Mosquito-Free Areas to Visit

Post of Mosquito-Free Areas to Visit

Your next vacation is a time to escape from work, relax with family or friends, and recharge. If you arrive at your vacation destination ready for fun, it can be quite discouraging to be greeted by a barrage of mosquitoes instead. So, while you’re planning your trip, doing a little more research about possible destinations and the insects that inhabit the area can help you avoid a buggy situation.

Are There Any Places Without Mosquitoes?

Unless you’re planning on traveling to Antarctica or Iceland, you’ll likely encounter mosquitoes, especially if it’s during the summer months. However, there are some virtually mosquito-free areas where you would be less likely to encounter many of those nagging pests. In North America, the state with the least number of mosquitoes in West Virginia, you will still encounter some in the more densely wooded areas. And even the state with the least number of mosquitoes has a lot.

When it comes to determining whether your vacation spot will have lots of bugs, consider two things: temperature and humidity. The “swampier” the climate, the more likely you’ll encounter a lot of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes also love standing water, so you may decide to avoid areas with swamps, ponds, or small lakes. For example, lakeside camping is going to involve bug bites. But a cruise or a water park vacation offers more controlled environments likely to be itch-free.

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Hot Places Without Mosquitoes

If you’re up for a little adventure, visit the tiny island of Montserrat in the Caribbean British West Indies. It’s one of few very hot spots in the world that allows you to essentially live a mosquito-free life. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why this location doesn’t have mosquitoes, since it has all their usual requirements: tropical temperatures, humidity, and plenty of water. The constant volcanic activity that the island is known for is likely a big factor.

The islands of French Polynesia also have fewer mosquitoes than most islands with similar climates. Tahiti is one of these islands and is a beautiful place to vacation. It’s known for its picturesque beaches and lavish resorts. French Polynesian vacation spots attract thousands of tourists every year.

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Mosquito-Free Life Is Rare, But You Can Get Close!

Even if you travel to places with no mosquitoes (or very few), those annoying pests will be faithfully waiting for you when you finally return home—because they never take a vacation.

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