With Mosquito Joe®, Outside is Fun Again

What comes to mind when you think about enjoying a day outside with friends and family? Maybe some outdoor games? Listening to music? The smell of food cooking on a grill while you all enjoy some ice-cold drinks? This all sounds great, but there’s another thing you need to think about whenever you spend time outdoors: insects! Just the thought of dealing with these annoying, biting, buzzing, and blood-sucking pests is enough to ruin any outdoor plans.

Whether it’s mosquito, tick, or flea season, when these disease-carrying pests crash your outdoor fun, it’s enough to drive even the most avid outdoor enthusiast indoors. But don’t despair. And don’t cancel those outdoor plans. Mosquito Joe is here to make the outdoors fun again.

Mosquito Joe is one of the best ways to protect yourself, your family, your friends, and your pets from potentially harmful insects whenever you venture outdoors. Our team of trained bug experts is outfitted with the latest gear and best bug-fighting methods to ensure your outdoor fun stays fun!

Our mosquito and pest control techniques have been tested and approved by some of the best bug people in the industry. Our team of experienced entomologists spend a lot of time studying bugs and they keep their eyes and ears open for the latest buzz about bugs too! They research and understand bug habitats, so they know exactly what makes bugs tick, which helps us develop the best, most effective ways to keep them from ruining your outdoor fun. Our team of bug experts is dedicated to finding the most effective ways to reduce the population of harmful insects while protecting honey bees and other beneficial bugs.

Who We Are

Since 2010, Mosquito Joe has provided mosquito and pest control services for residential and commercial customers nationwide. Our team of trained pest control experts is dedicated to getting rid of mosquitoes and other pests so you can enjoy the outdoors again. Our team of trained field professionals knows how to get the job done swiftly and thoroughly, leaving a noticeable absence of biting insects.

Best of all, all of our mosquito control services are backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ and the Mosquito Joe guarantee, which ensures your satisfaction with our work. When you need reliable pest/mosquito control treatment, trust Mosquito Joe.

Each Mosquito Joe location is independently owned and operated by people within their respective communities and backed by a national network of technical expertise. Our service professionals are trained and certified to meet state guidelines and are dedicated to delivering timely, dependable pest control services.

Get to Know Your Joe

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, our corporate office is home to a fantastic team of bug folks. They know just about everything there is to know about bugs, which means you get some of the best bug folks in the biz. They continually work behind the scenes to ensure all Mosquito Joe customers and franchisees are equipped with the latest bug-fighting equipment and techniques.

In 2019, Mosquito Joe was honored to become part of the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). PESP seeks to decrease the risks associated with pest management in areas where people live, work, and play. Our partnership with PESP demonstrates our commitment to outdoor pest control for residential and commercial properties. Our team is dedicated to educating our customers on the importance and impact of mosquito and pest control services and how they impact our environment. For more information, learn about your Joe.

Over 100 Franchise Locations to Serve You

Mosquito Joe’s franchisees are your front line of protection against mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other pests that impact your home or business. So no matter where you live, there’s a good chance you have a Mosquito Joe location right in your own backyard. And with so many conveniently located offices, there’s really no reason why you need to spend your time indoors avoiding bugs. There’s a beautiful world out there, and we can help you enjoy it.

How Can Mosquito Joe Help?

It’s no secret that mosquitoes and pests just know how to spoil outdoor fun. Whether it’s a neighborhood party, a BBQ, a sporting event, or a special family reunion, they always find a way to show up and ruin the good vibes.

With Mosquito Joe, you can always count on our efficient mosquito control treatment solutions to help you enjoy the outdoors.

Our team of entomologists works closely with premier chemical manufacturers to improve the effectiveness of mosquito control methods, while helping to protect beneficial insects. From immediately effective custom barrier sprays, eco-friendly treatments that repel mosquitoes instantly but have less adhesive properties than a synthetic spray, or misting systems built to deter exceptionally high mosquito, tick, and flea activity, our professionals tailor treatments to the needs of each property for the best results.

Mosquito Joe Also Gives Back

Along with our passion and drive to fight off mosquitoes, our team is just as passionate about building awareness and supporting the prevention of mosquito-borne illness by giving back to the communities that are most affected.

We partner with Nothing But Nets to provide life-saving mosquito nets to those living in African countries heavily affected by Malaria, and our franchise locations team up with local blood banks on Mosquito Control Awareness Week to raise awareness of the importance of mosquito control for our Beat the Bloodsuckers campaign.

Using Mosquito Joe means annoying pests won’t get in the way of making outdoor memories this year. If you’re still itching to ask questions or to learn more about our mosquito control treatment for your home or business, request a free quote today!