Haven’t you heard? With Mosquito Joe, outside is fun again!

Summary of our services:

Mosquito Joe strives to make outside fun again for you, your family and pets! We offer a variety of treatment options to rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Our treatments not only provide you with a bite-free yard, but also provides an extra layer of defense against vector-borne illnesses that pests can carry.

  • Mosquito Barrier Treatment:
    Our licensed technicians apply a barrier treatment that is customized to your yard, focusing on shrubs and bushes. This solution not only eliminates mosquitoes it comes in contact with, but also bonds to the foliage acting as a repellent for the next three weeks. About 30 minutes after the barrier treatment is applied, your yard is ready for outdoor itch-free fun!
  • Tick Control:
    Ticks reemerge much sooner in the year than other outdoor pests, which is why it is important to get ahead of your pest control problem. Our treatment targets tick-prone areas on your property to further prevent them from latching on to your family and pets.
  • Flea Control:
    Fleas, like ticks, are also carriers for diseases that can affect not only humans, but pets as
    well. Mosquito Joe barrier treatments also rid your property of fleas, helping protect your
    four-legged friends and family from itchy bites.

Interested in giving Mosquito Joe a try? We don’t lock you into a contract and our MoJo Satisfaction Guarantee ensures you’re satisfied with our service. The only thing better than that is an itch-free yard!

Now that you have the details, what are you waiting for? Contact your local Mosquito Joe and make outside fun again!