Make Sure Mosquitoes Aren’t On The Guest List.

Married couple sharing first dance

Exchanging vows in an intimate setting, under vibrant foliage at sunset, can make for a dreamy wedding. Unfortunately, while warm weather and sunsets are favored for special outdoor occasions, they’re also adored by mosquitoes. Don’t let those tiny bloodsuckers turn your magical evening into a nightmare! Mosquito Joe’s special event pest control ensures all the guests at your wedding were actually invited.

Keep Mosquitoes from Ruining Your Party

Family and friends enjoying outdoor picinic in Virginia BeachThe last thing you want guests to remember about your big day is that they were eaten alive by mosquitoes. And you certainly don’t want to bathe in insect repellent or ask your guests to carry lit citronella candles.

We tailor our mosquito control for special events to your needs to ensure your day and/or evening remains itch-free. Mosquito Joe can visit your backyard or event location in advance to apply a barrier spray to keep your guests comfortable and free from mosquito bites. Our special event pest control spray is applied well before food is prepared and dries within 30 minutes. It provides protection throughout the event, from setup to the last dance.

Leave the special event pest control to the local pest control experts at Mosquito Joe so you can concentrate on making wonderful memories!

How Do You Get Rid of Mosquitoes Before a Party?

Special event pest control isn’t just for weddings! Your party, barbecue, reunion, and other outdoor events should be remembered for the good times, not the mosquitoes! Fortunately, there are multiple ways to provide mosquito control for your party.

Mosquito control for special events may include several (or more) of the following steps:

  • Light citronella candles and torches. Citronella emits a heavy scent that helps repel mosquitoes.
  • Add mosquito dunks to standing water in bird baths or gutters. The dunks kill off mosquito eggs, helping to curtail the population of bloodsuckers before your party.
  • Position insect-repelling plants (such as lavender and rosemary) around the property.
  • Set up overhead and oscillating fans to keep the air moving. This helps deter mosquito activity.
  • Skip the perfume. Perfumes and cologne attract mosquitoes. Encourage guests to arrive free of fragrance whenever possible.
  • Dress for success. Encourage guests to dress in light-colored, loose clothing rather than dark, skintight clothes. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker-colored clothes.
  • Apply insect repellent to your skin to prevent mosquito bites.
  • Offer mosquito wipes to your guests. These convenient wipes can be used to apply insect repellent without making a mess.
  • Schedule a special event pest control application from Mosquito Joe.

As you can see, there are many options for backyard party mosquito control. The most effective pest control typically involves the implementation of multiple tactics.

You can also take measures for ongoing, long-term mosquito prevention so that your yard is ready whenever you decide to host a special event.
For the best outdoor mosquito control, you may:

  • Remove standing water and other essential resources for mosquitoes from your yard.
  • Plant natural repellents in your garden. Many desirable herbs, such as basil, mint, and rosemary, can repel mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Put a bat house in your yard. This can attract mosquito-devouring bats to move in and help control the mosquito population.
  • Schedule continuing mosquito control services from Mosquito Joe. We offer the following mosquito control options:○ Mosquito barrier spray treatment
    Mosquito misting systems
    Natural mosquito control
    Commercial mosquito control

What Do Mosquito Joe Professionals Use to Keep Mosquitoes Away?

You can trust the Mosquito Joe experts to keep your special event memorable for all the right reasons. Our mosquito control for special events will keep uninvited bloodsuckers from crashing the party. We provide exceptional outdoor pest control services across the country so you can enjoy time with friends and family without pesky insect invasions. All our work is backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ and our own Mosquito Joe® Satisfaction Guarantee.

We provide expert outdoor party mosquito control at your home, parks, the beach, and commercial venues. Any questions? Consult our FAQs, and feel free to give us a call!

Contact Mosquito Joe for Special Event Pest Control!

The aroma of your backyard feast shouldn’t have to compete with citronella candles and bug sprays. Mosquito Joe can prevent the arrival of these annoying party crashers without spoiling your outdoor fun. So if you’re planning a family BBQ, wedding, birthday party, or graduation party, call Mosquito Joe at 1-855-275-2563! Our special event pest control service will ensure your next outdoor gathering is itch-free.