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Arachnids in the attic? Spiders on the sidings? Enough is enough! It’s time to reclaim your space with spider exterminators from Mosquito Joe®. We work tirelessly to keep the itsy-bitsy spiders from climbing up your water spout or anywhere else, so your family can enjoy backyard bliss without those pesky gatecrashers.

How Does Spider Pest Control Work?

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Wondering how our spider exterminators weave their magic? It all starts with a thorough inspection of your premises. Our experienced team begins by investigating your space and identifying possible arachnid abodes. Once identified, our spider removal service swings into action, safely and effectively evicting these unwelcome tenants. We also treat potential hiding spots, discouraging future freeloaders. And the best part? We’re local, so when you’re searching for “spider control” look no further than Mosquito Joe. We’re your local pest-busting superhero, always ready to tackle your pest problems.

Types of Spiders That Require Control

black widow on a branchWhile spiders often get a bad rap, some species, like the Black Widow, Brown Recluse, and House spiders, truly earn their notorious reputation. These creepy crawlies carry venom that can result in harmful reactions, posing a significant risk to your loved ones and furry friends. Mosquito Joe provides professional spider control aimed at controlling these threats, turning your home back into the safe nest for your family it should be. So, save yourself the “spider control near me” Google search because we’re already on standby, ready to tackle your spider concerns.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Spider Pest Control Services

Wondering why you should call in the pros to wrangle your spiders? Let’s shed some light on it. Our professional spider control services come with experience and expertise. We know spiders, and how to identify a Black Widow from our Brown Recluse, and how to show them the way out. With our swift spider removal service, you’ll have a spider-free space in no time. But we don’t stop there; we take preventative measures to prevent future spider infiltrations. Your family’s safety is always our prime concern. You can rest easy knowing we’re keeping the venomous villains away from your home and loved ones. So, the next time you need spider control, remember Mosquito Joe.

What Is Our Spider Control Process?

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At Mosquito Joe, we’ve spun a process that works.

Step 1: Our professional spider control services team conducts an in-depth assessment of your property. We identify the species active on your property and track them to their lairs.
Step 2: Our spider removal service moves into high gear, showing these eight-legged pests the door using industry-approved methods.
Step 3: We don’t just disappear once the spiders are gone. We offer guidance on effective ways to spider-proof your home and property, so you can maintain a web-free environment. So don’t let your fear of spiders tie you up in knots. Call on the professionals at Mosquito Joe. We’ve got the process and passion for keeping your space spider-free!

Why Choose Mosquito Joe for Spider Control?

Tech spray system.When you think of “spider control” Mosquito Joe should stick in your head. Here’s why. Our professional spider control isn’t just a service. It’s a commitment to your comfort and satisfaction. We don’t just remove spiders; we understand them, so we can keep them away from your home. Our services are comprehensive and tailored to your property and your unique needs, and we address the specific types of spiders in your region. We offer quick, efficient, and, most importantly, effective treatment.

Our team of entomologists works closely with our spider exterminators in the field to ensure we always provide the best possible results. Mosquito Joe offers comprehensive outdoor pest control to keep your family protected from biting mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, gnats, rodents, and more. We have over 180 franchise locations across the United States, offering pest and spider control services near you that are effective and reliable. And to ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ and the Mosquito Joe® Satisfaction Guarantee.

We’re more than just a service. We’re your partners in creating a safer, pest-free environment.

Schedule Spider Extermination Services Today

Isn’t it time to reclaim your home from the spiders? Request a quote online or give us a call! We welcome your questions. Contact Mosquito Joe today, and we’ll schedule your spider control service. Let’s work together to make your home a spider-free sanctuary.

FAQs About Spiders

How many kinds of spiders are there?

Spiders are one of the most diverse creatures among all living organisms. They can be found in every state in the U.S. and on every continent except Antarctica. There are currently over 50,000 spider species that exist today.

How do you know if a spider is venomous?

While identifying a venomous spider can be tricky. The good news is, that most spiders are not venomous. However, some of the more common venomous spiders are; the brown recluse, which has a distinctive violin-shaped mark on its back; the black widow, which has a red hourglass shape on its back; and the hobo spider, which sports a herringbone pattern on its back.

How big is the largest spider?

The largest spider in the world is the Huntsman spider, which measures over a foot wide from its legs (yikes!) Fortunately, it lives in caves in the country of Laos, which minimizes its interaction with humans.