Pest Inspections: Does Your Home Need One?

When you move into a new home, it’s a great feeling when you know that you and your family are the only occupants. Some people hire professional outdoor pest inspection services for this peace of mind. Whether you’re buying or selling property or noticing some worrying signs around your home, call your locally owned and operated Mosquito Joe® for service you can depend on.

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Types of Outdoor Pest Inspections We Provide

At Mosquito Joe, our outdoor home pest inspection professionals are experts on more than mosquitoes. They scrutinize your property looking for signs of:

Benefits of Pest Inspections

Professional pest inspections offer homeowners benefits that go beyond peace of mind:

  • Prevents property damage: The sooner you learn you have pests and take action, the less damage they can do.
  • Prevents infestations: Getting rid of a few pests is far easier than a full-blown infestation.
  • Saves money: Controlling a few pests before they become entrenched is easier, less expensive, and prevents the need for costly repairs.
  • Protects your health: Proximity to different pests can cause various upper respiratory issues, especially for those with compromised health.
  • Provides a detailed report: Knowledge is power. Our detailed report of your home’s condition can aid you in future planning, repairs, and pest control matters.

What Does a Pest Inspection Consist Of?

When you call Mosquito Joe for an outdoor pest inspection, we thoroughly examine your home’s exterior. We inspect every surface, from your home’s foundation to the yard, garden, patio, decks, water features, and landscaping. And we don’t stop there. We analyze your windows, doors, screens, gutters, and downspouts for any potential entry to your home that rodents, insects, or bugs might use.

Finally, your inspection ends with a detailed, written report documenting any structural damage and other signs of pest activity we find. We will advise you on any pest control services you may need and prepare a report for your lending institution if required.

Signs You May Need a Home Pest Inspection

Some mortgage lenders require pest inspections before acquiring funding. But there are other signs you might need to call for a pest inspector, including:

  • Visible pests: Pests such as fleas or gnats are tiny and can be hard to spot. If you notice them around the house, give us a call.
  • Evidence of pest activity: This can be in the form of droppings, holes in the wall or ground, or other property damage.
  • Strange odors: Rodent nests, in particular, have strong odors.
  • Specific health symptoms: Respiratory problems, gastric issues, rashes, and flu-like symptoms can result from nearby pest activity.
  • Buying or selling a home: Attract home buyers if you’re selling or meet mortgage requirements if you’re going to purchase a new house.
  • Neighborhood infestations: Your neighbors’ pest problems can migrate to your home.

Why Mosquito Joe?

Trust the experts at Mosquito Joe for your home pest inspection. Our locally owned and operated centers study the regional pests active in the area. We know all about creepy crawlies, what they do, the traces they leave, and where they hide. Our professionally uniformed service provider arrives in our marked vehicle, armed with the latest tools necessary to do the job right. We value your time, arrive promptly, and work swiftly and thoroughly.

There is no need for ongoing contracts. We offer our award-winning pest control services when you need them. We also provide regular follow-up service for your convenience.
You can count on being pleased because the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ and our own Mosquito Joe Satisfaction Guarantee back everything we do.

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Schedule Your Pest Inspection Today!

When you need a pest inspection, call the experts at Mosquito Joe. We treat your home with the respect it deserves and provide the information you need to protect it.
Request a free quote today. It’s the next step to getting your home that clean bill of health for your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Pest Inspections

At Mosquito Joe, we’re all about empowering you against your pesky foes. And since we’ve seen a lot, we can confidently answer your questions.

How often should my home be inspected for pests?

Because pests can cause significant structural damage in your home, not to mention the health risks they pose, we recommend yearly home pest inspections. Regular inspections are a proactive measure that identifies potential pest issues before they become a severe problem and harder to remove.

Can pest inspections help prevent future infestations?

Pest inspections are invaluable for preventing future infestations. Not only do we detect early signs of pests moving in so you can take action, but we also identify conditions that can attract pests. We provide a detailed report in writing alerting you to potential access points and anything pests look for, like leaky faucets or attractive bedding materials.

Are the chemicals used during inspections risky for pets and children?

We don’t use chemicals during our inspections, so there is no risk to your children or pets.

How do I prepare for an outdoor home pest inspection?

When you schedule a home pest inspection, unlock any gates or doors and secure your pets. If you’ve noticed signs of pest activity, leave it for the service professional’s review. Share your concerns, observations, and any documentation of prior pest problems or treatments.

Can I stay inside my home during the pest inspection?

You are not required to be present for your pest inspection, but you are absolutely welcome to stay. We use no chemicals in the process and will not disturb you. We do ask that you supervise any pets or children while our pest inspectors are on your premises. We will provide a written report of our findings.