Preparing for Winter Pests

Whether we want to think about it or not, winter is on its way.  Although many of our southern Mosquito Joe franchises in states like Texas and Florida will keep battling the bloodsuckers for weeks to come, the rest of us will soon be spending a lot more time indoors.  We already told you about mosquito control in the winter, but when the mosquitoes stop buzzing, other winter pests aren’t far behind – and we want you to be prepared for those as well.

Some bugs and rodents are still very active in the winter, using your home as shelter from the elements.  They can carry potentially dangerous diseases such as salmonella and rabies while also doing damage to walls, wiring, and storage spaces.  Before the cold and snow make house work unbearable, use these tips from the National Pest Management Association to check for and protect yourself against some of a home’s most unwelcome visitors.

Rodents and Raccoons

Rodents can find their way inside your home through holes as small as a dime.  Once inside, they may chew through drywall, electrical wiring, and food containers, causing serious damage and headaches for homeowners.

  1. Seal small holes in the wall with caulk and steel wool and larger holes with steel mesh.
  2. Keep storage containers and clutter off the floor as rodents use these areas to nest.
  3. Eliminate sources of moisture inside and outside the home that may be attractive nesting areas, e.g. puddles, pipes, and duct work.
  4. Keep trash cans in a sealed area if possible or use animal-proof lids to prevent tampering.

Ants and Cockroaches

Bugs like these are normally attracted to dark, damp spaces, especially those with human food.  To decrease your chances of a winter infestation, try the following:

  1. Clean food preparation and eating areas regularly, wiping up all crumbs and food residue.
  2. Keep food in airtight containers.
  3. Empty garbage regularly, storing garbage cans away from exterior walls.
  4. Store firewood away from exterior walls and up off the ground.

No one wants to spend the holidays repairing damaged wiring or drywall.  Taking precautions now and keeping an eye out for warning signs such as droppings or scurrying sounds, can save you money and plenty of headaches down the road.  And if you’re lucky enough to still be feeling the summertime heat, your mosquito season may be far from over.  Don’t let a little chill fool you into thinking mosquitoes are done for the year.  Check out our blog article on the importance of the last spray of the season, and contact your local Mosquito Joe for more information.