Keep the Itch Out of Labor Day

Most of us are already thinking about the fast-approaching Labor Day weekend, because for many of us it means an extra day off of work.  We know that Labor Day is a federal holiday (hence the day off) but the down side of Labor Days is that it signifies the end of the summer season (sniff, sniff).  We aren’t one to argue, but just so you know, there are technically still 2 and a half weeks of summer left to enjoy after Labor Day – and in many states, much more than that.

Anyway, what most of us don’t know is that Labor Day is actually a day to celebrate the social and economic contributions of the American worker. If you haven’t noticed, Mosquito Joe loves a reason to celebrate, especially when the celebration falls in a month where the weather is perfect for some outdoor time. So as we’re relaxing in our back yards, sharing meals or summer beverages with neighbors and friends, we will be holding a special place in our hearts for all the hard-working Americans out there. We hope you’ll be enjoying some relaxation and outdoor fun; after all, you earned it.

In the spirit of outdoor fun, we wanted to share a perfect way to bring your neighborhood together for some kid-friendly competition over the holiday weekend. Here is how to setup your very own Backyard Olympics.

What You Need:

  • Beach towels or blankets
  • Clothesline
  • Bucket
  • Cooler
  • Ice cubes
  • 3 hula hoops
  • Beach ball
  • Garden hose
  • 4 to 6 lawn chairs
  • Several tires or inner tubes
  • Sprinkler

Olympic Events:

1. Inner Tube Hop. Lay inner tubes or tires in a pattern. Larger kids can jump from one to another with one foot; smaller kids should hop with both feet.

2. Hula Hoop Runaround. Arrange 3 hula hoops on the ground to run around.

3. Beach Towel Tent. Hang several beach towels or blankets over a clothesline to make a tent to run through.

4. Ice Cube Toss. Fill a cooler with ice cubes. Place a bucket 5 to 6 feet away. Olympians toss ice cubes from the cooler to the bucket until they get five in the bucket.

5. Beach Ball Balance. Lay a garden hose on the ground in a curvy shape. Contestant balances the beach ball with one hand while straddle-walking the hose.

6. Lawn Chair Crawl. Situate a row of lawn chairs so Olympians can crawl under them.

7. Sprinkler Jump. The final refreshing obstacle: a jump over the water!

No matter how you and your family choose to celebrate Labor Day this year, there is one creature that should not be around to participate in the festivities. No one wants a mosquito buzzing around, so make sure Mosquito Joe is on your to-do list for your September soiree. The great thing about MoJo is that since we are contract free, if you haven’t had a single spray all year it is not too late to start! Call your local Mosquito Joe today to get on the schedule and make sure your yard is the place to be this Labor Day, both for the games and because it is a swat and itch free zone!

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DEET – Deterrent or Waste of Money?

With all the reports in the news about mosquitoes, many regarding the spread of West Nile and Lyme disease, it is no doubt you and your family are searching for ways to keep your yard bug and disease free. Throughout your research you probably saw four letters appear quite frequently: DEET. Now you may be asking yourself well, what is DEET? DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide) is the active ingredient in many insect repellent products. Sprays, lotions, wrist bands, and belt clips you see advertised for insect repellent more than likely have DEET as their main ingredient. And while the EPA says DEET is completely safe, research has argued if it’s truly as effective as often published.

Earlier this year a study done by scientists from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine showed that at first mosquitoes were repelled by the scent of DEET, but after just a couple of hours they would get used to it, and later just plain ignore it. Another study referenced on the CDC website shows that depending on the amount of DEET in a product, its effectiveness ranges from about an hour and a half for products with lower amounts of DEET to five hours for products containing a higher percentage of DEET.

It’s great to have an effective product but when it comes to enjoying your time outside, you don’t want to be restricted by a short time limit for effectiveness – you want a no-hassle, consistent and ongoing solution to keeping bugs at bay. While researchers continue to argue the effectiveness of DEET as an ingredient in mosquito repellents and how long it repels, avoid the guessing game and call Mosquito Joe. We’ll set up a barrier around your yard to keep mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks out for up to 21 days per service. Our certified technician will provide a customized treatment addressing all your problem areas and will return every three weeks for ongoing protection. Just like DEET, the chemicals used in our barrier sprays are EPA approved so once they’re dry (about 30 minutes) your kids and pets can go right back to playing outside. If you want an all-natural solution, we offer those treatments as well.

So as you consider your method of mosquito control this season, consider the consistent, affordable and convenient solution of Mosquito Joe. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, (and we think you’ll smell a lot better than using those awful sprays), so find your local Joe and give us a call today. Let’s make outside fun again.

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Making the Most of Your Spray

It’s pretty common knowledge that mosquitoes like warm weather and water, so it is easy to think of their habitats being restricted to the southern and coastal regions. However, those living in other mosquito-prone areas know that this is not the case. Mosquitoes don’t limit themselves to recognized havens for skeeters, like Texas or Florida. They also show up every year in places like snowy Michigan, the fields of Oklahoma, and even the deserts of Arizona. No matter where you live, mosquito control is important.

The best solution for keeping mosquitoes out of your yard is to call in an expert, like Mosquito Joe, who specializes in mosquito elimination services. But if you’re not ready to make that move just yet, we want to arm you with some key tips to make sure you aren’t hosting places mosquitoes love to hang out in your yard. Whether you’re looking to get the most out of a mosquito treatment program you’re already on or you’re just starting your mosquito combat education, these tips will help you battle the blood-thirsty pests flying around your yard:

  • Mosquitos breed in standing water, so regularly empty ponds, bird baths, fountains, plant pots, buckets, barrels, tarps, kids toys, pet water dishes or anywhere else that water may gather.
  • Clean out gutters to avoid standing water – examine them for clots and damage that would cause water to collect.
  • Drill holes in tire swings, trash cans or recycle bins so water drains out.
  • Use soil to fill in low areas in lawns and landscaped areas where rainwater may collect and stand for more than seven days.
  • Keep swimming pools clean, properly circulated and filtered. Keep children’s wading pools empty and on their sides when they aren’t being used.
  • Repair leaky outdoor faucets.
  • Cut grass and shrubs short, as adult mosquitoes gather to rest in shady, cool areas. Keep your yard weed-free and avoid overgrown vegetation.

Be sure to check our website often as new Mosquito Joe locations are popping up all over the country! And if we haven’t made it to your area yet, why not be the MoJo (and hero) of your neighborhood? Franchises are available nationwide.

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Are Mosquitoes on Your Guest List?

Memorial Day weekend is a cause for both celebration and remembrance. As we all fire up our grills, uncover our pools, and dust off those beach chairs to welcome the unofficial start to summer, it is also a time to remember those that gave their lives so that we could enjoy these freedoms. Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while in the military service.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate the patriotism of the day:

  • Have a picnic with family and friends and talk about what Memorial Day means to you.
  • Venture to a parade or memorial service locally. For a listing of Click here.
  • Participate in a National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m. local time to pause and think about the true meaning of the day.
  • Throw an informal barbecue with all the fixings. Have guests don patriotic gear and fly the American flag.

Whatever you do, remember that mosquitoes don’t have to be on your guest list as you and your family and friends celebrate Memorial Day. Let Mosquito Joe ensure your Memorial Day celebrations are itch-free. Give us a call today and set up your special event barrier spray treatment before it is too late! Use us one time, or continue with us all summer – with no contracts required and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the choice is yours!

We wish everyone a fabulous holiday weekend as we honor and remember all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

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