Specialty Pest Services

Tired of battling pests like flies, gnats, stinging insects, and more in your backyardMosquito Joe is proud to offer effective pest control solutions for both residential and commercial clients so you can enjoy being outside again. Whether you have pets, kids, or just enjoy relaxing in your yard, Mosquito Joe can help you do that without having to deal with annoying pests disrupting your peace at every turn! 

Mosquito Joe provides a wide range of pest control services that suit the individual needs of any property. From outdoor pest inspections to home pest control, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise extends to treating flies, gnats, fire ants, scorpions, spiders, spotted lanternflies, stink bugs, and stinging insects, with natural options available as well. Transform your yard into an oasis for your family with Mosquito Joe. But we’re not your average Joe. We provide our pest control services with the Neighborly Done Right Promise backed by the Mosquito Joe Guarantee.  

MoJo Bites Back® and helps you reclaim your outdoor spaces with pest control services near you. Backyard barbecues, pool time, gardening, playing with the kids and your pets on the lawn — all these can be enjoyed after you rein in the bothersome pests. Protect your family members with Mosquito Joe’s comprehensive pest control services. 

Take a look at the variety of specialty pest control services near you that we offer: 

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Fly Control

Fed up with the constant buzzing of flies around your property? Mosquito Joe understands the annoyance and the health risks that flies present. We offer expert fly control services that allow you to get back to relaxing in your spaces swat-free. By identifying their breeding grounds and implementing targeted treatments, we’ll restore peace and tranquility to your property. Beat the buzz with Mosquito Joe. 

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Spider Control

Most spiders are harmless, but that doesn’t make them any less of an unwanted visitor. If you’re dealing with pesky eight-legged intruders on your property, turn to Mosquito Joe. We’ve spun a process that works! Our team will assess your property to identify existing spiders and their hideouts, then swiftly remove them. Next, we treat vulnerable areas to prevent future occurrences. Let us restore your peace of mind so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces without worrying about the next spider run-in. 

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Fire Ant Control

The presence of fire ants can make your backyard feel like a battleground. Luckily, Mosquito Joe is equipped with a team of experts ready to lead the charge against these fiery invaders. When you spot the tell-tale conical mounds, give us a call to come stamp out fire ant flare-ups. Our expert team targets the queen, essential for dismantling the entire colony and restoring your yard to a peaceful oasis. With our meticulous approach, we not only manage the population but also prevent colony relocation and revival, ensuring long-lasting relief from fire ant infestations. 

White vector graphic of a scorpion on a green background. Scorpion Pest Control

Scorpion sightings can quickly ruin your outdoor fun. Although not typically deadly, these creepy critters are definitely not fun to encounter. Their stings are painful and potentially dangerous, especially for pets and children. Scorpions often hide in cool, damp, or cluttered spaces. To make your property less inviting, be sure to trim vegetation, seal cracks that could serve as entry points, and remove any debris. For optimal protection, call Mosquito Joe. We’ll seal your property with a protective barrier that will effectively control the present scorpion population and deter future ones. 

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Gnat Control

Gnats can really sap the joy out of eating outdoors or enjoying your garden. While they don’t typically spread disease, gnats can contaminate food and spread bacteria. Gnats need two things to breed – moisture and rotting organic matter, which can commonly be found around your yard! Take action to remove rotting organic matter and try to control any sources of standing water from your yard that may create a gnat habitat. Then, call Mosquito Joe to repel those pesky gnats from your property. The same flea, mosquito, and tick control services we offer also help prevent gnats!

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Spotted Lanternfly

While visually appealing, the invasive spotted lanternfly is far from harmless. Munching their way through fruit crops and trees across the U.S., these garden gluttons pose a significant threat to local ecosystems, agriculture, and logging. Mosquito Joe’s specialized spotted lanternfly control services target these invaders with precision, safeguarding your property and contributing to the broader effort of preserving our agricultural and logging sectors.

White vector graphic of a stink bug on a green background.
Stink Bug Pest Control

We have to give stink bugs credit…they sure have earned their name. They stink! And so does having them in your home or garden. Mosquito Joe understands the unpleasantness and risks associated with this pest. From wilting leaves to stunted growth and the telltale stench near windows, recognizing the signs of a stink bug infestation is crucial. Take action to seal cracks and repair screens to prevent their entry, then trust Mosquito Joe for effective prevention and management techniques to keep your home and garden smelling fresh and inviting for your friends and family!

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Stinging Insects

Warmer weather likely means you want to spend more time in your outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, it also means an increase in stinging insect activity. With the threat of a sting that can cause allergic reactions or even infections looming, your outdoor enjoyment can really suffer. Mosquito Joe can protect you and your loved ones and restore that enjoyment. We offer specialized services targeting wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets to ensure your yard remains a sting-free haven. While using insect repellent and avoiding scented items can help, proactive nest removal is essential. Bask in your outdoor oasis without the worry of stinging insects thanks to Mosquito Joe.

Not sure what you need? Contact our team, and we’ll send a certified service professional out to access your property and recommend the best mosquito and tick control solution for you.

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