How to Clean a Birdbath to Prevent Mosquitoes

Post of How to Clean a Birdbath to Prevent Mosquitoes

A birdbath can be a pleasant, aesthetic addition to your front yard or garden, but it can also invite unwanted guests. While it draws all sorts of aviary visitors, birdbaths can be a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes.
So, is there a way to keep the birds but “lose” the mosquitoes?
Let the insect experts at Mosquito Joe offer some helpful tips for how to clean a birdbath and keep mosquito numbers to a minimum …

How to Clean a Birdbath

A birdbath with stagnant water is an attractive home for mosquitoes to lay eggs. But a proper scrubbing reinvigorates your yard accent and also keeps mosquitoes at bay.
But before starting your cleanup, you’ll need a few supplies …
What to Use to Clean a Birdbath

  1. Garden hose
  2. Wire scrub brush
  3. Rubber gloves
  4. Cleaner (bleach or non-bleach mixture)

Bleach is the most common cleaner, but you may wish to use a less harsh chemical. Here’s how to make a cleaning solution either with or without bleach.
How to Clean a Birdbath with Bleach
Mix one-part chlorine bleach with nine-parts water in the basin. Take care not to spill solution onto the surrounding grass or plants. Then follow the steps below.
How to Clean Bird Bath without Bleach
Mix one-part white vinegar with nine-parts water in the basin. Use to scrub and clean all surfaces of the basin using the instructions below.
Once your materials are assembled, here’s the step-by-step process to get that birdbath sparkling clean:

  1. Remove the basin and dump out any stagnant water.
  2. Remove any debris or deposits such as seeds, sticks, leaves, etc.
  3. Use the garden hose to give the bath a quick rinse.
  4. Employ a cleaning solution (either your bleach or non-bleach mixture) to scrub and sanitize the surface. Wash the basin away from any plants or grass.
  5. Scrub the bath with the cleaning solution and the wire brush, making sure to clean all nooks and crevices. If the bath is deeply soiled, allow the cleaning solution to soak for several minutes.
  6. Pour out the solution and rinse thoroughly with the garden hose.
  7. Allow time for the birdbath to dry out completely. Pat dry with a towel and then leave in direct sunlight to allow all residual cleaning solution to evaporate.
  8. Replace the basin on the pedestal and refill with water!

Your freshly scrubbed and sanitized birdbath will entertain avian neighbors once again and also deter mosquitoes looking for a convenient breeding ground.
While regularly cleaning your birdbath will lower the number of mosquitoes near your home, it’s not the only strategy for maintaining a mosquito-free yard.
If you’re looking to implement a thorough mosquito prevention plan, give the insect experts at Mosquito Joe a call today at 1-855-275-2563 or request a quote online and get serious about reclaiming your backyard!

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