Don’t Stop the MoJo and Cancel Your Treatments Too Early!

As the temperatures begin to cool and fall feelings are in the air, it may be tempting to stop your Mosquito Joe treatments. However, there are many benefits to extending your season a bit longer.

Those Pesky, Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas and Other Outdoor Pests Aren’t Gone Just Yet…

Colder temperatures are right around the corner, but they aren’t here just yet! The climate outside is still warm enough for mosquitoes, ticks and fleas to continue to thrive – and they will be thriving longer than you may expect…


Mosquitoes aren't gone just yet, prepare for a swat-free 2020 with Mosquito Joe!

Mosquitoes don’t disappear until the temperature is consistently under 50 degrees! Ending the season early gives female mosquitoes a chance to lay eggs before the cold and find a place to hibernate. Mosquitoes and their eggs can withstand pretty frigid temperatures, which means that when the weather is back to consistently above 50 degrees, all these eggs will need is water to hatch and your outdoor fun is ruined!


There is evidence showing that ticks can stick around much longer than you may think!

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean ticks die off! Ticks tend to remain active until the temperature is below 45 degrees, even then more evidence is showing that ticks can withstand the winter by hibernating under leaves and snow. Once the temperature begins to rise above 45 degrees, they become active again.


They might be small, but ticks can survive temperatures as low as the high 30's!

Fleas, just like ticks, tend to be more active in the winter months; which for warmer parts of the country can mean they’re active all year around! Although small, they can survive in temperatures as low as the higher 30’s. Pupae can stay in that stage up to one year, meaning they can stay in their cocoon while its cold and once warmer weather comes around, they’ll emerge into adults and begin feeding.

Perimeter Pests:

perimeter pest

Perimeter pests include; spiders, cockroaches, stink bugs, and other little critters that you may see around and inside of your home. As temperatures begin to drop below 55 degrees, these critters begin looking for a warm shelter, often entering homes, to survive the colder temperatures that come with winter.

Fall Into Itch-Free Living.

Although you’re ready to say good-bye to pests, by ending treatments too early you may be setting your yard up for peskier problem next season! The last few treatments at the end of the season help make sure that come spring, you’re ahead of the bite-free game! We do this by addressing pests, larvae and also by treating unavoidable problems areas; all these methods help keep your yard winterized.

The season is not quite over, here are some tips to get your yard ready for a bite-free 2020!

  • Clean your gutters
  • Shut off outdoor water faucets and store hoses
  • Drill holes in tire swings & trash cans to avoid water collection
  • Use soil to fill holes or low areas to avoid collection of rain water
  • Close pool properly
  • Keep tipping and tossing objects that collect water
  • Keep window wells clean to prevent flooding
  • Move wood piles away from home and keep them neatly stacked
  • Remove leaf debris
  • Create a wood chip barrier between your yard and forest
  • Deter deer from your yard
  • Keep greenery trimmed
  • Monthly flea and tick preventative for pets
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs once a week
  • Rake your leaves this fall
  • Seal gaps around your home to prevent critters from entering

It’s important to continue your mosquito, tick and flea barrier spray treatments as long as possible to ensure your outdoor space is protected no matter what time of year it is. It’s also a good idea to have a Perimeter Pest Treatment before the temperatures drop below 55 degrees to prevent those little critters from entering your home for the winter! If you have any questions about your current service, or if you want to prevent outdoor pests from coming back once the weather heats up again, give your local Mosquito Joe a call today!