At Mosquito Joe®, we’re the first responders when fire ants flare up. With our specialized pest control for fire ants, we douse the problem swiftly and efficiently. You don’t have to abandon your garden and backyard barbecues because of fire ants. You can stop searching for “fire ant control” We’re your local experts, ready to help you reclaim your yard from these fiery invaders.

Importance of Fire Ant Treatment & Control

Just like a wildfire, unchecked fire ants can wreak havoc on your property and peace of mind. A single, painful bite creates a searing sensation and results in blistering welts. But they’re more than a painful nuisance. Fire ant bites can result in deadly anaphylactic shock for those with allergies and can cause severe harm to children and animals. Effective fire ant treatment is critical to protecting your family and pets.

When your yard sprouts those tell-tale conical mounds after a rain, call on your local Mosquito Joe team. Our fire ant control zeroes in on the queen, which is the key to dismantling the entire colony. But some colonies have multiple queens, and every single one must be extinguished, or the colony will just relocate and revive. Dealing with fire ants safely and effectively is a job for professional fire ants pest control.

Signs of Fire Ant Infestation

Recognizing a fire ant infestation early is the key to avoiding the pain of their blazing sting. Here are the key signs you should look for:

  • No Center Hole: Unlike most ant mounds, fire ant nests have no central opening.
  • Damp Locations and Numbers: Fire ants nest around trees and water sources. A single-queen colony can host up to 40 mounds per acre, and a multiple-queen colony can number one hundred thousand or more. And each queen can live up to seven years.
  • Post-Rain Mound Construction: Mounds sprouting after a rain shower are red flags that fire ants are present.
  • Aggressive Behavior: Disturb a nest, and you’ll see a surge of angry ants. Caution: They are fiercely protective!
  • Distinctive Stings: Fire ant stings burn (which is how they got their name), and then they itch and swell. The wounds look like pus-filled pimples and develop about 20 minutes after an attack.
  • Location: Residents of Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, California, and Florida, take note! Your area is prime fire ant territory!

Hopefully, you’ll recognize the signs of fire ants before you get stung! If you do, call your local Mosquito Joe for pest control for fire ants.

Fire Ant Control Methods

If you’re desperate for your fire ant problem to go away, you might be considering DIY fire ant pest control, but we urge you to reconsider. Treatments like dousing mounds in boiling water, dish detergent, or homemade insecticides might seem appealing but they often just make the problem worse. These homemade fire ant solutions do little to solve the problem. Instead, they break up colonies and spread them farther around your property and neighboring areas.

Mosquito Joe’s fire ant removal service employs effective, scientifically-proven methods to treat a fire ant infestation. Our fire ants pest control professionals use advanced techniques that target the queen(s) and eradicate the colonies. Our pest control service experts protect your household and environment from harm. When you need pest control for fire ants, remember that professional pest control methods provide the most effective, long-term solution for fire ant infestations.

Preparation for Fire Ant Treatment

Successful fire ants pest control begins with thorough preparation. Safeguard the health of your home by moving people and pets away from the treatment area. Clean up all potential ant food sources like fallen fruits, vegetables, or spilled birdseed. Empty and wash trash bins to minimize ant attraction. Removing food sources drives the ants back to their colony. Our fire ants pest control professionals can control them more efficiently when they are concentrated.

Mosquito Joe’s Fire Ant Treatment Process

Mosquito Joe adopts the effective “Texas Two-Step” — effective pest control for fire ants developed by entomologists at Texas A&M University. The initial step involves broadcasting a fire ant bait across the area during spring and fall. Worker ants carry the bait back to the colony, where the colony devours it. The queen soon dies or becomes infertile. The second step is implemented 7 to 10 days later, treating any surviving or newly formed mounds with direct contact dust. Combining this systematic approach with utmost care for weather and ant foraging patterns, Mosquito Joe’s fire ant removal service efficiently controls dangerous fire ants.

Follow-Up Fire Ant Control Measures

The key to successful fire ants pest control lies in diligent follow-up treatments. Due to their rapid life cycle, fire ants can quickly repopulate, and rebuild their colony if not thoroughly addressed. Mosquito Joe service professionals seek out any surviving queens or juvenile queens that escaped the first treatment. The follow-up treatments use substances derived from soil fungus that impair the ants’ nerve functions. Other compounds prevent the fire ants from converting food into energy. This comprehensive follow-up ensures our pest control for fire ants is a complete success.

Contact Mosquito Joe for Fire Ant Control Services

Don’t let your fire ant problem blaze out of control. Call on Mosquito Joe today to schedule your first fire ants pest control treatment. With franchise locations across the country, we deliver effective, efficient fire ant treatment near you. And with the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ and our Mosquito Joe Satisfaction Guarantee to back all our work, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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