Independence from Mosquitoes

As we head into the holiday weekend, we know you’re probably looking forward to lots of outdoor fun as you celebrate our country’s independence. (Hotdogs and fireworks anyone?)  How about your independence from mosquitoes?  If you aren’t a Mosquito Joe customer, you may feel like the main course in your own yard when it comes to mosquitoes – call us, we can help with that!

If you are a Mosquito Joe customer, you already know how glorious enjoying your yard without the annoyance of mosquitoes is, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that. But did you know that if you’re hanging out with someone this weekend who isn’t a customer, we’ve got a way you can help them and yourself?  You may not know about our awesome referral program that can earn you credit toward future mosquito control treatments.

Refer a friend and when they sign up for a service, they get $25 off their first treatment and you get $25 in credit toward future services. Pretty sweet deal for both of you, huh? Want more MoJo? Refer another friend and that’s another $25 each.  You can refer up to 20 friends which could give you $500 in credits! What are you waiting for?

Visit the Share the MoJo website and sign up for an account. All you need to get started is a valid email address or a Facebook account to log in. It’s easy to Share the MoJo with your neighbors (especially if they’re wondering how your yard is SO enjoyable at your annual BBQ), friends, and even people you work with through email, social networking sites, or even a personalized URL. Check out the website for details and help everyone in your world get rid of their mosquito problems.

You can save yourself and your friends a lot of bucks…and even more bites.


Celebrating National Joe Day

Today is National Joe Day, which in our humble opinion should really be considered a national holiday. In honor of this special day we are celebrating all things Joe, and all our Joes across the country. Because of the amazing growth we’ve experienced over the past couple years, there are a lot of Joes now, working hard to make outside fun again (in 23 states!).

Whether your name is Joe, you’re an aspiring Joe, you know one of our Joes, or you are simply smart enough to rhyme something with Joe, we want you to be celebrating this special day along with us.  Without further ado, here are some fun ways you can celebrate National Joe Day too:

Mosquito Joe Logo

Watch these movies with Joe in the Title. 

1. Joe vs. the Volcano (classic Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan)
2. Joe Dirt
3. G.I. Joe

Listen to these songs with Joe in the title, and sing along!

1. Hey Joe – Jimmy Hendrix
2. Walkaway Joe – Trisha Yearwood
3.  Cotton Eye Joe – Rednex (try not to dance, just try.)

And our three favorite ways to celebrate National Joe Day?

1. Call your local Mosquito Joe and sign up for service.
2.  Email your local Mosquito Joe and sign up for service.
3. Umm, you get it.

Give us a call or shoot us an email for a free quote to make sure you’re on the schedule and on your way to a mosquito-free summer.  We are looking forward to warm weather, sunshine, and getting those MoJo vans back out in your neighborhood, if they aren’t already there. Happy National Joe Day from Mosquito Joe!


Does Snow Create More Mosquitoes?

Yesterday morning in Virginia Beach we woke up to frigid temperatures and a lot of snow and ice. I then looked at the forecast and saw we’re still getting some record low temps over the next week. The same goes for many parts of the United States as we dig our way out of snow! So what does all this snow and cold weather mean for the 2015 mosquito forecast?

Mosquitoes are very resilient. Their eggs (and some adults when sufficiently protected) can survive through freezing temperatures. All this cold weather will only postpone the influx of mosquitoes and could actually increase the number come spring. Mosquitoes are generally active when the temperature stays above 55 degrees, so you probably won’t notice a lot of activity from mosquitoes until the overnight freezes (or snow storms!) become less common. This may occur later in the season than it normally does but when it does happen, it could make for an especially tough mosquito season. That’s because the one thing mosquitoes need to breed is standing water. So far, this year has had a lot of precipitation with rain and snowfall. The rain, along with melting snow and ice will result in a lot of standing water, which could mean a lot of mosquitoes. Not only is standing water necessary for mosquito production, but it’s also their lifeline once they are mature. Mosquitoes don’t venture far from the area where they matured, so if you take care of the standing water on your property, you are instantly decreasing your mosquito population.

Depending on where you live, you may not be thinking about warm weather, mosquitoes or how to treat them if you’re shoveling snow out of your driveway, but don’t let your guard down. Remove all standing water once that snow starts to melt! And a lot of Mosquito Joe locations have specials going on for the beginning of the season, so give them a call to make sure your yard doesn’t have an influx of mosquitoes come spring. Our barrier treatment is the ultimate step in avoiding the bites this season. Stay warm!


Winterizing for Mosquitoes: Your Guide to Off Season Protection

The cooler weather is settling in, the leaves have begun to show the first signs of changing colors, and pumpkins and sweaters are making appearances in many cities. That also means that in many areas, we’re wrapping up our season.

If you want to know when to expect mosquitoes to go on hiatus in your area, consult your local weather station.  Until you’ve had your first frost and temperatures stay below 45, you may still see them buzzing around.

Those who are still enjoying some warmth and sunshine should still rely on Mosquito Joe services to keep your yard itch free. (For any folks in South Texas, our new location in the Rio Grande Valley is happily taking on new service calls!)

If you’re already bundling up before leaving the house, you may feel safe from pesky mosquitoes for the season, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down when it comes to buzzing in the backyard. There’s still some precautions to take in the fall and winter months to maintain a mosquito-free yard, even after your last spray. Here’s what you should know:

In the autumn months after mating, male mosquitoes die. But did you know female mosquitoes actually hibernate? That’s right, they can actually survive the winter months. In the spring when the weather warms up, they seek blood to feed on so they can lay their eggs. All mosquito larvae (eggs) require water, even in winter, and mosquito larvae can last years. As the water temperature drops, it basically creates a dormant stage in the mosquito larvae called diapause, which stops further development. Development resumes when the water warms again. To make sure you don’t have this problem, remove all standing water from your yard and remove objects like toys or flower pots that can collect rainwater.

Just because some seasons are wrapping up doesn’t mean we’re kicking our feet up. Mosquito Joe is still working hard to bring our mosquito control services to new areas. We’re growing and so excited about new locations for the 2014 season. If Mosquito Joe isn’t in your area, maybe you should consider being the local Joe in your neighborhood. Everyone loves a hero.

And for all those customers who have seen the yellow MoJo van for the last time this season, we say THANK YOU. We love making outside fun again and you give us the opportunity to do that.

photo credit: simonnjulia via photopin cc


Meet A Joe: Meet Mosquito Joe of West Richmond

**Occasionally we like to provide a blog post that will help you get to know Joe. From our technicians to our corporate staff to our hardworking franchisees – we think our company is full of people you ought to know!**

Today we’d like to introduce you to Robert Rummells, a retired Army Ranger who hails from Iowa.

Meet Robert Rummells of Mosquito Joe of West Richmond, VA

Robert has admitted he’s not a “cubicle kind of guy,” so when he was researching the perfect franchise opportunity, he knew it couldn’t be just any business opportunity.

Army Ranger Zoned in on Mosquitoes

Originally from a small town in Iowa called West Branch, Robert was living in Los Angeles playing semi-professional football for the San Fernando Valley Freelancers, where he met and married his wife Christine. After playing football for one year, on January 14, 1988, Robert enlisted in the United States Army where he became an Army Ranger and was assigned to the 1st Ranger Battalion at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA.  Robert retired from the US Army in March 2009 after a 22 year career.

After he retired from the Army, Robert still felt a strong urge to serve the community he lived in. This brought him to serving as Chief of Staff for Delegate John Welch in the General Assembly of Virginia in Richmond, specifically in the House of Delegates (e.g. Representatives in other states). So after two decades in the military and almost ten years in politics, what would be next for this non-desk guy who really enjoyed being an integral part of the community in which he lived? There was a job fair for military veterans in February 2013 and that is where the bug was put in his ear about Mosquito Joe! It was the perfect fit, working for himself, being outside, and bringing relief to the residents of Richmond from pesky bugs.

For three years, I had been searching the internet for a franchise opportunity. It came down to six or seven companies, but there always seemed to be one or two areas lacking that just didn’t fit the bill….Mosquito Joe is very turn-key. Though my list of to-do’s has been lengthy, there’s been help every single step of the way. It’s been wonderful having such a good support system for the business.”

Christine Rummells of Mosquito Joe of West RichmondDon’t worry, he didn’t forget Christine. Together they launched Mosquito Joe of West Richmond in May and once they hit the ground running, they never looked back. Rummells was even featured in Bloomberg Businessweek on his post-military career of making the mosquito his new enemy. He has goals to expand in the Richmond area and maybe even bring Mosquito Joe to his hometown in Iowa.

We couldn’t be happier to have Robert and Murph as part of the Mosquito Joe family and wish them the best of luck. If you’re interested in mosquito control services in the Richmond, VA area to rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes, ticks and fleas, visit the Mosquito Joe of West Richmond website or call their office at 804-767-5220 ext. 859 for more information or a free quote.