Gnat Extermination Service

A cloud of gnats hovering over your patio or pool can quickly ruin your picnic or other outdoor plans. Our Mosquito Joe® gnat exterminator gets rid of pesky gnats to reclaim your outdoor spaces for your family.

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Why Choose Our Gnat Extermination Service?

We have a knack for taking care of gnats. Locally owned and operated Mosquito Joe has provided efficient gnat exterminator services nationwide since 2010. We are the experts on pest control for gnats and other biters in every city and town where we operate. We provide home and commercial pest control solutions to keep “gnasty” gnats from driving you (or your customers!) indoors.

Our gnat exterminators tackle every stage of the gnat life cycle, identifying and treating areas where gnats hide, feed, breed, and hatch. Our goal is not just to stop existing gnats but also to prevent future infestations so you can enjoy your space in peace. Choose Mosquito Joe’s outdoor gnat control to create a more comfortable, healthier environment.

Mosquito Joe offers more than effective and efficient mosquito control. In addition to gnat extermination, we provide professional pest control services that rid your property of fleas, ticks, flies, and rodents. We’re award-winning pest control experts who do the job right the first time. And you can count on being pleased with our service because the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ and our own Mosquito Joe Satisfaction Guarantee back everything we do.

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Types of Treatments for Gnat Pest Control

Even neighbors who share a gnat problem may have different needs when it comes to gnat control. That’s why our gnat exterminators offer the following solutions:

  • Traditional Gnat Control: Our barrier spray is made from synthetic forms of the defenses plants use to keep insects away.
  • Botanical: Our botanical gnat pest control uses plant-derived essential oils to drive the insects away from your premises.
  • All-Natural: Our all-natural pest control uses the power of garlic to chase the buzzing pests away. After a couple of hours, you won’t smell the garlic, but the “gnasties” will!

Our gnat control treatments help keep pests away for up to 21 days.

What to Expect During Our Gnat Exterminator Services

Your friendly Mosquito Joe gnat exterminator will arrive in our company-marked truck, wearing a protective uniform. You do not need to be present for the treatment, but please leave access to your property. Our service professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of your place, identifying breeding, feeding, and resting sites. Next, they’ll target these sites to remove existing gnats in every stage of life. Then, a barrier is formed around the area to prevent other gnats from entering.

Your gnat exterminator will leave a written report with recommendations for making your space less inviting to pests. We’ll automatically schedule your next treatment to provide ongoing protection you can rely on.

Within an hour, our treating spray will dry. Feel free to let your children and pets return to playing outdoors.

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Backyards are for barbecues, touch football, and drinks at sunset — not pests! Mosquito Joe gnat pest control makes your outdoor spaces fun again. Contact your local Mosquito Joe today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Gnat Pest Control

Knowledge is power when it comes to reclaiming your outdoor spaces from biting gnats, mosquitoes, fleas, and other pests. Explore our frequently asked questions about pest control for gnats.

Can exterminators get rid of gnats outside?

Gnat exterminators can treat the exterior of your home to prevent gnats from entering. However, limiting the population in your yard is an ongoing process. Pest control professionals target breeding sites to get rid of gnats at every stage of their life cycle, but follow-up treatments are essential to combat local gnat populations from moving in. Trained service professionals will also advise you on specific ways to make your home less inviting to pests.

Do you offer gnat control near me?

The availability of our gnat extermination services varies by location. Please call your locally owned and operated Mosquito Joe for more information about the gnat control services offered in your area.

How much does gnat pest control cost?

All our pest control treatments, including gnat extermination, are tailored to your property and needs. We provide a free custom quote to meet your needs.

Is the gnat control treatment okay for my family and pets?

Our top priority is the comfort of your family and pets. Our gnat pest control treatment typically requires around an hour to dry (depending on outdoor conditions). Once the spray is thoroughly dried, you, your family, and your pets can enjoy the treated area without annoying pests.

How often should I schedule pest control for gnats?

Mosquito Joe gnat exterminators effectively protect your property every 21 days. Consistent application is essential to break the gnat’s life cycle and prevent re-infestation. By sticking to this schedule, we can help your yard stay clear of gnats and deliver on our promise to make your outdoors fun again.

Can I schedule a one-time gnat control treatment?

A one-time gnat pest control service from Mosquito Joe can certainly provide immediate relief, perfect for special events or gatherings. However, lasting freedom from gnats requires repeated applications due to their fast breeding cycle. When the gnats on your property are controlled, biting insects from neighboring properties move in to fill the void. Our 21-day schedule is designed to stay ahead of this cycle. So, while we’re happy to provide one-time gnat extermination treatments for specific occasions, we strongly advise regular services for sustainable, effective gnat control and continued comfort.

How do I prevent gnats from coming back?

Like all pests, gnats only go where they can get food, water, shelter, and breeding grounds. You can support gnat extermination services efforts by rolling up the welcome mat for pests:

  • Eliminate excess water indoors and out: Fix leaky faucets and eliminate standing water that gnats need to breed.
  • Tend the yard: Mow the grass and pick up weeds and leaf litter that provide hiding spots.
  • Improve landscape drainage: Address any areas where you notice puddles forming.
  • Cover trash and compost bins: Gnats feast on rotting organic matter. Keep bird seed and pet food picked up, too.
  • Take care not to overwater: Overwatering your lawn or plants keeps the soil saturated and can actually prevent optimal growth. This extra moisture not only prevents oxygen from getting to the roots but also attracts gnats!
  • Inspect and repair screens: Keep gnats outside where they belong. Repair any torn window screens or bent screen frames.