How to Remove a Tick from a Dog

Black and white dog sitting outside.

You’re giving your pup a well-deserved back scratch and find a bump. You spread his fur to find a tick embedded in his skin. There’s nothing fun about this experience. Keeping your pet tick-free is imperative to their well-being as ticks are transmitters of Lyme disease and other illnesses. Knowing how to remove a tick from a dog can keep your pet happy and healthy.

Let the experts at Mosquito Joe offer some insight on how to remove that tick and keep your furry friend tick-free!

How to Check Dog for Ticks 

Depending on the thickness and length of your dog’s hair, ticks can be easier to spot than smaller parasites such as fleas. Ticks are relatively stationary as they bury their head into the skin to feed on the host, so you should be able to spot them as you search.

If you come across a small bump (about the size of a pea), stop and investigate to see if it’s a tick. It’s good practice to check your dog for ticks every day, especially after they have been outside.

Places to Check for Ticks on Dogs             

Comb through the fur with your fingers or a flea comb to search for ticks. Work from the head-down, running your fingers or comb over the dog’s body all the way to the tail, legs and paws. Ticks gravitate toward dark, moist, and hidden areas, so pay special attention to under the front legs, groin, and in the ears, as well as under the collar, armpits, and under the tail. Take a minute to also check between your dog’s toes for ticks.

How to Remove a Tick From a Dog            

If you do find a tick, resist the urge to pluck it out by hand. Get a pair of tweezers (thin surgical tweezers work best) or a tick-removal tool, such as a tick key. Grip the tick by the head as close to the skin as possible. Pull the tick straight out with constant, slow pressure, being careful to avoid twisting the tweezers while pulling.

Place the removed tick in rubbing alcohol to kill it and rub a disinfectant or antibiotic ointment on the site where the tick was removed. Ticks embedded in your dog’s skin can be hazardous to their health. Regular inspection and the use of preventative medicine can help keep your dog happy and tick-free. Ticks can spread disease upon latching to a host in as little as 36-48 hours, so regular tick inspection is imperative for a healthy pet.

Keep Your Yard Tick-Free

Eliminating ticks from the yard is a great way to decrease the number of ticks your pets get. If you are ready to take more proactive steps toward a tick-free yard, call 1-855-275-2563 or contact Mosquito Joe today!