National Dog Day 2016

Of all the national days to celebrate, National Dog Day is one we’re happy to recognize at Mosquito Joe. It’s an opportunity to spread awareness of topics pertaining to pets like adoption, breed bans, and animal cruelty. You can check out the National Dog Day website for more information on ways to celebrate, becoming a partner, and adoption information.

This day is near and dear to our hearts because many of our Corporate staff have dogs of their own (all rescues!) that occasionally stop by for a visit! You can see some of their adorable faces below. Mosquito Joe also works daily to make outside fun again for you and your family, including your pets!  Our barrier spray treatments help eliminate ticks and fleas, which spread illnesses such as heart worms and Lyme Disease to our four-legged friends. You can learn more in a previous blog about these diseases, their symptoms, and treatments, so that you can keep your pets safe!

National Dog Day

How to Celebrate National Dog Day

You may think National Dog Day is only for dog-owners to celebrate, but anyone with an interest in helping these animals can participate in a variety of ways!

  • Adopt a dog from a local shelter – This is one of the main reasons National Dog Day is celebrated! If you are considering getting a dog and are prepared to make the leap, visit your local animal shelters to see if you can give a rescue dog a loving home. There are plenty of animals that are often overlooked or in need of a family that you can help! Search for your local shelter here.
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter – Those dogs waiting to find a suitable owner need company too! Contact your local animal shelter or rescue center about volunteering. Facilities almost always need help cleaning cages, feeding, and socializing with the animals.
  • Donate food and toys to local shelters – Many shelters are non-profit and run solely off of local donations. Items like blankets, food, and toys go a long way to taking care of the animals waiting to be adopted.
  • Have a National Dog Day party and invite your friends to bring their dogs – Invite your neighbors and friends over for a backyard BBQ, and tell them to bring their dogs too! You can set up a sprinkler or kiddie pool for the dogs to splash around in, have games and prizes for owners to play with their dogs, and hand out goodie bags for everyone to take home. Get inspired with dog party ideas here.
  • Buy your friend a dog gift – If you want to spoil a pet-owner you love, check out this website for great ideas from apparel to art and decoration!
  • Teach your dog a new trick – If you’ve been looking for time to teach your dog a new trick, this is the perfect day! Check out this article with videos for reference about how to conquer the doggie handshake, roll-over, hug, and more.

However you choose to celebrate National Dog Day, be sure to check with your veterinarian that you are up to date on treatments and check-ups for heart worms, fleas, and ticks. Many vets recommend a monthly preventative medication to be administered to pets year-round, not just the months they spend more time outside. Another preventative step you can take is calling your local Mosquito Joe. Our barrier spray services eliminate mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks from your yard, giving you an added layer of defense against these dangerous pests. If you or someone you know is in need of mosquito control services, contact your local Joe and get a free quote today!


Meet a Joe – Eric Strumpf

**Our Meet a Joe blog series introduces you to one of the people that make Mosquito Joe great. From our technicians to our Corporate staff to our hardworking franchisees, we think our company is full of people you ought to know!**

Meet Eric Strumpf

Today we’d like to introduce you to Eric Strumpf, owner of Mosquito Joe of Ft. Collins-Greeley in Colorado. Eric is in his first year as a Mosquito Joe franchisee and will soon be retiring from a 20-year career in the United States Air Force. Before he joined the Mosquito Joe family as a franchise owner, Eric was already a four-year customer! He was so satisfied with the service and interested in the solution Mosquito Joe provides communities, that he decided to become a part of that solution and buy a franchise.


A bit of a renaissance man, Eric’s interests and hobbies spread far beyond mosquito control. In addition to his career as a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, he recently completed his MBA degree at UNC Chapel Hill, started to play the violin, and enjoys lacrosse and exercise. This is not to mention his wife and three children (8, 21, and 27 years old) and all the activities that fatherhood entails. Eric is also an author, writing For My Daughter: Lessons for Life’s Journey in 2012.

Eric’s Mosquito Joe Business

Eric’s Mosquito Joe operation is unique because although his franchise location is in Colorado, he and his wife live full-time in North Carolina where they moved recently after years in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. Family in the Ft. Collins area and unavailable Mosquito Joe territories locally both contributed to Eric’s decision to take his business west. Jaime, Eric’s sister-in-law, is the office manager that keeps things running day-to-day. Hers will most likely be the  friendly voice you hear on the phone if you call for service.

Eric is the first to admit that there are challenges to managing a Mosquito Joe franchise this way, “Overseeing our territory in Colorado while geographically separated has been very challenging. There’s the daily issues that you either can’t deal with in person or worse, go undetected because you’re not there to see them for yourself. I’ve been out there six times this season and each trip is jammed with value-added efforts from beginning to end.  I look forward to post-retirement so I can pop in any time I want and maybe even have some down time to just enjoy being there.”

After his retirement from the Air Force, Eric’s main focus will be on the future growth of Mosquito Joe. He is going to continue developing the northern Colorado market where elevation is lower and mosquitoes are more of a pest than they are in the mountainous regions to the south.

Mosquito Joe of Ft. Collins-Greeley provides mosquito control services to the Ft. Collins, Greeley, Larimer County, Weld County, and Boulder areas. If you’re interested in mosquito elimination services to rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, visit their website or call their office at 970-316-0770 for more information.


Back to School Tips for Kids and Your Yard

It’s hard to believe it’s already time to start buying school supplies and picking out new lunch boxes for the upcoming school year. August and September bring new teachers, new friends, new school supplies, and maybe even a new haircut! In the spirit of new beginnings, and to help you get your school year off to a great start, we have some tips for you and your kiddos to make the transition from lazy days to school days as smooth as possible. Here are some things parents can do for themselves and their kids to ensure a smooth transition into the school year, too.

Back to School Tips

Tour the School! If there is an open house, definitely make plans to be there. Meeting the teacher, walking to their classroom and touring the school can cut out some first day jitters for the little ones. It helps them feel more comfortable with their surroundings, and the teacher is a friendly face and not a stranger on the first morning!

Set up a bedtime and wake-up routine in advance. To make that first morning of wakeup smooth sailing, start school bedtimes and wake-up times two weeks in advance of the start of school. By the time the first school bell rings, kids will already be on the right sleeping schedule and it will be one less worry for your family.

Plan healthy lunches and snacks. The better you plan out the meals in your home, the healthier choices you will make for your kids. And who are we kidding? It saves you precious time during those hectic mornings when you’ve got it planned and ready All you have to do is grab the lunch box!

Ask your kids about their concerns. The start of school is exciting, but can also cause anxiety in kids. Take a few minutes to ask your kids what they are most looking forward to during the school year, and what things may be worrying them. By giving them a forum to express their concerns, you can help them work through any worries in advance of school starting and clear up any issues that could lead to a bumpy start to the year.

Mosquitoes: Too Cool for School

While it’s tempting to cut back on your mosquito barrier treatments because the kids aren’t out in the yards, you definitely want to think twice about that. The treatment effectiveness remains high because of consistent treatments throughout the summer months. If your kids are anything like I was in school, after a long day, they’ll be itching for some outside fun at home. Make sure that’s the only itching going on around your house.

Mosquitoes can be tricky creatures. They lay eggs, hibernate, and can survive some pretty frigid temperatures while in hibernation. So don’t be too quick to end your mosquito control treatments! All the eggs that were laid can also survive the colder temps and only need water and temperatures above 55 degrees to hatch. If you end your season of mosquito sprays early, it gives female mosquitoes a chance to not only make your yard a home, but lay more eggs before the first freeze. Those last few mosquito treatment sprays are vitally important to make sure technicians get rid of those last mosquitoes and mosquito larvae. Mosquitoes will stay active until the first freeze and temperatures stay below 50 degrees, so make sure your backyard remains an oasis until the summer isn’t officially over. Because we know all too well, mosquitoes didn’t get the back to school memo and they’ll hang around.

Wishing you all a fantastic 2016-2017 school year from Mosquito Joe!