New Locations This Spring

It may seem like this cold weather would be a slow time for us here at the corporate office, but that is hardly the case! We’ve stayed busy during the off-season training new Mosquito Joe business owners and are excited to announce several new locations opening this spring. The Mosquito Joe family is growing and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Coming Soon to Make Outside Fun Again:
*in alpha order by state


  • Mosquito Joe of the Gulf Coast
    Mobile, Alabama


  • Mosquito Joe of Jonesboro
    Jonesboro, AR


  • Mosquito Joe of Clearwater-St. Pete
    Clearwater, FL
  • Mosquito Joe of South Miami
    Miami, FL
  • Mosquito Joe of South Dade
    Homestead, FL
  • Mosquito Joe of the First Coast
    Jacksonville, FL


  • Mosquito Joe of North Atlanta
    Atlanta, GA
  • Mosquito Joe of Coastal Georgia
    St. Simons, GA


  • Mosquito Joe of Metairie
    Metairie, LA
  • Mosquito Joe of the North Shore
    Slidell, LA


  • Mosquito Joe of Kalamazoo
    Charlotte, MI
  • Mosquito Joe of N. Oakland Co.
    Clarkston, MI


  • Mosquito Joe of West St. Louis Co.
    St. Louis, MO

North Carolina

  • Mosquito Joe of SW Charlotte-Gastonia
    Waxhaw, NC
  • Mosquito Joe of South Charlotte
    Charlotte, NC
  • Mosquito Joe of Southeast Charlotte
    Charlotte, NC


  • Mosquito Joe of Toledo
    Toledo, OH
  • Mosquito Joe of E. Cincinnati
    Cincinnati, OH


  • Mosquito Joe of Suburban Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh, PA

South Carolina

  • Mosquito Joe of Charleston
    Charleston, SC
  • Mosquito Joe of Lexington-Lake Murray
    Lexington, SC


  • Mosquito Joe of Southwest Nashville
    Nashville, TN


  • Mosquito Joe of Greater Houston
    Houston, TX
  • Mosquito Joe of Northwest DFW
    Highland Village, TX
  • Moquito Joe of Pearland
    Manvel, TX
  • Mosquito Joe of West Austin
    Austin, TX
  • Mosquito Joe of Mansfield
    Mansfield, TX


  • Mosquito Joe of N. Prince William Co.
    Haymarket, VA
  • Mosquito Joe of the National Capital Region
    Fairfax Station, VA
  • Mosquito Joe of Northern Virginia
    Potomac, MD

If Mosquito Joe hasn’t made it to your neck of the woods yet, why not bring it there? We have opportunities available across the country. If you’re interested in being your neighborhood MoJo (and hero) visit our website for more information.


Does Snow Create More Mosquitoes?

Yesterday morning in Virginia Beach we woke up to frigid temperatures and a lot of snow and ice. I then looked at the forecast and saw we’re still getting some record low temps over the next week. The same goes for many parts of the United States as we dig our way out of snow! So what does all this snow and cold weather mean for the 2015 mosquito forecast?

Mosquitoes are very resilient. Their eggs (and some adults when sufficiently protected) can survive through freezing temperatures. All this cold weather will only postpone the influx of mosquitoes and could actually increase the number come spring. Mosquitoes are generally active when the temperature stays above 55 degrees, so you probably won’t notice a lot of activity from mosquitoes until the overnight freezes (or snow storms!) become less common. This may occur later in the season than it normally does but when it does happen, it could make for an especially tough mosquito season. That’s because the one thing mosquitoes need to breed is standing water. So far, this year has had a lot of precipitation with rain and snowfall. The rain, along with melting snow and ice will result in a lot of standing water, which could mean a lot of mosquitoes. Not only is standing water necessary for mosquito production, but it’s also their lifeline once they are mature. Mosquitoes don’t venture far from the area where they matured, so if you take care of the standing water on your property, you are instantly decreasing your mosquito population.

Depending on where you live, you may not be thinking about warm weather, mosquitoes or how to treat them if you’re shoveling snow out of your driveway, but don’t let your guard down. Remove all standing water once that snow starts to melt! And a lot of Mosquito Joe locations have specials going on for the beginning of the season, so give them a call to make sure your yard doesn’t have an influx of mosquitoes come spring. Our barrier treatment is the ultimate step in avoiding the bites this season. Stay warm!


Making Waves in 2015: Our Second Annual Franchisee Convention

For the second annual Mosquito Joe convention, we decided to channel our inner surfer with the theme Making Waves in 2015. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to kick off the year sinceappropriate way to kick off the year since we’ve experienced such tremendous growth and will serve so many new areas and customers in 2015. When we met last year we had opened 15 territories. This past year we had 39 territories open in 22 states and we are poised to have over 100 territories open this season. What an amazing number of families we’ll be able to give a mosquito-free yard and make sure outside is fun again!

We had such a great weekend sharing ideasWe had such a great weekend sharing ideas, learning new tricks, and of course having some fun. CEO Kevin Wilson kicked off the weekend with a State of MoJo Address to get everyone ready for all the amazing things to come in 2015. Keynote speaker Gerry Layo of Sales Coach International had us laughing while teaching us how harding work and “owning it!” can lead to more sales. We were also treated to a presentation by Greg Majewski of Mosquito Joe of Southeast Michigan on Marketing with a Purpose. One of our favorite parts of the convention was our dinner and awards ceremony, where we relaxed over some good food and great company and recognized franchisees who stood out in 2014. We are happy to congratulate our winners:

The territory that generated the highest amount
Mo’Money Award ~ The territory that generated the highest amount of revenue in their second season. Congratulations to Kurt & Melissa Godwin of Mosquito Joe of Baltimore.

Smooth Operator Award the franchisee that recruited.
Smooth Operator Award ~ the franchisee that recruited the most new customers in a single territory. Congratulations to Hilaire Tolsma and Greg Majewski (pictured) of Mosquito Joe of Southeast Michigan.

Wingspan Award the franchisee with the highest dollar.
Wingspan Award ~ the franchisee with the highest dollar volume as an entity. Congratulations to Kurt & Melissa Godwin of Mosquito Joe of Baltimore and Mosquito Joe of Annapolis.

Best Buzz Award ~ the franchisee with the highest Net Promoter Score.
Best Buzz Award ~ the franchisee with the highest Net Promoter Score. Congratulations to Jeff & Melissa Holmes of Mosquito Joe of the Tri-State (KY-OH-WV) Area.

Most MoJo Award ~ the franchisee that showed the most passion.
Most MoJo Award ~ the franchisee that showed the most passion, positivity, and overall enthusiasm over the past year. Congratulations to Chris & Shelby Cookman of Mosquito Joe of Macon.

We say this all the time, but it is worth repeating – our franchisees are the reason this is such an amazing company. Thank you again to all of our franchisees who attended the convention and made it so special. Thanks to all the vendors that made the trip to put a face with the companies the franchisees work with every day, and a special thanks to all of our sponsors. Mosquito Joe has some exciting things in store for 2015, so be sure to stay tuned for more blog posts!