Life Cycle of a Mosquito: How They Survive Winter

Have you ever wondered where mosquitoes go during the winter months? How do they manage to bite us all summer long, but then disappear without a trace? A mosquito has four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Starting from the beginning, eggs are laid by female mosquitoes in or around standing water. All they need is a bottle cap full of water to breed. The eggs will hatch into larvae within 24-48 hours, and from there the larvae will develop into pupa within 7-10 days. As an adult, some mosquitoes can survive for a couple of days at most, while other mosquito species can live for a month or longer. Female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite us, and they bite us for one sole purpose: to reproduce! They use the protein in our blood that allows them to create even more mosquitoes.

Did you know that warmer, more humid climates can speed up the life cycle process and increase the number of mosquitoes?

Once temperatures stay consistently below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, mosquitoes will begin to shut down for the winter. Some will find holes to hide in while they wait for warmer weather – that’s right, mosquitoes can actually hibernate during the colder months! While other mosquitoes will choose to lay their eggs in freezing water, they will then pass away shortly after. Once the water is warm enough, the eggs will hatch and these cold-blooded creatures will begin their cycle all over again.

Have you ever wondered how mosquitoes find us? They can actually smell human breath! The receptors on their antennae detect the carbon dioxide we exhale and makes a trail straight to us. In addition to that, our skin produces more than 320 chemical odors which make us even more appetizing. Anything from skin lotions, folic acid, cholesterol, and even perfume can be just what the mosquitoes are craving. That’s not all, mosquitoes use heat sensors around their mouths to detect body warmth and the blood inside of us.

To avoid your body turning into a mosquito meal, make sure you’re eliminating standing water around your yard and be sure to contact your local Mosquito Joe to learn more about what preventative treatments you can get to keep your family from itching their way through the time you should be spending enjoying the outdoors.


National Clean Out Your Inbox Week

It may come as a surprise to most of us that this week is National Clean Out Your Inbox Week! An entire week has been dedicated to helping us organize our email inbox and increase our productivity. Many of us are guilty of hanging onto too many emails that we just don’t need in our inbox anymore, making it difficult to find the ones that we actually do need. Below are a few tips and hints we’ve compiled here at the Corporate office to help your inbox stay clean and your mind become refreshed.

Organize your email account into folders or categories – The quickest way to organize an inbox is to set up folders based on categories, topics, projects, collaborators, or things you deal with on a regular basis. Most platforms allow you to customize titles, statuses, and colors.

Implement automatic rules/filing – Creating rules within your inbox is a great way to ensure tasks are happening automatically, which saves you time. These rules will ensure that certain emails are filed automatically based on their sender or subject matter. You can even create rules that send “junk mail” right to a folder to be checked later.

Take advantage of the search function – Once your emails are filed in their special category, you may need a little help finding them. This is where your search function comes in to help. You can search emails by contacts, attachment title, subjects, or even keywords that you know are mentioned in the body of the email.

Take action to every email – Try to deal with every email as it arrives. Flag it, respond to it, file it, or delete it.

Sync your mobile email to your main account – We spend a lot of time on our smartphones, so making sure your email account is synced is critical to getting your emails taken care of on the go.

Unsubscribe – Don’t be afraid to unsubscribe. If it no longer pertains to you, it’s ok to move on. It’s also a good idea to have an alternate email address to use for coupon deals, promotional pitches or subscriptions to keep your regular account less cluttered.

We believe in you and your ability to conquer your email inbox this week! Whether it’s personal, business, or for fun, it’s important to stay organized to better improve your productivity.Your local Mosquito Joe may not be able to help you organize your inbox, but they can definitely help you get your yard itch-free and get your family spending more time outside this year!