Tired of feeling like you’re hosting a bug buffet in your own backyard? Mosquito Joe® to the rescue! Our outdoor home pest control service removes creepy crawlies and makes the outdoors fun again.

Mosquito Joe®’s effective, eco-friendly outdoor home pest control services protect you and your property from bugs, bites, and rodents. We understand how annoying these pests can be and the importance of residential exterminator services. We’re dedicated to controlling these uninvited guests so you can have peace of mind.
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Types of Residential Pest Control Services Offered

Whether it’s fire ants doing the cha-cha on your lawn, fleas that just won’t flee, or spiders spinning a dark web in your garage, we’ve got a home pest solution for every critter plotting against your peace of mind. Our outdoor residential pest control services are tailored to your unique needs, protecting your property against all of these would-be invaders and providing effective treatment programs.

  • Fire ants have you burning mad? We’ll douse your fire ant problem with our fire ant control and reignite your love for the outdoors.
  • Got fleas? Our flea control service causes fleas to flee your property.
  • Does the constant buzzing have you going batty? Our fly control service creates a no-fly around your home.
  • No-see-ums can’t hide from our experts. Our gnat control service makes your no-see-um problem disappear.
  • If you’re itching to get rid of backyard biters, our mosquito control service takes the bite out of your mosquito problem.
  • When it comes to mice and men, Mosquito Joe’s rodent control service wins every time.
  • If you’ve searched the web for an answer to your spider problem, you know Mosquito Joe’s spider control service is the answer.
  • We’re here to shed some light on your spotted lanternfly problem. Our spotted lanternfly control turns out the lights on these pesky critters.
  • If these bugs are causing a big stink, our stink bug control is just what you need.
  • If ticks are ticking you off, it’s time for tick control from Mosquito Joe.

Signs You May Need Pest Control Outside Your Home

How do you know if you have a pest problem? The following are signs it’s time to call on Mosquito Joe’s outdoor home pest control services:

  • Pest sightings: Spotting the critters is a clear sign that pests are making themselves at home on your property.
  • Itchy bites: Pests like mosquitoes and fleas can be hard to spot, but they leave itchy red bites announcing their presence and feeding preferences.
  • Pest activity: You may find droppings, nests, gnaw marks, or holes in the ground or walls, indicating the activity of various pest species.
  • Strange odors: Rodent nests typically have a foul odor, sort of a musky, fishy smell.
  • Specific health symptoms: If you or a family member struggles with respiratory problems or flu-like symptoms, pests may be to blame.
  • Neighborhood infestations: Pest problems migrate and can eventually make their way to your property.

If you’re constantly scratching and trying to figure out why you’re a prisoner in your own home, it’s time to call in the cavalry. Our outdoor home pest control service keeps biters away from your outdoor fun while protecting your family’s health and well-being.

Residential Pest Control Process

Think of us as your personal pest SWAT team. Residential pest exterminator services use years of bug-fighting experience and expertise to get rid of unwanted critters around your property. Our service is a multi-step process that gets rid of bugs outside so they don’t get inside. Here’s what you can expect from our effective treatment:

  • Initial Consultation: We get to know exactly what’s bugging you … mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, etc.
  • Property Pest Inspection: Next, we will inspect your property, looking for signs of pest activity, breeding sites, and potential entry points.
  • Assessment and Plan Development: We then develop a customized pest control treatment plan for your property, including recommended service and scheduled visits.
  • Treatment Application: We apply your customized pest solution treatment to places where creepy critters like to hide, feed, and breed.
  • Client Education: After we apply our treatment, it’s time to get bug-educated. We explain the steps you can take to make our pest control more effective, including advice on water management and landscape care.
  • Prevention and Maintenance: We schedule follow-up treatments to ensure pests stay away.

Why Choose Us?

Not only do we promise to make your property bite-free, but we also throw in a free high-five with every service. Because who doesn’t need a little extra encouragement in the battle against bugs? While a high-five is certainly encouraging, we understand you may need a little more. So, we also backed up our outdoor home pest control services with the Mosquito Joe Satisfaction Guarantee and the Neighborly Done Right Promise™. Not that deserves a high-five or two!!

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Don’t let a bug problem get under your skin. When you need home pest control services, call the experts at your local Mosquito Joe. Whether your pests crawl, creep, or fly, we’ll take care of them so you can get back to the outdoors without pests pestering you.

FAQs About Home Pest Control

Q: Why do your pest control services treat the outside of a residence?

We never enter your home. Mosquito Joe home pest control services treat the outside of your home, creating an effective barrier between your exterior surfaces and any pests that could enter. We target cracks in walls and doors and window frame gaps — any spots pests might slip through. Not only do we control the insects and rodents currently on your property, but our treatments also keep them from coming back.

Q: When is the best time for outdoor home pest control?

As the temperature rises during spring, pests usually wake from their winter hibernation and become more active in searching for food and a place to breed. However, noticing a couple of pests crawling or flying around isn’t usually a sign of an infestation. During the summer months, the pests have more access to water and food and quickly multiply, which is when you’ll see the most activity.

Q: What counts as an infestation?

Seeing five or six ants in the house doesn’t mean you have an infestation yet, but seeing as many cockroaches sure does. And that many mice or rats means the infestation is severe. The variations are based on pest species, behavior (rodents are nocturnal and trying to hide), breeding rate, the amount of property damage the pests can do, and the severity of the health risks.

Q: Is it normal to see pests after service?

Treatments control most pests immediately. However, it’s typical to see stragglers escaping affected areas. This can be discouraging, but it’s important to remember it’s temporary and a positive indication that the treatment is working. Be aware that controlling pests on your property can encourage neighboring colonies to move into the vacated territory. That’s why it’s highly recommended to create a barrier around your property and continue regular treatment.

Q: Why do I need repeat home pest control?

A quality outdoor home pest control treatment effectively targets every stage of the critters’ life cycle. However, different insects, such as eggs, larvae, or pupae, can have impressive resistance to insecticides. Repeated pest control treatments ensure we catch the survivors of the previous treatment before they can reestablish their population. The treatment frequency may vary depending on factors such as the time of year, weather conditions, and location.