Meet A Joe: Kieran Scott

*Occasionally we like to provide a blog post that will help you get to know Joe. From our technicians to our corporate staff to our hardworking franchisees – we think our company is full of people you ought to know!**

This week we’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our corporate team, Kieran Scott. Kieran graduated from Weber State University and is a former Director of Operations with Subway. He managed 12 Subway restaurants and handled buy/sell transactions with other franchisees. Kieran is originally from the U.K. but has called Boston and Salt Lake City home. We’re glad his new address is here in Virginia Beach on the operations team as our newest Franchise Business Coach. He’ll be the first point of contact for franchisees to answers any operational questions they have from accounting to chemicals and so much more!

Here are a few more fun facts we’ve learned about Kieran since joining the team:

What are your favorite outdoor activities?

I love spending time outdoors hiking with my German shepherd mix, Ginger. During the winter, I enjoy face planting in the snow while attempting to snowboard!

Would you say mosquitoes find you attractive?

On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d say I’m a 4. Mosquitos love me! They eat me like I eat sushi, a lot!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I love watching movies alone, but I’m only in it for the popcorn and Coke at the theater!

What is your favorite Mosquito Joe tagline and why?

“Stop smacking yourself in the face.” I love this tagline because it creates a picture in my mind. I can visualize many friends and family dancing around swatting mosquitos.

We are so excited to have Kieran in the MoJo family!


Meet A Joe: Tracey Willmott

*Occasionally we like to provide a blog post that will help you get to know Joe. From our technicians to our corporate staff to our hardworking franchisees – we think our company is full of people you ought to know!**

This week we’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our corporate team, Tracey Willmott. Tracey recently graduated from American University with her Master’s degree in Strategic Communications. While completing her degree, she worked for a digital marketing company as a strategist, but now joins Mosquito Joe as the newest addition to the team as a marketing assistant. Tracey is excited to work with the marketing team on brand management initiatives, supporting our awesome franchisees, driving customer recruitment, and sharing our franchise opportunity so we can continue to add more locations across the U.S. and more people can enjoy mosquito-free living!

Here are a few more fun facts we’ve learned about Tracey since joining the team:

What are your favorite outdoor activities?

I’m a very outdoorsy person and love being active whenever I can.  I grew up on the Great Lakes, so I love most anything water related, especially kayaking, water skiing, and tubing.  Most recently I’ve been trying to get into tennis, but Federer certainly has nothing to worry about!  Spinning and cycling are also high up on my list.

Would you say mosquitoes find you attractive?

On a scale of 1 to 5, I’m about a 50.  If there are mosquitoes around, I am immediately covered in bites the second I step outside.  Let’s just say I have a very large supply of Benadryl at home!

What is your guilty pleasure?

A lot of my brain power is dedicated to food, specifically ice cream and how much I wish Ben & Jerry’s would hire me as a taste tester.  I also really like heavy metal music and fail compilation videos on YouTube.

What is your favorite Mosquito Joe tagline and why?

I like “Tired of being the main course?”  Every time I see this tagline I find myself saying, “YES!” because I am always a feast for the bugs.  It makes me think how amazing MoJo services are for people that get bitten like I do!

We are so excited to have Tracey in the MoJo family! 


Mosquito Joe Makes a Difference: Mosquito Control Awareness Week 2015

As you can imagine in the outdoor pest control industry, summer is a very busy time around our office. However, for one week each year in late June, we take a moment to step back and really focus on the reason we do what we do: the importance of mosquito control.

This year National Mosquito Control Awareness Week fell on June 21-27.  It is one of the most important weeks during our year for many reasons. We love raising awareness about the importance of mosquito control, to educate people about the risks of vector borne illnesses, and of course helping to bring to light solutions to keep your yard healthy and itch-free. As of July 21, a total of 33 states have reported West Nile virus infections in people, birds, or mosquitoes in 2015. Overall 23 cases of West Nile virus disease in people have been reported to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mosquitoes are also known to carry diseases such as heartworm, so it’s important to keep your four legged friends protected too.  Fortunately, our barrier treatments help eliminate fleas and ticks as well.

The biggest part of the week for us is giving back as a company.  For the third year, Mosquito Joe locations across the country partnered with local blood donation centers for our Beat the Bloodsuckers campaign. For every new customer that signed up for mosquito control treatment during Mosquito Control Awareness Week, we donated 10% of the sale to those local blood banks.  This year we had the privilege of partnering with twenty centers across the country and with the Red Cross being our largest partner, this money is going to help them with the disaster relief they provide everyday in our communities. The Red Cross is always on standby to provide relief to the community, and we feel honored to be able to help with their wonderful cause. Because of our amazing customers, we were also able to donate over $7,000 in just one week to the blood centers we partnered with.

In addition to our monetary donations, the corporate office and our corporate-owned VA Beach – Norfolk location hosted a blood drive and collected 25 pints of blood from our staff and technicians. We’re incredibly proud to say that’s 75 lives saved by just giving one afternoon.

Our franchisees did an amazing job spreading our message around in their communities during Mosquito Control Awareness Week. Between news articles and TV segments, the amount of people who were reached getting mosquito control information from Mosquito Joe was impressive. Check some of them out here:

To cap off the wonderful week, Pest Management Professional wrote a great article summing up the week and all Mosquito Joe accomplished as a company.

We’re so grateful to everyone that made Mosquito Control Awareness Week 2015 the best yet and a highlight of 2015 for us. We’re already excited about next year because with the growth we’re experiencing as a company, that only means the donations and lives touched will increase. Thanks again to everyone who helped make Beat the Bloodsuckers such a success.


Independence from Mosquitoes

As we head into the holiday weekend, we know you’re probably looking forward to lots of outdoor fun as you celebrate our country’s independence. (Hotdogs and fireworks anyone?)  How about your independence from mosquitoes?  If you aren’t a Mosquito Joe customer, you may feel like the main course in your own yard when it comes to mosquitoes – call us, we can help with that!

If you are a Mosquito Joe customer, you already know how glorious enjoying your yard without the annoyance of mosquitoes is, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that. But did you know that if you’re hanging out with someone this weekend who isn’t a customer, we’ve got a way you can help them and yourself?  You may not know about our awesome referral program that can earn you credit toward future mosquito control treatments.

Refer a friend and when they sign up for a service, they get $25 off their first treatment and you get $25 in credit toward future services. Pretty sweet deal for both of you, huh? Want more MoJo? Refer another friend and that’s another $25 each.  You can refer up to 20 friends which could give you $500 in credits! What are you waiting for?

Visit the Share the MoJo website and sign up for an account. All you need to get started is a valid email address or a Facebook account to log in. It’s easy to Share the MoJo with your neighbors (especially if they’re wondering how your yard is SO enjoyable at your annual BBQ), friends, and even people you work with through email, social networking sites, or even a personalized URL. Check out the website for details and help everyone in your world get rid of their mosquito problems.

You can save yourself and your friends a lot of bucks…and even more bites.


Mosquito Control Awareness Week 2015

Each year the third week of June is declared National Mosquito Control Awareness Week by the American Mosquito Control Association. AMCA’s “Mosquito Week” aims to educate the public about the significance of mosquitoes in their daily lives and why mosquito control is so important. While Mosquito Joe thinks educating our neighbors on mosquito control is important year round, we’re excited to mark this important week each year by giving back to our community.

For the third year, during Mosquito Control Awareness Week, June 21-27, Mosquito Joe locations across the country are partnering with local blood donation centers for our Beat the Bloodsuckers campaign. For every new customer that signs up for a mosquito treatment service from participating Mosquito Joe locations, we will donate 10% of those sales to local blood donation centers to help with all the amazing work they do in the communities where we operate.

Additionally, since many of our franchisees are partnering with the American Red Cross, we decided to take our efforts one step further this year with a blood drive. Mosquitoes are collecting blood from us and our friends every day without asking, but we’d rather be donating blood to a better cause. The Red Cross has to collect 15,000 blood donations every day to have enough blood to help patients in 2,700 hospitals and transfusion centers across the country. That’s a lot of patients in need, and all of us coming together can help ensure patients receive life saving blood. We are hoping you’ll pledge to donate blood with us and Beat the Bloodsuckers. Click here and check out our virtual blood drive and campaign as we encourage people to donate blood in honor of Mosquito Control Awareness Week.

If you donate blood during our campaign, post it to Twitter or Facebook and tag @mosquitojoe and hashtag #beatthebloodsuckers. We can’t wait to see all the great things this campaign is going to do in communities across the country. If you or someone you know needs mosquito control treatment in their yard, Mosquito Control Awareness Week is a great time to signup! 10% of sales from new customers will be going to a local blood bank in your community. To inquire about having a representative come and speak about mosquito control at your event this month, contact Julie Green at [email protected]. Thanks for helping us reach our goal and Beat the Bloodsuckers!