the hard work, dedication, and happiness that comes along with motherhood. Whether it’s driving the carpool to soccer practice, working extra hours to save for a college fund, or offering you a secret cookie before dinner, moms keep the world turning. They deserve a thank you every now and then for all of their (often unnoticed) hard work!

Oftentimes, the best way to say thank you is to reflect on some of your favorite memories with your mom and really appreciate the relationship you have together. We went around the Mosquito Joe office this week and asked our Joes to share some special activities and memories with mom that always bring a smile to their face.

My Favorite Memory/Thing to Do with Mom Is:

“Baking cookies with her and having her attend my sporting events. And in recent years, watching her play with my kids.” Kevin Wilson, CEO

“One of my favorite memories with my mom would be walking around the zoo. When I would get out of kindergarten, I would run to my mom’s car, and off the the zoo we went! We’d walk around for hours, looking at animals. To this day, it is one of my favorite things to do with my mom.” Kyle Jones, Graphic Designer

“Every time I tell my mom ‘I love you’, she says ‘I love you more’. Just a sweet little thing she and her mom used to do that she’s passed on to us.” Bridget Cardillo, Digital Marketing Manager

“My favorite memory was rollerblading in the park with my mother on Sunday afternoons after we were finished with our chores.” Barbara Sisino, Franchise Business Coach

“With our busy lifestyles it’s easy to let days and sometimes weeks go by without talking. About four years ago, we started talking each morning on my commute to work. I value that time, it’s a great way to start my day, and it’s one of my favorite things to do with my mom.” Denise Morris, VP of Local Operations

“One of my best memories is when we were back in California. My mom would take me to a donut place called Welches and she would get me a chocolate milk with crushed ice. Always felt my mom’s love.” Jake Vinluan, Franchise Business Coach

“My favorite Mom memories are making our special Christmas cookies every year. To this day, it doesn’t feel like Christmas without those cookies.” Sharon Lerche, Operations Administrative Assistant

“Whenever she would get ready for a night out, I would sit and watch her put her makeup on. When she was all done and dressed we would sing together the song from West Side story, ‘I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty, and witty and gay’. It became something I passed onto my girls, and now my granddaughters do the same thing.” Denise Fields, Local Operations

Nothing says, “I love you, mom” like the gift of a mosquito-free yard. Mosquito Joe can help protect your mom while she spends time outside tending to the garden, hosting BBQs, playing with the kids, or whatever makes her happy. Call your local Mosquito Joe today for more information and a free quote! Happy Mother’s Day from Mosquito Joe!


5 Tips for Coping with Daylight Savings Time

In 1964, The Rolling Stones sang “Time is on my side, yes it is, time is on my side.” This is a rather appropriate song to have stuck in your head this week as it’s time to turn those clocks back one hour this Saturday night. November 5, 2016 marks Daylight Savings Time, and while that means one more hour of sleep, it also means that winter is on the way. Because change is difficult for some people (even the smallest of changes), here are some ideas for dealing with “falling back” in time!

  • Wake up at a normal time on Sunday. It’s tempting to take advantage of the extra hour and catch up on sleep, but doing so can actually cause you to oversleep and throw off your sleep schedule for days (like jetlag but without the travel). Instead, wake up at your normal hour and go for a walk or make a nice cup of coffee to get the day going.
  • Try to avoid naps, especially longer than 30 minutes. Similarly to jetlag, the best way to get over the drowsy tired feeling is to get back on your regular sleep routine as quickly as possible. Long naps during the day will make it more difficult to sleep at night, further preventing you from overcoming the time change.
  • Take advantage of the sunshine (if you can). It’s common to feel groggy or out of sorts for the first few days after setting the clocks back. Getting outside in the sunshine can help boost your mood, reorient your body’s clock, and get November off to a better start.
  • Get some exercise! A walk, bike ride, or jog can help shake that lethargic feeling. It can also help you catch some rays and spend time with family/friends before you kick off the week.
  • If you have kids, try to use this week to gradually adjust the schedule back by small increments (10-15 minutes) rather than just taking the large hour jump back on Sunday. Then, keep your kids to the same schedule as usual so that transitioning back into the school week isn’t such a drag.

If you do take this opportunity to spend some extra time outdoors, remember to call your local Mosquito Joe to make your yard a mosquito-free space. Mosquitoes can breed and thrive until temperatures are consistently below 55 degrees fahrenheit, which is weeks away for many parts of the country! And letting mosquitoes breed and then lay eggs to hibernate throughout the winter will make the springtime an itchy nightmare. Contact your local Mosquito Joe for a free quote and information about our services.

Don’t forget to set the clocks back one hour this Saturday!


Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Here in Virginia Beach, the weather is perfect for pumpkin picking and trick-or-treating which is only a few days away! Oops, did you forget that Halloween is next week? While some people have costumes prepared months in advance, others may be scrambling for things to wear to Halloween parties and trick-or-treating this weekend. And your kid’s decision to be Batman three months ago may have changed a dozen times between then and now, leaving you with some creative sewing to do!

Well, no need to fear, Mosquito Joe is here to help with some last-minute, do-it-yourself costume ideas for everybody! Whether you’re looking for a solo costume, something to wear as a group, or something for the little ones, these costumes are sure to catch some attention for their creativity and simplicity.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples/Groups

  • Google Maps – Never get lost again with this hilarious costume that lets you and a partner be point A and point B on a Google Maps route. All you need are cardboard and markers for the headpiece and some yellow duct tape, a printer, and tape to create the street view on your shirt.DIY Halloween Costume
  • Fruit of the Loom – I give full credit for this costume idea to my parents who wore it to a Halloween party a few years ago. The essence of this costume for all members includes balloons, tights, a hat, and gloves of the same color. Apply the balloons to each person with some tape, and you’re on your way!
  • Three blind mice – Perhaps the most famous of nursery rhyme trios, the Three Blind Mice make for a simple and hilarious Halloween costume. Grey long-sleeved shirts and leggings, walking canes, sunglasses, and mouse ears are all you need to complete this look.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Singles

  • Brawny man – It couldn’t get much easier than this costume that only requires a red and black flannel shirt, jeans, work boots, and a roll of paper towels (still in the wrapper).
  • Operation game man – People love Halloween costumes that play on fun childhood memories. And what better way to play on them than to become the subject of a great (and very annoying) board game from the ’60s – Operation! You’ll need a nude colored shirt and leggings, red and white construction paper, and some tongs. The great thing about this is no buzzing sound!
  • Bags of jelly beans – Use sharpies on a clear plastic bag to draw a jelly bean picture or logo of your choosing. Then wrap yourself in the bag, cut out head, arm, and leg holes just big enough to fit through, and fill the bag with colored balloons!

Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

  • DIY Halloween CostumeBoxes of candy – You are what you eat, right? So why not transform the kids into their favorite candy for the night? Find a cardboard box large enough to comfortably fit your child, and color the outside according to whichever candy wrapper you’d like. Then cut head and arm holes into the box, and you’re done! A matching pair of tights and gloves adds a nice finishing touch.
  • Stick figure – A white shirt and pants, black electrical tape, a piece of paper, string, and a marker are all you need for this one. Draw a simple stick figure face on the paper, cut it out in a circle, and tie it around the head to cover the face. Then place electrical tape on the shirt and pants to create a stick figure image. It’s best to do the last step while your child is wearing the outfit so everything lines up accordingly.
  • Carl from “Up” – This costume idea is a real crowd pleaser as Up is one of the most beloved Pixar movies ever made. A brown sweater, white shirt, red bow tie, brown pants, and square glasses will be needed to make the outfit. You can make a small walker by using pvc pipe and placing tennis balls on the end. To complete the look, tie a few colored balloons around your child’s waist. Don’t worry, they won’t float away!

We could go on and on about creative Halloween costume ideas to fulfill your last minute needs. If you’re still stuck, you can even ask Siri! That’s right, the new iPhone update will provide DIY costume ideas when you ask Siri what you should be for Halloween. My personal favorite: dress in all black, and stand in front of people all night. You’ll be an eclipse.

Happy Halloween from your friends at Mosquito Joe! We’d love to hear about your costume ideas, so don’t forget to comment here and post on our Facebook page. And if you are still in need of mosquito control services this year, call your local Mosquito Joe for service. Many of our southern locations will continue to operate for weeks to come!