Stink Bug Control Services

Stinkbug On Carpet Indoor If you’re okay with the smell of burnt tires, then a few stink bugs taking up residence in your home or yard may not be a problem. But the stink bug has earned its distinct name for a reason, it stinks. And if you don’t want them causing an unpleasant stench in your home or garden, request stink bug pest control from the pros at Mosquito Joe®. We can ensure your home remains an inviting, fresh-smelling sanctuary for family, friends, and guests. Our specialized pest control for stink bugs protects your home and safeguards your garden against these smelly, damaging pests.

What Are Stink Bugs?

The Halyomorpha halys, also known as the stink bug, is a non-native insect known for its foul-smelling defense mechanism. When threatened or disturbed, stink bugs emit an odorous compound from glands in their abdomen. The unpleasant scent deters predators and repels most humans. Their ability to stink up the place makes manual removal challenging and rather distasteful, often prompting the need for professional stink bug pest control.

But the stench is not the only problem the stink bug presents. In addition to stinking, these bugs like to feast on fruits and vegetables, causing significant agricultural damage and residential harm. And stink bugs don’t stay outside once cooler weather hits. Approximately half an inch in size, they enter homes via door frames, under siding, or through any hole they can find to get to a comfortable place where they can hibernate during winter. They stay indoors until the spring when they become active (and bothersome) again.

But fear not, as Mosquito Joe’s pest control stink bug services are designed to protect your garden and home from these odorous offenders. Trust us for the best stink bug pest control. We have a nose for getting rid of stink bugs.

Signs of a Stink Bug Infestation

Woman Bedroom Terrified By Brown StinkStink bugs are subtle invaders, but there are signs you must recognize, hopefully before they make themselves at home in your home.. Outdoors these insects can cause extensive damage to plants and fruit trees.  Stink bugs feed on plant sap, causing wilting leaves, stunted growth, and superficial spots and pits on fruits. They also can cause deformed or prematurely dropped fruits or even stunt fruit formation. If stink bugs infiltrate your home, you may notice a peculiar smell akin to skunk spray, burning tires, or rotting vegetation, particularly near windows and warm areas. They tend to congregate on these surfaces, secreting pheromones that attract other stink bugs. Keep an eye out for dirty yellow or brown stains on your furniture, window sills, or carpeting. This could be an indication you have a smelly problem right under your nose.

The first signs of stink bugs are inevitably followed by more stink bugs. So don’t wait to call on Mosquito Joe’s stink bug pest control.

Stink Bug Pest Control Methods

Effective stink bug pest control requires a two-pronged approach: prevention and active management. The goal is to prevent stink bugs from infiltrating your home, where they can be more difficult to eradicate. Ensuring your home is sealed against entry is key. You can accomplish this by taking the following actions:

  • Fill cracks around windows, doors, and utility pipes with silicone-latex caulk or foam sealant.
  • Repair damaged screens on doors and windows.
  • Install tight-fitting sweeps at the bottom of exterior doors.
  • Manage outdoor lighting, as stink bugs are attracted to light.

If stink bugs do get into your house, homemade light traps and vacuuming can be effective. Unfortunately, most insecticides available over the counter are ineffective against stink bugs. For larger infestations, it’s worthwhile to invest in the best pest control for stink bugs. Mosquito Joe’s professional stink bug control uses barrier treatments that deny these stinky pests access to your home.

Benefits of Mosquito Joe’s Professional Stink Bug Pest Control

Stink Bugs On Window Glass SurfaceWith Mosquito Joe’s expertise in stink bug pest control, you can protect your home and garden from these damaging pests. Our service professionals understand the unique behavior of stink bugs and implement targeted strategies to manage their population effectively. And with The Neighborly Done Right Promise™ and Mosquito Joe Satisfaction Guarantee to back every treatment, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

With locations across the United States, Mosquito Joe provides comprehensive outdoor pest control tailored to your specific climate and local pest behavior.

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