Don’t Be Ticked Off This Fall

Summer is winding down but that doesn’t mean you should put an end to your outdoor pest control service! While it may be tempting to cut back on your barrier treatments because temperatures will soon be cooling down, it’s important to complete the full season of treatment from Mosquito Joe®. This way, you, your family and pets can enjoy outdoor fun for as long as possible. By continuing treatment, you will not only get to extend your time outside this fall but will be able to avoid those annoying bites when spring comes next year.

But summer is almost over, why start services now? 

Tick on a Leaf

Ticks can lay up to 3,000 eggs at a time.
Ticks remain active as long as temperatures are above 45 degrees for seven consecutive days.
Female ticks reproduce during the fall and can survive through winter to lay more eggs in the spring.
Continuing your service ensures your yard will be bite-free through winter and into spring.

Ticks can be tricky because they lay eggs, hibernate and can survive frigid temperatures much longer than mosquitoes do. All eggs that have been laid have the ability to survive the colder temperatures, as well. That means that when spring comes, those eggs will hatch and cause an uncomfortable start to springtime.

Don’t give ticks a biting chance

Even with Mosquito Joe as your second line of defense against ticks, there are other precautions you can take to make sure you are protected from those pesky bugs. 

  • Keep pets out of thickly wooded areas where tick activity is high. Make sure to check your pet for ticks after they have spent time outside.
  • Keep the grass mowed and the trees trimmed to reduce tick activity in your yard.
  • Wear long sleeves and pants when walking in wooded or grassy areas to avoid tick bites.
  • Move swing sets and sandboxes away from wooded areas where tick activity is high.
  • Place rocks or wood chips at the edge of your property to keep ticks out of areas where you and your family frequent.

With the weather cooling down, it’s the perfect time to enjoy your backyard with your family and four-legged friends. Make sure your time outdoors is bite-free by continuing your treatment until the end of the season. Just learning about Mosquito Joe? It’s never too late to get on the schedule. Mosquito Joe provides outdoor pest control services to rid your outside of mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Our certified and trained technicians will inspect your property for any breeding sites and provide a barrier treatment so outside is fun again for you and your family.

Don’t be ticked off this fall – stay protected until the end of the season with Mosquito Joe. Request a FREE quote at or give us a call at 855-ASK-A-JOE.


Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP)


At Mosquito Joe, we care about making your outdoor spaces something to be enjoyed. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, having fun with the kids, or playing a game of fetch with Fido, outdoor pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas should be the least of your concerns. To show our commitment to improving the lives of our customers, we’re excited to announce our partnership with the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program.  Established by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1994, the program seeks to decrease the amount of risks associated with pest management in areas where people live, work and play. 

This partnership provides an opportunity to showcase the ways that Mosquito Joe seeks to protect the communities we serve. Keep reading to see some of the initiatives Mosquito Joe has in place!

Integrated Pest Management

The Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program encourages members to use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to find innovative solutions to common pest management challenges. This approach to pest management takes into consideration the life cycle of pests as well as the environment. Mosquitoes go through four life stages; egg, larvae, pupae, and adult. Once fully matured, mosquitoes are able to breed and wreak havoc. While male mosquitoes can live up to 10 days, female mosquitoes can live as long as 6 weeks. In addition to eliminating mosquitoes on contact, our treatment schedules interrupt the life cycle of mosquito populations which make treatments more effective. We also offer an all-natural treatment that aligns with the goals of Integrated Pest Management. Applied every 14 days rather than 21, this treatment option is ideal for those that seek an alternative to synthetic products.  

Customer Education

A major aspect of our partnership with PESP is educating customers on the importance of mosquito, tick and flea control. While these pests are known as common nuisances, they can also pose a number of health risks. Vector-borne illnesses such as West Nile Virus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease are frequently reported throughout the summer and fall months. Mosquito Joe makes customer education a top priority to ensure the communities we serve are made aware of reported cases of vector-borne illness in their local area. Sharing tips on how to maintain an itch-free backyard provides another level of protection for yourself, your family and your pets!

In addition to regularly sharing educational information, Mosquito Joe works to raise awareness about the prevalence of vector-borne illnesses abroad. Each year we partner with the Nothing but Nets foundation to provide treated bed nets to families in regions where malaria is prevalent such as Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. We’re proud to announce that Mosquito Joe has been able to raise over $67,000 and contribute over 6,700 bed nets to families in need. 

Mosquito Joe’s partnership with the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program demonstrates the pride we take in not only making outside fun again, but in working to improve the communities we serve. With our satisfaction guarantee, Mosquito Joe aims to provide an itch-free environment for our customers. Click here to find a Mosquito Joe location in your area and get on the schedule today!

For more information on the PESP program, click here to visit the official website.


The Life Cycle of a Mosquito


It’s important to create awareness around the life cycle of mosquitoes, because having a better understanding of the process will help you prevent mosquito breeding in your yard. Did you know that adult female mosquitoes can lay eggs individually or by the hundred all at once? Eggs can hatch within short time periods (48 hours) or endure freezing temperatures and dry conditions for long time periods before eventually hatching. The eggs must be submerged into water in order to hatch, so eliminating all standing water in your yard is vital. 

The mosquito goes through four separate and distinct stages of its life cycle; egg, larvae, pupa and adult. Each of these stages can be easily recognized by its special appearance.

The Life Cycle of a Mosquito

  • Stage 1: Eggs- Rafts Floating: Female mosquitoes lay hundreds of eggs every few days during their lifespan, directly on or near water. They can be attached to other eggs and form rafts, such as the case of Culex species while other species, such as Aedes lay their eggs singly. Water is required in order for the eggs to hatch which typically happens within 48 hours (once eggs hatch, larvae emerge).
  • Stage 2: Larvae- Rolling All Around: Larvae are referred to as “rollers” because of how they appear while swimming, this is also known as the baby stage. Larvae live in the water and come to the surface to breathe; molting their skin four times (growing larger after each molt). Most larvae have tubes for breathing and hang upside down from the water surface. After undergoing four stages of molting, the larvae become pupae.
  • Stage 3: Pupae (non-feeding stage/hardest to control)- Resting Before They Make Their Grand Entrance: The Pupae is considered the teenage stage of the life cycle, and the non-feeding era. Pupa still live in the water and continue to swim around. They are often referred to as “tumblers” because when disturbed, pupae tumble down to the safety of deeper water, and gradually float back to the surface. They are lighter than water so they live at the surface, and must occasionally take oxygen through breathing tubes called, “trumpets.” During this stage, the adult mosquito begins to develop, which can take up to four days dependent upon the temperature of the water.
  • Stage 4: Adult- Finally All Grown Up: Adult mosquitoes will rest on the water with two concerns; mating and feeding. Once the body is completely dry and hardened, and the wings have fully opened, they are able to fly. Males locate females by the sound of their wings. Once they mate, males live three to five days and females live considerably longer, upwards of one to two months.

Don’t let mosquitoes setup shop in your backyard, ensure you’re eliminating any standing water, keeping your lawn cut short and shrubs trimmed down. Allow your local Mosquito Joe to be your second line of defense against these pesky nuisances. Mosquito Joe provides mosquito control treatment to residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are trained mosquito control experts dedicated to one thing: getting rid of mosquitoes so you can enjoy being outside again. Take back your yard and give us a call today!



Women of Mosquito Joe

Franchise Business Review surveyed 8,880 female franchisees from 266 leading franchise brands to determine the best franchising opportunities for women, based 100 percent on franchisee satisfaction. 

Each survey participant was asked 33 benchmark questions about their franchisor that focused on areas such as leadership, training and core values. It also inquired about 16 more personal questions concerning their business lifestyle and overall enjoyment of running their franchise.

We are excited to announce that Mosquito Joe was recognized as a top franchise for women in 2019! To celebrate, we wanted to highlight some of our amazing #girlbosses that put in the work, time and effort to make their Mosquito Joe locations successful.

Mosquito Joe of NW Houston & S Brazos Valley | Kate Gould

Kate Gould became a part of the Mosquito Joe family in 2015 and owns two territories in Texas. Kate’s favorite part of owning a Mosquito Joe franchise is being able to involve her kids and show them the results of hard work.  Kate said, “my favorite memories involve the customers we have helped. In particular, a lady who had contracted West Nile and was afraid of being outside who was able to garden again, and a toddler who was allergic to mosquitoes who was able to go outside and play on a slip and slide without her mother running her inside.  It means a lot when you realize that what you do has a real impact.”


Mosquito Joe of Northwest Florida | Sara Bess

Sara Bess also joined the Mosquito Joe family in 2015 and is the owner of Mosquito Joe of Northwest Florida. She currently owns two territories and is in the process of opening another!  Sara enjoys owning a Mosquito Joe business because of the flexibility it offers. She can work from home and still be a Mom to her four school-aged kids. She also said, “as a veteran in a military community, both my husband and I love that Mosquito Joe has really become a part of our community. Wherever we go to an event, I always see people we know and hear how they love our service.”  Mosquito Joe is a great family business with wonderful support from Corporate and the other franchisees. There is always someone to ask for advice, a forum for discussions, and lots of great marketing material. It is very much a team effort!

Mosquito Joe of Baton Rouge | Marla Mullins

Marla Mullins joined Mosquito Joe in 2016 and owns two territories in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Marla loves that she can manage a business and a household while maintaining a flexible schedule. The fact that on any given day she can transition from being a business owner to a technician, teacher or homemaker is confirmation that her days are never monotonous! 

She quotes, “my favorite moments are when men approach my husband for information about Mosquito Joe services and he refers them to me!” That’s definitely a #girlboss moment!


Mosquito Joe of Gulf Coast Alabama | Gail Yongue

Joining in 2015, Gail Yongue is another one of the first female franchise owners of Mosquito Joe. MoJo has allowed her to provide a great service to her community, create local jobs, and support her community in meaningful ways through giving back. One of her favorite memories showcases the growth and confidence that she has gotten from Mosquito Joe:

“One that sticks with me is handing over the van keys to our first employee. I almost couldn’t let them go, and 5 seasons later I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was the first step in learning to let go, having confidence I had chosen the right person for the job, we had trained them well, and we needed to trust they would make Mosquito Joe proud.”

Other Women of Mosquito Joe

Jessica Fredieu of Mosquito Joe of Lafayette-Lake Charles is the Chief Operating Officer and helps her dad run the business. Jessica said Mosquito Joe has given her the opportunity to, “grow exponentially both on a personal and professional level since joining the franchise in 2018.” Her favorite memory thus far would be convention because of the camaraderie that comes with bonding with the Corporate team and collaborating with like-minded MoJo owners. 

Jodi Elliott of Mosquito Joe of Braintree-Weymouth has been a franchisee owner since 2018. Her favorite memory is attending the local home shows with the local Neighborly franchisees in her region.  She enjoys the support, being able to work with them and share best practices.

Thank you to all of the amazing women at Mosquito Joe that put in the hours and time that it takes to make our system successful! If you’re looking for a fun, fast-growing opportunity with great long-term financial potential, look no further than Mosquito Joe. Request more information here and we’ll be in touch!


But What If It Rains?

One factor that can be particularly impactful to our services and the mosquito population overall is rain. We know this can raise questions when it comes to your barrier treatment, so we’ve got a few tips to make sure your yard stays itch-free, no matter what mother nature throws your way.

As long as your yard has had adequate time to dry after the application of your treatment (approximately 30 minutes), rain should not impact the effectiveness of your service. Our product is not significantly broken down by water! 

While our product is not affected by rain once it is dry, it is important to note that increased rainfall generally causes an increase in mosquito population since mosquitoes lay their eggs and their larvae live and grow in the water. However, given some time, our product will continue to reduce the mosquitoes on your property. 

With many areas in the country experiencing higher than average rainfall this season, it’s likely standing water will accumulate on your property which could be a potential breeding area for mosquitoes. To ensure that there is no standing water in your yard, follow the below checklist prior to expected rainfall: 

  • Get rid of any old items that could hold water such as old tires, buckets or cans.
  • Be sure to empty any kiddie pools and toys. Turning them over and leaving them upside down overnight can help drain any water.
  • Clean out any standing water in flower pots.
  • Repair leaky outdoor faucets.
  • Be sure your gutters are cleaned at least two times a year and have them checked more frequently if your area experiences heavy rain and wind.
  • Keep garbage pails covered tightly.
  • If you have a boat, canoe or kayak in your driveway, be sure it is covered or drained of any water.
  • Change or drain tarps for firewood or outdoor pools, as well as check your barbecue cover daily for any pooled water.
  • Change the water in birdbaths daily. We also suggest purchasing a water agitator for birdbaths which is designed to attract birds, but discourages mosquitoes!
  • Lastly, we recommend keeping your lawn cut short. Short grass will help deter adult mosquitoes from hanging around, as they prefer to rest in cool, damp and shady areas.

You can download the checklist here to keep around your home to ensure you are preventing mosquitoes from setting up shop in your backyard. 

The MoJo Guarantee

Mosquitoes suck, but we are confident that you won’t feel that way about our mosquito control services. For that reason, we offer our MoJo Satisfaction Guarantee and never lock you into a contract. If you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our mosquito, tick and flea treatments, contact us within 14 days of your service and we will schedule a time to reassess your property, and if needed, provide a booster treatment at no additional cost. We pride ourselves on customer service and our job is not done until you’re happy and outside is fun again!

There’s no job too big or too small for us here at Mosquito Joe, so give us a call today for a free quote at 855-ASK-A-JOE or