Professional Wasp & Nest Removal Services

Wasps are equipped with a pain-inducing stinger they will use over and over again. Seeing a couple of wasps in your garden is no cause for alarm, but a wasp nest is a different matter. Highly territorial, wasps will aggressively defend their nests in concert. If you have a wasp nest on your property, your family, pets, or customers are at risk. Call Mosquito Joe® for wasp nest removal today.

At Mosquito Joe, our wasp pest control professionals efficiently remove wasp nests from your property without risk to you or your neighbors. We also prevent wasps from rebuilding in the same location. Contact us for a free quote today, and let us take care of your wasp issue.

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Signs of a Wasp Infestation

Seeing one or two wasps visiting flowers is no cause for alarm. However, you may have an infestation if you see them buzzing in and out of a wall on your property. These are other signs of a wasp infestation you may notice:

  • Damaged wood on your property.
  • Small mounds of chewed wood particles.
  • The presence of paper-like substances or wood shavings on your porch or lawn.
  • A cone-shaped pile of dirt.
  • Mud or paper nests near a structure or underground.
  • Wasps acting agitated and aggressive.

If you note wasps carrying other insects, this, too, is a sign of an infestation. Adult wasps paralyze other insects to bring them back to feed their larvae. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call a wasp exterminator service.

Health Risks of Wasp Stings

If you see a wasp nest, don’t go near it, and keep pets and children away. DIY wasp removal is too great a risk. Wasps protect their nests, swarming to drive humans or animals away. People allergic to wasp stings can experience a medical emergency, including severe swelling and trouble breathing from a single sting. Those with no allergy can develop one from multiple stings. Too many stings can be fatal even without an allergy.

Wasp Control Methods We Use

Choosing Mosquito Joe for wasp pest control puts trained and certified experts in charge of your wasp problem. Our team of dedicated service professionals are experts in wasp nest removal. In addition to our cost-effective services, we offer a range of treatments proven to work:

  • Barrier sprays: This is one of our more popular treatments! Our service professionals will treat the perimeter around your property, starting from your yard, working up to your house wall, and then outwards to create a barrier against wasps returning.
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control: An effective method for wasp removal is to use garlic or botanicals derived from natural plant oils to keep pests at bay. This remedy is a great choice if you or any family members are sensitive to our standard treatments. The treatment only takes an hour to dry. Afterward, you can relax in your sting-free yard.
  • Automatic defense systems: We install a series of connected stations on your property that emits a fine mist at pre-programmed times, clearing pests from your premises.

What can I do to prevent future wasp infestations?

To prevent future wasp infestations, here are a few things you can do:

  • Seal cracks in windows and doors.
  • Clean up food waste or spills.
  • Take out the trash frequently to prevent nesting.
  • Remove standing water.
  • Use wasp traps or baits in places you’ve seen them before.
  • Spray common nesting areas with essential oils to keep them away.

Why Choose Us?

At Mosquito Joe, we take pride in getting rid of wasps and providing general pest control services. Above all, our team is committed to the highest standard of service. We show up on time, in uniform, and prepared to get your wasp situation under control. In fact, all our solutions are backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ and our own Mosquito Joe Satisfaction Guarantee — our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction in everything we do.

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FAQs About Our Wasp Extermination Services

At Mosquito Joe, we’re committed to empowering homeowners against the pests that prey on them and their property. Explore our pest control blog for more detailed information on the critters that are bugging you.

Q: How much does it cost to remove wasp nests?

The cost of wasp nest removal will depend on the size and location of the nest and the severity of the infestation. Our service professionals will assess your property and use the appropriate treatment.

Q: Can you remove wasps using natural methods?

Once the wasp nest has been removed, natural treatments can prevent wasps from returning to rebuild in the same location. Vinegar and peppermint essential oils are effective wasp repellents.

Q: Can wasps damage my property?

It depends! Some species of wasps chew wood and turn that into materials for their nest. This means that wood frames around your home are susceptible to damage.

Q: Will wasps return to a sprayed nest?

If the wasp nest is thoroughly sprayed with a repellent that remains effective for a period of time, the wasps will not return to the nest. Treating the nest or the nesting spot is necessary to keep wasps from rebuilding on the location.