Mosquito Control Services

Our mosquito control services can help clear your yard of pesky bugs and give you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor spaces again—itch-free! Don’t let bugs keep you from going outside when a simple mosquito control treatment may be all you need.

As members of the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, we provide an inspection of the property and create a customized treatment plan to control mosquitoes on your property in an environmentally responsible way. Contact our trained service professionals to get a recommendation for the best mosquito control service for your yard.

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What is Mosquito Control

Mosquito control manages both the adult mosquito population as well as viable eggs to reduce the damage to human recreation, health, and the economy. Mosquitoes carry diseases like the Zika virus, West Nile virus, and others, and outbreaks of these diseases can have a crushing impact on local economies.

Beyond the potential for disease, mosquitoes can turn your garden or pool into a combat zone. We’ve designed our mosquito control services to help get you back outdoors, doing what you love, free from the biting and itching caused by mosquitoes.

City Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito control may be done at the city level by mosquito control services like Mosquito Joe, creating overlapping benefits. For example, city treatments typically spray dense fog around the service trucks. The fog kills adult mosquitoes nearby the trucks and their routes. This helps lower the population of reproducing adult mosquitoes in these areas. 

These city fogging services target the Culex and Anopheles species that reside higher up in the trees; however, they do not reach into the backyards where our mosquito control services primarily target the Aedes species that are typically the nuisance in your backyard.

Mosquito Joe Mosquito Control

Mosquito control services near you, like Mosquito Joe, arrive at your home and apply a treatment that kills adult mosquitoes and their eggs that may be located in long grass, shrubs, and potted plants. We’ll also assess and treat any standing water on your property where mosquitoes like to lay their eggs. Our treatment lasts approximately 21 days, so we return to apply additional treatments throughout the season.

What You Can Do at Home to Control Mosquitoes

As a homeowner, you can also play a crucial role in mosquito control on your property and around your home. Regularly check ponds, bird baths, and plant catch trays for mosquito larvae and remove any standing water from buckets and planters. Clean out gutters and repair leaky faucets to cut down on any standing water on your property.

Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water, and just a bottle cap full of water can play host to 300 eggs! Eliminating the amount of standing water on your property can help reduce the overall mosquito population on your property. Learn more about combating mosquitoes here.

What’s Included in Mosquito Control Services?

When you call us for mosquito control services, you receive a comprehensive approach to pest control. Our trained service professionals will treat your property with an effective barrier spray that kills mosquitoes and other pests on contact. The spray effectively bonds to foliage around your home, acting as a mosquito repellent for up to 21 days. 

Our team then searches out mosquito breeding spots for eggs and larvae to completely interrupt the life cycle. You’ll receive specific recommendations for eliminating sources of standing water that support mosquito hatcheries. Our mosquito control services aim to eliminate the biters and their habitats so you can enjoy your property in peace again.

Mosquito Joe’s residential mosquito control service includes:

  • Communicating treatment plan options, including traditional, botanical or natural mosquito control services.
  • Treating potential breeding sites to break the mosquito life cycle.
  • Treating harborage/resting sites with an adulticide and Insect Growth Regulator.
  • Eliminating standing water where mosquitoes breed by tipping and/or tossing.
  • Provide recommendations for controlling mosquito populations.
  • Identifying areas where additional mosquito control devices may be beneficial. 
  • Integrating our Pollinator Protection Management Plan using state-of-the-art products and techniques. 

To provide the most thorough and effective mosquito control services possible, we tailor every treatment to your specific property and needs.

Backyard and Patio Mosquito Control

When you schedule mosquito control service from Mosquito Joe, a trained service professional will spray your yard in specific areas where mosquitoes like to hide and breed. We focus on thoroughly treating wooded areas, shrubs, debris piles, and areas around ponds and sheds.

Once everything is treated, it will effectively eliminate biting insects for up to 21 days—giving you control of your yard and patio once again!

Why Choose Mosquito Joe for Mosquito Control Services?

Mosquito Joe has over 170 franchise locations across the United States, offering effective mosquito control services near you. Each franchise works diligently to become an expert in your specific area’s climate, topography, and plant life. To truly be an expert in mosquito control, we must understand the specific habitat and conditions where our customers live. 

At Mosquito Joe, we’re passionate about fighting mosquitoes so our customers can reclaim their outdoor spaces; patios, gardens, and pools. We help educate our customers about mosquitoes so they can participate in their mosquito control solution. We also take extra precautions to ensure our mosquito control service doesn’t harm the environment or local pollinators. 

Every mosquito control service we provide comes backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise® backed by the Mosquito Control guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our mosquito treatments, contact us within 14 days of service, and we’ll make it right, guaranteed, or your money back. Our mosquito control services reviews consistently show our customers are thrilled to reclaim their outdoor spaces from the biters!

In addition to effective mosquito control, we can also help rid your property of fleas and ticks. Ask about the other services we offer to make the outdoors at your home or business property more enjoyable. 

How to Find Mosquito Control Services Near Me

Don’t suffer through all the itching and swatting that mosquito season brings. Enjoy your patio and yard to the fullest with the help of your locally owned and operated Mosquito Joe. Let our trained service professionals rid your yard of mosquitoes so you can enjoy the outdoors again. Call us at 1-855-275-2563 or fill out our form online to request a quote for mosquito control service today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do mosquitoes hide around the yard?

Mosquitoes like shade, shelter, and moisture. Areas around the yard that offer these are where you’re most likely to find them hiding. Trees, bushes, long grass, and debris piles are the most common spots on your property where mosquitoes will congregate. Locating and eliminating (where possible) these refuges is a critical part of mosquito control.

What’s the best way to get rid of mosquitoes?

Mosquito control services for yards are one of the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Our yard treatments will eliminate biting insects for up to 21 days! As mentioned in the answer above, you can help by taking steps to make your property less inviting to mosquitoes.

Why do mosquitoes bite me so much?

If mosquitoes seem to target you for biting, it may be your blood that attracts them! Several factors, including carbon dioxide, scent (such as sweat and lactic acid), and dark colors can lure female mosquitoes to you. However, blood type may be one key reason why mosquitoes bite you more often than others. Believe it or not, mosquitoes are more attracted to people with O-type blood than to other blood types.

Female mosquitoes are the ones that bite humans and animals to drink their blood. The female needs protein and nutrients to develop eggs. If you find you’re getting bitten more than those around you, it may be your blood. Since changing your blood type is not an option, schedule mosquito control so you can enjoy your pool and patio in peace!

Do bug-zappers work to control mosquitos?

Blacklight insect electrocution devices, aka “bug zappers,” are very popular as people try to keep their outdoor living spaces free from mosquitoes. However, while these bug zappers are highly effective for killing flying insects in general, only a tiny fraction are actually mosquitoes. 

An independent study conducted by Notre Dame found that only 4.0 – 6.4% of insects killed daily by the bug zappers were mosquitoes. Unfortunately, they found such devices were far more effective at killing beneficial insects than providing effective mosquito control.

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Mosquito control services near you are not just one size fits all because your home and your property are unique and deserve individualized care and attention. For a free, no-obligation estimate, call us at 1-855-275-2563 or request a quote online today

At Mosquito Joe, we specialize in making the outdoors fun again!

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